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EasiGo Accident Management Offers

  • UK wide assistance-whatever your insurance cover
  • Quality courtesy car delivered to your home
  • Courtesy car supplied even if your car is a write off
  • Help with Parked car claims
  • Full Vehicle Recovery and Repair
  • Main Dealer Repairs
  • Specialist Injury Claim Solictors
  • NO insurance excess and NCB protected
  • Help with uninsured driver claims

If you had a non fault accident, we can help you! Whether you drive a car, a taxi, a van or a motorbike, we will handle your claim; supplying you with a replacement vehicle, dealing with the other driver’s insurers, and getting you full compensation for your injuries and other losses. Even if you only have Third Party cover, we will still lend you a courtesy car, and deal with all aspects of your car accident claim.

We file your car accident claim directly with the other insurers, so we save you paying any Policy Excess! We recover all uninsured losses, including lost earnings. Even if you were uninsured, we will recover repair costs, if there is an injury claim involved.We file your car accident claim directly with the other party’s insurers, so we protect your No Claims Bonus and save you paying any insurance policy excess! We will recover all uninsured losses, including loss of earnings, and even if you are uninsured we will recover your repair costs, or car value, if there is an injury claim involved.

Accident at work claim

Accident at work claim


If your car is not roadworthy, we will deliver a quality replacement to your home. If your car is still roadworthy, we will arrange a replacement to use, when yours goes in for repairs. The courtesy car will be collected when yours is returned.

Accident at work claim


If your car is not safe to use, or not driveable, we will arrange to collect it from your home, or from a storage yard, if the police have moved it there. It will be taken to a secure compound, where it can be properly examined by a qualified accident engineer.

Accident at work claim

Paper Work

We will track down the other driver’s insurers, using the registration number, and file your claim directly. If needed, we will contact witnesses. We make our own enquires, rather than requiring an admission of liability from the other insurers. We arrange vehicle inspections and valuations, as well as repairs.

Accident at work claim

Injuries Claims

Our associated solicitors are specialists in road accident claims will file your claim against the other insurer. They will also organise any medical treatment (physiotherapy etc) that you may need to help your recovery.

Accident at work claim

Accident Law

The solicitors don t just deal with your injury claim; they will also take legal action to recover any other losses, will also take the other insurers to court, if liability for the accident is in dispute. If they are handling your injury claim, the agreement is they handle all aspects of your claim.

Why use us Instead of your own insurer?

EasiGo offers:

  • A similar, or better,replacement vechicle to your own-even if you are only Third Party Insured!
  • Pay no policy excess- we claim directly off the other insurers, so you don’t pay your insurance excess.
  • Main dealer, or your own repairer- safeguard the value of your car.
  • We get forecourt values for your vehicle-even if you have Motor Trade cover
  • We file your claim directly with the other insurers, we handle all the paper work & claim admin.
  • Cash on lieu of repair option, if we handle your injury claim.
  • Our associate solicitors will not only pursue your injury claim, but deal with all other aspects of your car claim.

Your insurer :

EasiGo Accident Management offers a total service!

We ONLY handle road accident claims from repairing your car and lending you a free one, to getting you compensation for your injuries. We will deliver a replacement vehicle to your home or place of work, and will also organize for your damaged car to be taken to an approved repairer. A damage report will be prepared, assessing whether it is repairable and also giving a replacement value if it is too badly damaged. Even if it is a write off, we will lend you a car until you have been paid out, plus a week to find a new car- most insurers will not supply you with a courtesy car, if yours is written off! Easigo will contact the other party’s insurers, collect police reports and witness statements. Because we deal directly with the other party’s insurers, there will be no effect on your no claims bonus, nor will you have to pay any insurance policy excess.

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