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The Division of Human Resources


The Division of Human Resources at NC A T is committed to serving as a strategic partner by providing comprehensive Service, Excellence, Engagement and Knowledge to the University community. It is our desire to support a culture of uncompromising expectation that will enable the University to attract, retain and develop faculty and staff of the future. This will empower us to understand clearer and more effectively deal with the significant social, economic and global challenges that are necessary to achieve the bold vision of the University.

Core Values

The values of Human Resources are built on a foundation for the university community to SEEK Human Resources as the expert in human capital management, for this reason we value:

Service – DHR understands and values the importance of providing fast, personalized services that are accurate and consistent for those whom we serve;

Excellence – DHR strives for excellence in all we do, recognizing that anything less diminishes the quality of service provided to our faculty, administrators, staff and students;

Engagement Culture DHR is reminded that engagement reflects the core of the culture and heightens through transparency, empowerment and equitable and fair practices. DHR strives to provide services and opportunities for all

Knowledge DHR is dedicated to being experts in the field of Human Resources, serving as a consultant and guide to policies and best practices.



  • Phd human resources online
  • N.C. A T Remains Top Producer of African American Engineers at All Levels

    In its latest Top 100 Producers of Minority Degrees ranking, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education has ranked North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University the No. 1 producer of African American engineers at the undergraduate level; the No. 2 producer of African American engineers at the master’s level; and the No. 4 producer of African American engineers at the doctoral level.

    The PhD Project Reports N.C. A T Leads in Number of Underrepresented Minority Faculty for U.S. Business Schools

    The PhD Project, an award-winning program to create diversity in management, released results of its survey on the representation of African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native Americans on U.S. business school faculties.

    September News Articles

    Aggie Family Weekend Sept. 8-10

    is an opportunity to share the student experience, engage with Aggie families

    Human Resources Management (HRM) Training Courses Online – Self paced Distance Learning Courses, online courses


    Online courses on human resources management

    Human Resources Management (HRM) Courses Online

    Training Courses Online – Self-Study Distance Learning Courses

    HRM Training

    Training Courses Online

    Human Resources Management (HRM)

    Welcome to Human Resources Management (HRM) Training Courses Online Website. This website provides a library of best HRM resources and tools for senior managers and executives. HRM website provides a list of top international training courses offered via various delivery methods, including online distance learning, accelerated workshops, experiential courses, corporate action learning, and self-study courses . It also provides HRM learning resources, expert advice, and insights.

    Human Resources Management Training

    This website provide guide standardized HRM training courses topics and to most popular Human Resources Training Courses in leading industrial countries, the includes the following topics: General Human Resource Management, Human Resource Measurements and Metrics, Benefits Compensation, Labor Relations, Workplace Security, International Cross Cultural Human Resources, Certification, Policies Procedures, Document Retention, Workplace Violence, Employee Assessment (MBTI, etc), Employee Orientation, Employee Wellness, HR Interviewing, Training Management, Training for Trainers, Workplace Diversity, HR Strategy; Managing; Motivation; Organizational Behavior; Recruitment; Employee Relations and HRM operations control and alignment.

    Training Courses

    Training Methods

    Training Location

    A professional program for busy executives offered as a practical alternative to 2-years academic MBA programs. This accelerated workshop is provided by International Institute of Management in Las Vegas USA. Covering complete human resources management functions with focus on strategic management of h uman cap ital. Other delivery options include online distance learning

    International Institute of Management (IIM)

    Online Distance Learning, Accelerated Executive Workshop, Classroom, Experiential, Corporate Action Learning, Training, Self-study, Onsite,

    Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Topics cover Human Resources Management. Lectures may inspire interest, but leadership demands direct engagement. That’s why the MBA Program’s entire approach to academics is rooted in active, participatory learning. Through the case method our courses force students to grapple with complex situations that touch upon the full spectrum of issues and ideas any manager can expect to face.

    The Program on Social Enterprise at the Yale School of Management (PSE) supports scholars, students, and alumni interested in the connections between society and business. Topics Cover Human Resources Management. PSE facilitates work on nonprofit and public organizations as well as initiatives in the area of corporate social responsibility.

    Executive MBA students complete two years of study in general management, leading to an MBA degree. Topics Cover Human Resources Management. The program serves mid-career executives preparing for the next level, as well as senior executives who wish to enhance their skills and leadership effectiveness.

    Participants create job-related assessments for screening candidates and collaborate to create hiring profiles and job descriptions based on clearly defined and measured behaviors that support the company’s profitability.

    Learn how user-friendly manuals and handbooks directly affect productivity and results! Participants gain the ability to turn manuals into self-directed training tools, write in engaging terms, ensuring consistency and compliance with the standards. Topics cover Human Resources Management

    Learn how to design and conduct effective Performance Evaluations creating common targets and aligning teams toward company goals. They gain the tools to set performance goals, get specific initiate behavioral change and increase profitability. Topics cover Human Resources Management

    Online Distance Learning

    This course teaches techniques to find the candidate who is right for the job. Learn how to plan and conduct an interview. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and the legal guidelines that every organization must know. subject cover Human Resources Management

    Increase morale and team spirit Enhance your coaching skills and abilities Understand how to separate attitude and behavior issues Increase the knowledge of how to safely and legally discipline employees. subject cover Human Resources Management

    This is for HR professionals who want to become better business partners. Core content includes: team effectiveness, mediating and advocating, leadership and influencing, problem solving and decision making, analyzing and qualifying the value of HR.

    This is a course for managers/supervisors who need to manage and motivate their employees to work more effectively as a team. Learn how to improve organizational effectiveness, communication, increase morale, productivity and quality of work.

    Course customized for your organization. Learn the complex and confusing policies contained in the Privacy Rule and how to implement procedures that your organization needs.

    Course for HR personnel in change management. Learn how to stay solution based during the trials of change while increasing the quality/productivity of the work. Develop your company’s culture to include the integration of change.

    Collaborative Workshop to create a customized New Hire Orientation establishing professional standards, identifying needs and structuring the first day activities to increase retention, productivity and profitability.

    A small legal issue can have a big bang on the bottom-line. Create prevention within the organization by implementing complete documentation, effective corrective action steps and legally sound termination practices

    In this customized workshop, participants evaluate the enormous costs of turnover, learn new screening practices, practice effective interviewing and selecting skills and develop a powerful, legally sound hiring strategy.

    Participants evaluate the organizations health by analyzing recent exit interviews and employee turnover, then collaborate to create guidelines for building trust, morale and ownership through several retention strategies.

    Participants collaborate to create hiring profiles, new recruiting sources, effective ads, manpower plans and specific recruiting strategies so you will never have to pay a headhunter again!

    This is a course for ALL employees. Learn information about your company’s sexual harassment policy and EEOC laws. Includes question and answer opportunity with subject matter expert.

    Join us for a 45-minute webcast well provide an overview of our Accountability and Time Management program. Would you like to build a workforce that is more accountable effective It only takes a month to see results.

    This course examines pitfalls often overlooked in the valuation of a company such as taxation issues related to accumulated earnings, and potential tax loss/gain that exists with deferred compensation plans.

    This two-day workshop will focus on the dynamics of managing a project and obtaining results. It will also provide unique insight relative to measuring and evaluating project outcomes.

    This two-day workshop will help cultivate skills, confidence, and expertise in dealing with an array of challenging and realistic workplace circumstances.

    This unique workshop helps qualify you to administer the MBTI tool, as well as apply it to the problems of managers, professionals and organizations. Completed post-work assignments enable you to use MBTI applications in your own work setting.

    The keys to completing projects are clarification of the goals, planning to meet those goals, and managing the project according to the plan. This one-day workshop provides managers with the basic project management tools needed.

    Use classic Hersey/Blanchard theory tailored to your culture and organization. No more golden rule- you do unto others what they need, not what you want!

    This two-day interactive workshop provides a basic overview of the components for creating and sustaining a positive employee relations climate.

    A 3-day workshop that prepares HR professionals to develop their own competency models without external assistance. Learn alternative methods for building single competency models and approaches for building competency models for multiple jobs.

    The Certified Manager (CM) Program is a comprehensive program of management training and assessment that leads to CM certification. The program can be taken as self-study or group classroom training.

    Train-the-trainer leader, through Corporate and on-site workshops.

    This workshop introduces you to the OD field and to tools and techniques that you can draw upon for successfully managing your change project.

    This course discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT), O*NET and enhanced Dictionary of Occupational Titles (eDOT) in assisting the unemployed, college graduate, disabled individual career changer.

    Learn to diagnose conflict situations in order to address them appropriately and with the greatest opportunity for successful resolution.

    Organic chemistry online courses #adult #education, #ask #a #teacher, #certified #ontario #teachers, #continuing #education, #correspondence


    Independent Learning Centre

    Course Information

    ILC Course Code: SCH4U-C

    Grade 12, University Preparation, 1.0 credit

    Course Description

    This course enables you to deepen your understanding of chemistry through the study of organic chemistry, the structure and properties of matter, energy changes and rates of reaction, equilibrium in chemical systems, and electrochemistry. You will further develop your problem-solving and investigation skills as you investigate chemical processes, and will refine your ability to communicate scientific information. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of chemistry in everyday life and on evaluating the impact of chemical technology on the environment.

    You will analyze 3D models of hydrocarbons and complex molecules, and view video clips featuring nuclear power, hydroelectric power and fossil fuel power.

    Note: This course is delivered online through My ILC. All lessons are in electronic form and can be downloaded and printed by the student if desired. All assignments must be submitted online using the assignment submission tool (part of My ILC). For special circumstances: Contact Learner Services.

    Online Submission

    Online submission of course work is required for this course using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer .

    Supplementary materials

    You will need a scientific calculator.

    Unit 1: Structure and Properties of Matter

    A good place to begin this course is to look at the structure of the fundamental building block of matter the atom as you will do in Lesson 1. You can then consider different ways in which atoms link together to form the substances around us. In the lessons that follow, you will learn that the chemical and physical properties of these substances are a direct result of how substances are put together. In other words, the properties of any substance depend on the chemical bonds within that substance. In this unit, you will consider two types of bonding. Understanding the nature of bonding in a substance is the first key step in being able to explain the substance s properties.

    This understanding is critical because properties ultimately determine how the substance is used, as well as its potential impact on human health and the environment. Our knowledge of the atom has led to many amazing technologies. One of the most useful applications of these technologies is medical imaging. You will begin your study of the atom by first considering some medical imaging techniques such as the X-ray, a type of ray that can safely penetrate the body to reveal its inner secrets.

    This unit will expand your knowledge of chemicals that contain carbon, such as the compounds in foods, plastics, and petroleum. You will look at the hazards and benefits of some of these compounds and consider ways to reduce their negative impacts. In order to do this, you need to understand the properties of these compounds and some of the common reactions that can create or modify them. One of the most useful carbon compounds is oil. Oil is a mixture of carbon-based compounds. Many of these compounds are the raw materials used to make many of the consumer products we rely on.

    After completing this unit, you will be able to assess the environmental footprint of an organic compound and propose a plan of action to reduce its impact. You will investigate common reactions of organic compounds and explore the properties of organic compounds and see how these properties are related to their structure.

    Unit 3: Oxidation Reduction Reactions and Energy

    So far in this course, you ve learned that the tiny electron is responsible for all of the chemical reactions that happen in the substances around us. The electron arrangement of the atom of an element determines the element s reactivity. Many chemical reactions occur as a result of electron transfers from one reactant to another. Chemical reactions, in which one entity loses electrons, while another gains electrons, are called oxidation reduction reactions (redox reactions). In the first half of this unit, you will study the nature of redox reactions, as well as their applications. The second half of the unit focuses on the energy changes associated with these reactions.

    Unit 4: Rates of Reactions and Chemical Systems

    Whether you realize it or not, chemical reactions play a critical role in all aspects of your life. Chemical reactions occur throughout your body and the environment. You may not have thought too much about how chemical reactions happen. For instance, have you ever wondered whether there are changes in the rate at which reactants are turned into products? Or thought about how often chemical bonding occurs in atoms and molecules, which you can t see? Reaction equations don t give you these details.

    A typical equation resembles an uninformative math equation, except for the fact that it has arrows instead of equal signs: reactants turn into products, represented by an equation with an . But reactions happen at different rates some fast, some slow and there are predictable reasons for these different reaction rates. This unit will help you learn about rates of reactions and chemical systems.

    Unit 5: Equilibrium Applications

    This unit continues the study of equilibrium reactions. You will learn about equilibrium in saturated solutions and in acid base chemistry. You will be using the same terminology that was introduced in the previous unit, writing equilibrium expressions, and calculating equilibrium constants and equilibrium concentrations, using the ICE chart. There are many applications of equilibrium reactions: industrial chemistry, environmental chemistry, and the chemistry of the human body.

    The overall focus of this unit is the various ways in which equilibrium reactions are applied to medical and health issues. The final lesson will provide you with explanations of situations in which an understanding of equilibrium reactions is necessary in diagnosing, treating, and preventing a number of human health concerns.

    At the end of the unit there is a Practice Test. It will help you prepare for the Final Test.

    Assisted Living Directory: Senior Care Providers, Assisted Living Facilities and senior care services # #assisted


    Why Choose Assisted Living Directory?

    Facilities Information Senior Care Since 2005!

    Assisted Living Directory strives to be the model of honesty and transparency in the assisted living and senior care industry by providing accurate and highly trustworthy facility information, caregiver support, and in-depth, original content, videos, and interviews.

    What Makes Assisted Living Directory Different than Many Other Senior Care Sites?

    • We allow facilities to be contacted directly, and safely!
    • Any licensed facility in good standing may be listed on our site.
    • Our site is backed by experts, and actual caregivers who have gone through the process of finding care for a loved one.
    • We include important State resources, agencies and tools throughout our site to help you with your research.
    • We also provide trusted ways for you to get additional help, should you need it!
    • Learn more about how our site is different!

    See our newest facility listing – The Grand Court in Mesa, AZ added January 26, 2017. Welcome to Assisted Living Directory!

    Our Commitment To
    Quality And Safety

    Let Us Know! If you are aware of any facility or service listed on our site that has had safety or quality issues, please let us know by using our contact form. We will investigate and remove any service or facility from our directory that we feel does not uphold the highest standards of quality and safety.

    As our site is growing, we appreciate our user feedback to inform us of news or issues happening in the assisted living and senior care industries. This helps us to ensure that our site is accurate and useful.

    Our Interviews With Assisted Living Facility Owners, Administrators, and Industry Experts!

    Gene Saunders, President CEO of Project Lifesaver Int’l

    Gene talks about the mission of PLI, which strives to eliminated the failures of current ‘search and rescue’ standards for seniors and individuals that ‘wander’ due to cognitive impairments. Gene also introduces their new division, PAL (Protect and Locate).

    Tammy Merson – Senior Care of Goldsboro, Inc.

    Thank you to Tammy for sharing your expertise and insight with Assisted Living Directory, which is extremely valuable to those families considering assisted living, as well as anyone interested in starting their own assisted living home or senior care facility!

    Web Services – Stephen M #technology, #technology #help, #technology #support, #technology #resources, #helpdesk, #computing #help,


    Which Service to Use?
    There are several options for students, faculty, and staff to post information on the Web, which include campus Web servers, Business School Web servers, CTools, and CTools. See a comparison of Web Hosting Options available.

    Using Business School Web Space
    Faculty and staff can host a personal or School-related Web site on Webuser, the Business School’s Web server and can manage it directly from their home/office computers. Student groups may request space to host a school-related web site on the Business School’s Webuser server, but will need to use FTP software to transfer files from lab and personally-owned computers to/from the Webuser server.

    Student clubs that are officially recognized by the Student Government Association (SGA) can apply for Webuser web club space.

    This online tool provides customized bulletin board conference features, chat functionality, and administrative tools. Click here to request a WebBoard for your department or student club.

    Setting up personal Web site on Central UM’s IFS Web servers

    Students, faculty, and staff can use IFS space not only to save personal files but also to host a web site.

    1. Access your IFS space either using FTP software or the website.
    2. Inside your IFS space is a folder named “Public” (if you do not have one, you can create a new folder with this name in the root level of your IFS folder. This system is case sensitive so be sure to use an upper case “P”.
    3. Inside the Public folder you will need to create a sub folder named “html” (case sensitive – use lowercase). Save your web files inside this sub folder.
    4. Your home page must be named index.htm inside this Public\html folder.
    5. Your site’s web address is

    your uniqname .

  • Upload and download your files for editing as needed.
  • This service is used primarily by students, and by divisions on campus without on-site web servers. General information about IFS space is on the ITCS Web site.

    Faculty and staff at the Business School may also use their IFS space, but may prefer to use the Business School’s on-site Webuser service which allows direct access from faculty and staff office computers, whereas IFS websites require FTP from faculty and staff computers.

    Please note that Computing Services Web development team does not assist in developing personal web pages.

    Applications, information systems, and Web sites core to the Business School Web presence are given top priority. Our staff will meet with you to develop project scope documents for review and approval by unit and school leadership.

    Following is the procedure for the submission, review, and implementation of major web projects.

    Small scale projects are typically enhancements to existing products or services that can be completed quickly (a few days to several weeks) with existing staff resources and whose efforts do not impact the delivery of other scheduled products or require significant training. These requests are approved at the discretion of the appropriate Computing Services manager.

    Large scale projects are usually new areas of development, significant improvements to existing products or services, or a project that requires outsourcing for development. Large scale products are typically proposed and approved as part of setting the yearly strategic goals for Computing Services in relation to the school�s yearly goal setting and budgetary process.

    Step 2: Determine the Project Scope with Our Staff
    The appropriate Computing Services manager will work with the unit/department requesting a new web-based product, multimedia service, feature enhancement, or network service to ascertain the feasibility, fit, and timing of the requested system or feature enhancement. A Project Proposal Scope Document will be generated, that includes information on: features, product benefit to the community, constituents to be served by the product, data requirements, identification of special technical requirements, cost to develop and maintain the product, and the necessary time for completion.

    The approval process in Step 2 differs based on small and large scale projects, as defined above.

    Step 3: Prepare Project Plan
    If the high-level project proposal is approved from Step 2, or if further information is required before approval can be determined, the Computing Services manager will work with the requestor to prepare a high-level Functional Project Plan Document will be prepared by the team and approved by the requestor. At this stage, the product could be developed in house or the team may recommend that the product be outsourced, based on the availability of resources, special skill requirements or immediacy of need. At this stage, project members from all necessary Computing Services teams will be assigned to the project.

    Step 4: Identify Milestones
    Project team members will identify specific steps (milestones) in the development process and associate technical resources to each step. Steps will include research, product development, testing, feedback collection, modification based on feedback, release to the requestor or community at large, and training.

    Step 5: Sign Off
    Requestor reviews and signs off on the final product.

    There are several reasons to have Computing Services work with you:

    • We will tailor solutions to your exact business needs and processes.
    • We are a committed partner, sharing your goals and overall strategies of the business school.
    • We can grow and change with you, as circumstances require.
    • We will work with you to make an informed decision to Make or Buy.
      • Generally, you should Buy standard or best-of-breed commercial solutions.
      • . and you should Make products that require special customized functionality or special integration with existing information systems.
    • We are campus data experts who can analyze data needs and, as appropriate, supplement your data with other campus resources (e.g. DAC, MAIS, enterprise directories, etc.).
    • We are a team of skilled professionals with over 30 years of proven corporate experience.
    • We were awarded the 2001 Computer World Honors Program distinction, recognizing our significant contribution to information technology innovation.

    Our currently scheduled projects. in addition to our on-going activities, represent the commitment of Computing Services staff and resources. (iMpact login required)

    view full list

    Profile and Directories

    Resources and Info

    2012 Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan
    701 Tappan Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234

    Online College Courses in Human Resources – Top Schools #online #courses #in #human #resources


    The Online Course Finder

    Available Online Courses

    Online Courses
    by Subject Online Courses
    by State

    University Human Resources Courses Available Online

    For those looking to begin or jump start a career in the exciting and versatile field of human resources (HR), a smart first step is to pursue a degree program in human resources in order to learn the ropes and gain a better understand of how businesses and non-profit organizations function. While requirements vary by school, students in HR programs will learn valuable management, accounting, conflict resolution, and business skills that will help them to work in just about any kind of organization. Generally, students can expect to take courses that cover the fundamentals of working in human resources, addressing topics like recruitment, compensation, training, and other issues that are pertinent to the day-to-day work of a human resources professional, though students may be able to tailor their courses to better reflect their own interests and career goals.

    By the end of a degree program, students of human resources should be ready to take on a variety of personnel-related tasks and well-equipped to maximize the human capital of any organization. Online courses in human resources exist at a wide range of levels, and students can pursue degrees that range from an associate to a master s. As with any online degree program, students should always check the accreditation of the school offering online courses before enrolling or making any payments to ensure the courses will be transferable should that be desired and that they ll provide valuable return on investment when it comes to a student s long-term career aspirations.

    Human Resources and Your Career

    The expertise gained from taking online college courses in human resources will help students to begin or progress a career as a human resources professional. Basic skills learned on how to help organizations to attract, keep, and manage great talent, maintaining employee morale and satisfaction, training new recruits, managing benefits, and ensuring a business is complying with all local and federal labor laws should make grads highly desirable to employers in a wide range of fields. While some may go on to be human resources generalists, it is common to pick a specialty within the field to focus on, like payroll, benefits, or training. Many students will opt to take courses during their degree program that home in on one of these facets, giving them the knowledge to work as a specialist after graduation.

    Jobs in human resources exist within just about every kind of organization. Students may find work in large corporations, small businesses, or even in non-profits, depending on personal interests and job availability in a given area. Generally, the field of human resources is expected to grow rapidly in the coming decade, with a 22% increase in employment by 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. New government regulations have made it increasingly important for businesses to monitor issues like occupational safety and health, fair wages, healthcare, and family leave and those who have extensive knowledge about these areas will be at an advantage. Some of the fastest growing specialties in human resources, however, are in training and recruitment. As many baby boomers enter retirement, their positions will need to be quickly filled by new workers, who will often need formal on-the-job training to be brought up-to-speed.

    Free Online Human Resources Courses:

    The Online Course Finder

    Find the perfect course for you in just 3 easy steps

    PHR Certification #human #resources #phr #certification


    PHR Certification

    Professional Human Resources certification, more commonly known as PHR certification, is a great choice for an experienced HR professional who has yet to fulfill their career potential. PHR certification is designed for those who: answer to another HR professional with approximately two years professional experience in HR and have a desire to improve their credentials and chances for promotion. If this describes your professional HR scenario, and you meet all of the eligibility requirements, maybe it’s time to consider PHR Certification.

    In order to obtain PHR certification, one must take the PHR Certification exam. The exam’s eligibility requirements differ depending on the ratio of occupational to educational experience one possesses. A masters degree in HR accompanied with one year of on-the-job experience, a B.A. with two years of work experience, or four years of professional experience for anyone with less than a B.A. will all make you eligible to take the PHR certification exam. Once it’s deemed that PHR Certification is possible for you, it’s time to choose your method of study for the exam.

    Applying for and Paying for PHR Certification

    There are only two HR certification exams a year, so they fill up quickly and it’s important to apply as soon as possible. Applications are generally accepted from 5-2 months up until the date of the exam, and late applicants may be accepted as soon as a month prior to the exam, although a $75 fee will be issued in this case. Applications can be completed online at the Human Resources Certification Institutes website. The cost of the PHR Certification exam itself is $300, but depending on your method of preparation, total costs can vary.

    PHR Certification Exam Preparation

    There are a number of ways you can prepare yourself for the PHR certification exam. There are websites devoted to providing physical, and online preparation materials for the exam. Both online and traditional Universities offer prep courses for the exam, so there’s a course out there for any one’s schedule.

    The exam is composed of 6 sectors of HR knowledge:

    • Strategic Business Management 12%
    • Workforce Planning and Employment 26%
    • Human Resource Development 17%
    • Total Rewards 16%
    • Employee and Labor Relations 22%
    • Risk Management 7%

    Much of this knowledge is expected to have been obtained throughout your HR education and career. Depending on when you received your education and the position you hold, your knowledge of HR may be a bit dated or incomplete, so knowing which areas to study is vital to passing the PHR Certification exam.

    The PHR Certification Exam

    The process of taking the exam, and the content featured in the exam, is made to be as predictable as possible. Exam-takers are allowed four hours to complete all of the questions. The exam consists of 175 multiple-choice questions, made up of the six areas mentioned previously. For a complete guide to the body of knowledge encompassed in the test, click here. While the exam is costly and difficult, there should be some relief in knowing that you will be fully refunded if you don’t pass.

    The Benefits of Obtaining PHR Certification

    Being able to add the PHR designation to your resume is beneficial for numerous reasons. Obtaining any type of HR certification is a wise career move, but PHR certification is particularly useful because it’s intended for those professionals who have some experience, but need an extra boost to get promoted within their HR department. As with most extended, career-based education, it’s an investment few professionals regret.

    PHR certification makes you stand out to current, and prospective employers. All HR certifications require re-certification after three years, so by committing to this, you are showing employers how serious you are about staying current in your field. It also serves as evidence that you met all of the eligibility requirements, and that you have the knowledge necessary to operate as an HR professional successfully.

    If you are at a point in your career where PHR certification is a logical next step, and you meet all of the eligibility requirements, why not take the exam? The benefits of obtaining PHR certification surely outweigh the cost, time and effort required to pass the examination. Making a worthwhile investment in your HR career by obtaining PHR certification, is a more than logical choice. If you still need to get some education under your belt, start by researching human resources bachelors degree or HR masters degree options. Many can be completed online while still gaining valuable on-the-job experience.

    Human Resources Certification By State

    Oil and Gas Training, Workshops, Seminars and Programs for the Petroleum Industry #petroleum, #oil, #and


    Petroleum Training Courses, Workshops, Seminars Consulting Services

    SmartKoncept is The One Stop Total Solution Place for your Training, Manpower Development, Consulting and Procurement in the Petroleum Oil and Gas Industry.

    Why Customers Prefer SmartKoncept Training Services

    • Practical Total Solution Center. SmartKoncept is a one stop Total Solution center for training and services for the petroleum industry. As a broad-spectrum training organization, SmartKoncept provides comprehensive training courses, practical workshops, interactive seminars programs, manpower development and consulting services, for most personnel, categories and departments in the Oil and gas industry. Our training and service offerings cover upstream exploration, production, leadership, human resources and office administration, health safety and environments, finance and economics, project management and accounts, public relations and communications, maintenance, engineering, and downstream processing. Also, we offer many introductory courses for non-industry personnel experts. Most of our programs combine formal lectures, workshops and practical field trips.
    • Services Close to the Customer with Global Presence. SmartKoncept is global Organization with regional centers in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North and Latin America. We work to bring our services closer to our clients and provide them the flexibility they require.
    • Flexible Onsite/Offsite or Scheduled Training: We offer modern, flexible approach to training, delivering when and where suits you. We offer both scheduled, non-scheduled and customized, onsite/offsite Training courses and workshop programs for the convenience of our clients in the industry. We are well structured and committed to help you accomplish your goals. Our programs are flexible and delivered by team of internationally experienced experts in the Petroleum Oil and Gas Industry. You can choose from one-on-one customized on-site or in-house coaching, to group schedule workshops, seminars, training courses in any of our regional locations worldwide. We can design training and manpower development courses and deliver them inhouse, onsite at your location or remote regardless of location, time and size. Done with practical engaging approach that is focused on knowledge transfer within your setting.

    Customer Feedback

    “I wish to seize this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to SmartKoncept. SmartKoncept has improved tremendously over years. The resource people (consultants) are high standing in their chosen fields. Your Support staff, were wonderful. You are there and keep improving to remain at the top.

    – Mgr Frontier Exploration

    The training was so useful to us. We learnt a lot on exploration and production (upstream) side because it was the area where we didn’t have any knowledge. Also on the processing operations the knowledge that we get was so good and we can apply in our company to improve our operations. The instructor was so good, understandable and tried his level best to make sure that we have understand each and everything. Big up for him. For sure we appreciated for that.

    – Tanzania Petroleum
    Development Corporation TPDC

  • Experienced and Quality Manpower: We have a team of internationally experienced instructors, consultants and service personnel are seasoned Best Experienced Experts and leaders in the petroleum Industry (in each segment) to train, share knowledge and information so that SmartKoncept’s Clients become well informed, trained, qualified, competent to profitably, efficiently produce, position and deliver their products, services and solutions to satisfactorily meet the needs and expectations of their customers. We deliver, quality, uptodate knowledge and information… in … smart state of the art environment.
  • Guarantee of Customer Service with Satisfaction: From North America, to Europe, Africa and Middle East, our customer service is second to none. This is one of our unique speciality. From initial customer inquiry, to course registration, travel, visa and immigration, arrival and participation in your training, our experienced and friendly customer service personnel are never far away, lending a hand to our clients as may be required. Our training course, workshops, and interactive seminar centers combine modern state-of-the-art conference facilities, enabling participants to conduct their programs in a relaxed, and friendly environmental.
  • Commitment to growth and success of our Clients: Important as both process and products always are, our success nevertheless rests on the success of each of our clients. As such, our Clients, regardless of size and location, are treated as partners in the quest for growth and success. We are Cost effective, and result oriented for our customers success. We focus to help equip their Employees, their main asset, through training and manpower development with relevant knowledge required for them to efficiently perform. We also show them how to profitably use the asset to produce, position and get their products and services to own customers.
  • Our Clients include Addax Petroleum, Total, Agip, Shell, ExxonMobil, PEMEX, Ecopetrol, NNPC, Sonangol, PetroJam, QataGas, Mubadala, Harouge oil, NPA, NOCAL, Etc. See our Customers section for additional information.
  • At SmartKoncept, we keep our promises to our clients. We operate with Professional Integrity, Cultural sensitivity and respect, and Safe Practices, Condusive Environment and appropriate format and medium for delivery of services/solutions to Clients.
  • We offer several courses in upstream exploration and production training; downstream processing training; leadership, human resources and office administration training and manpower development; health safety and environments training and workshops; finance, accounts, taxation and Joint-venture JV operations trainings; Petroleum economics, risk analysis and project management trainings; public relations and communications workshops and seminars; maintenance engineering training courses and mineral processings courses. We offer courses for oil and gas professionals wishing to improve or refresh their skills and knowledge. Also, we offer many introductory training courses for non-experts, or those new to the Petroleum Oil and Gas Industry. Most of our programs combine formal lectures, workshops and practical field trips.

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    June 5 – 16, 2017.

    Human Resources Degree Online – Bachelor of Business – University of Phoenix #bachelor #degree #human


    Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Human Resource Management

    If you’re planning to work as a human resource manager, trainer or labor relations specialist, the future looks bright. In a 2010-2011 report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 22 percent growth in those particular jobs from 2008-2018. The Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management helps students grasp how the concepts of human resource management integrate into the way businesses operate, with courses like Organizational Development and Strategic Human Resource Management. Discover how a human resource degree from University of Phoenix helps you take advantage of the growth in the human resources field.

    Certificate options

    Now you don’t have to wait until graduation to gain skills that employers find valuable. The certificate option ( allows you to move core, job-focused skills toward the front of your degree program and earn certificates to show job competencies.

    Requirements and prerequisites

    You will need XXX credits to complete this program, which may be earned from a combination of required and elected courses. However, required courses may vary based on previous experience, training or transferable credits. View general requirements.

    There are no prerequisites for this course.