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vipul medcorp claim form

We at Vipul MedCorp Insurance TPA are a group of professionals dedicated to our mission of providing excellent services to our clients (Corporate as well as Retail). For deliverance of services the SLA (Service Level Agreements) are in place, which would be signed with various Insurance companies and the corporate groups. These broadly define the Turn around Time (TAT) for the deliverance of the following services:

  1. ID Cards Printing and Dispatch
    • Vipul MedCorp Insurance TPA TAT for the Delivery of cards is within seven (7) days of the receipt of the complete data of insured members and the details of the policy from the insurance company
  2. Cashless Authorization / Rejection
    • Cashless authorization requests are to be scrutinized and the decision of acceptance or rejection is to be conveyed to the service provider within 24 hrs. of the receipt of the Pre Hospitalization Authorization Form.
    • In case where a query has been raised the query has to be satisfied by the concerned party and the authorization will be given within 24 hrs. of the receipt of the reply.
  3. Claims Settlement / Reimbursement
    • Turn-Around-Time (TAT) for the settlement of all claims is 15 days
  4. Customer Grievance Redressal
    • TAT for response is max. 2 working days, for any queries or grievance raised by the client.
  5. Call Center Responses
    • Vipul MedCorp Insurance TPA operates a 24 * 7 / 365 days Call center to provide instant accessibility to the clients for all information required for medical services facilitation and claims status.
  6. MIS Reports
    • Weekly/ Monthly MIS are prepared for the following:
      1. Claims Paid /Outstanding
      2. Premium Collection
      3. ID Cards Processed Dispatched
      4. Special reports annually for disease wise analysis, total age wise claim incidences etc.
  7. Adequate Coverage of Network Hospitals
    • Providing a comprehensive coverage of network hospitals at all locations of client operations.

Vipul MedCorp Insurance TPA has service level agreement for all the above-defined parameters and the same can be incorporated in the client agreement.

Cashless Facilitation Procedure

  • Receipt & Record of Data & Member Enrollment (Issuance of Photo ID Card)
  • Pre-Admission Authorisation after checking Doctor Prescription, Admission Form, Hospital Information
  • Claim form is submitted with Original bills along with Doctor Prescription, Diagnostic Reports & Discharge summary

When Cash Less Facility is not accorded or Insured goes to a Non Network Hospital then following documents are required :

  • Claim Forms
  • Original bills with Diagnostic reports
  • Doctor’s First prescription
  • Discharge summary/certificate
  • Original Bills are verified & scrutinised against Standard Discounted Tariff
  • Cost Containment by Medical procedure audit & Bill scrutiny
  • 2nd Medical opinion taken for complicated cases
  • Repricing done on case to case basis.

Cash Less medical services lead to: :

  • Bill Scrutiny before release of payment
  • Discounted Rates
  • Eliminates Reimbursement Frauds

All the above leads to Cost Containment and lowering of Claims/Premium Ratio

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