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Tdec knoxville

Tdec knoxville

SCM Inspection and Maintenance Course

The Stormwater Control Measures Inspection and Maintenance workshop is a 2 day foundation building course for individuals responsible for the inspection and maintenance of permanent stormwater management practices. The course is intended for design professionals, engineers and landscape architects; landscape and other green industry professionals; and inspection personnel from all levels of government. The SCM I&M course aims to build a solid working knowledge of proper operation and maintenance of permanent stormwater measures. Topics include the permanent stormwater management requirements in the MS4 general permit; the function, inspection and maintenance of key SCMs based on the new permanent stormwater manual; and annual inspection and reporting requirements by owners/operators of permanent SCMs. The SCM I&M course provides a Certification with 12 PDHs upon successful completion for a short certification exam The SCM I&M certification is valid for 3 years.

SCM Inspection and Maintenance Course

Course Description: Why is SCM Inspection and Maintenance Needed? Communities across Tennessee must manage rainfall that runs off roads, streets and parking lots. This runoff is called stormwater. To manage stormwater, many treatment devices, called SCM, have been built. These measures include dry and wet retention ponds, bioretention areas, vegetated swales, permeable pavement, rainwater harvesting systems and proprietary devices. SCM must have annual and sometimes more frequent, inspection and maintenance to perform as intended. Maintenance includes water quality functions, landscape functions , and consideration of impact on human health and safety. Many communities across Tennessee are now requiring annual inspection, and if called for, maintenance of SCM. SCM are not managed as landscape features, as they are water quality treatment devices, and specialized training is needed to perform inspection and maintenance activities.

Course Locations: TBD but will include Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Johnson City and other location across TN.

Who Should Attend: Commercial Landscapers, Property Managers, Owners, Homeowner Associations, Professional Engineers, Landscape Architects, Regulators, Municipal and County Personnel.

• Understand permanent stormwater runoff, how it can affect water quality, and regulations associated with it.

• Understand SCM used in Tennessee and how they function.

• Understand inspection and maintenance requirements for each SCM.

Certification Description:
• This certification is awarded by the Tennessee Stormwater Management Training program housed at the SMART Center in the University of Tennessee.

• To receive the certification attendees must attend the course and receive a score of 80% on an exam. Participants have up to 2 hours to complete the exam, which is approximately 50 multiple, true or false, and short answer questions. All exams are graded by UT staff.

• The certification last up to 3 years. All certification last until December 31 of a given year.

• To extend certification beyond the original 3 years, certified professionals must attend an Update course that will be offered throughout Tennessee. There is No exam associated with the 5 hour Update course. The recertification last 3 years.

• Communities in Tennessee may either require or recommend this certification to people who conduct maintenance on and/or inspect stormwater management practices. TDEC recommends but does not require this certification at this time.

• This certification is NOT intended to be a replacement for professional licensure (like PE or RLA) and is only a supplement to those rigorous professional licenses.

Professional Development Hours: This course provides 12 professional development hours for PEs. Additional continuing education credits for Landscape Architects and Professional Surveyors will be applied for with the licensing Boards.

Presenters: Faculty from the University of Tennessee and staff from local MS4 communities.

Course fees: $325.00

Registration: Registration is normally limited to 30 persons. Early registration and payment are strongly encouraged. You must have your registration in 5 working days prior to the workshop to be assured a space (see registration form for deadlines). To register complete the online registration form. Initial confirmation will be emailed upon registration and final confirmation with directions will be emailed one week before the course. If you have any questions regarding registration or course content, contact the Tennessee Stormwater Training program at (865) 974-2151 or to email click here.

Cancellation Policy: In the event you are unable to attend the workshop you registered for, attendee substitutions are allowed and encouraged. We will issue full refunds for cancellations made five (5) working days prior to the workshop Due to heavy demand for limited workshop seats, no refund will be issued thereafter and no-show registrants will not be refunded. Requested transfers may be made to another scheduled workshop for a $25 transfer fee charge. The transfer request must be submitted 48 hours prior to the course.

Certification confirmation: Successful course completion and Certification are achieved after receipt of registration fee, course attendance, and passing the Course Completion Exam.

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