Tips to Write Effective Claim Letter – Samples & Examples, how to write a claim

Claim Letter

The letter of announcement will be referred to the upcoming customers, client contacts, existing customers to make them aware of some offers and schemes that can help them to make big savings.

This would entitle the purpose of offering exciting offers in a money-spinning sense. These letters are written to the customers so that they can make good profits.

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Claim Letter Writing Tips:

  • Write briefly about the offers and the schemes; write what benefit the reader is going to get from the schemes.
  • Write the period in which the offer is valid. This will help the customer to avail the offer.
  • Use positive tone. Ask for a positive reply. Use attractive language so that it can grab the attention of the readers towards the offers and discounts.
  • Write that the reader is very valued customer and hence you are writing this letter.

Claim Letter Template

Subject – sample credit letter

I am ___________ (name) writing this letter to you to declare the schemes and offers on behalf of our company that is ____________ (name of the company) .On this Diwali we have declared festive season offers. If you place an order between 01.11.2013 to 15.11.2013 then you can avail these offers. We will also regular products prices in this time period. So if you want to gain huge profits then you can place big orders in this period of time. You can also buy larger quantities. These offers for all our important customers and you are one of them. Hence you are requested to be benefited by these offers.

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Claim Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Subject – sample credit letter

We feel very good to announce various schemes and offers for our honoured customers like you. We have arranged special festive season cent per cent discount concessions for all the orders for new and old range of products. Kindly not that this is not stock clearance offers but we will present you with fresh stock. The offers are Diwali special and hence they are for limited period of 01.11.2013 to 1511.2013. We suggest you to place your order between these periods so that you can avail such offer and make profit. Moreover, for a limited period, we are reducing the prices for all items in our catalog. Hence you are requested to take advantage of the same. You can order for larger quantities or heavy consignments so that you can make good profits. Waiting for a huge response from your side. Hope to see you soon in regard to this.

Email Format

A Claim Letter is a tool informing a company of the partial or full damage done and requesting a decent reimbursement against it. It however may either be written by the claimant informing about the loss or the company giving the reimbursement informing the claimant of the reimbursement that is on its way may also write it.

________________ (Name and address of insurance company)

Subject: Sum Assured against death of my father

Dear Sir or Madam

I, ________ (name) had taken a life insurance policy from your company against policy number ____________ on _________ (date) for my father, ____________ (name of father). The nominee of the policy is my mother, ___________ (name of mother).

With deep regret this is to inform you that my father passed away on _________ (date) due to a massive heart attack. I have attached a copy of the doctor’s report as well as the death certificate for your reference.

Even though nothing can repair our loss but since my mother was dependent on him and she was the nominee of the policy, I would like to file this claim with you. May I request you to please release the money due to my mother against my father’s life insurance policy at the earliest. As per our records the sum due to her is Rs.___________?

We look forward to a quick resolution to our claim.

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