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  • Dawson foundation repair complaints

Foundation Repair Dallas

Finding the right foundation repair contractor can be a worrisome process for you, and understandably so.

You want the problem fixed right by a reputable company. Imagine your house without huge cracks in the same places year after year, because you have chosen a trustworthy contractor.

Our team of foundation professionals is dedicated to helping you make the repair process as smooth as possible. Knowledgeable, trained personnel will provide you with outstanding customer service during every step of the repair.

Dawson foundation repair complaints

Causes of Foundation Problems

There can be many causes of foundation problems in the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas, including poor drainage and tree roots. We install drainage solutions and root barrier. As foundation repair experts, we help educate our clients on their foundation and how they can prevent further issues.

Foundation Repair Financing

Granite Foundation Repair can provide 100% financing for our foundation repair. That means you can fix those problems right now, before they get worse and cause more damage. Use the link below to request more information.


Granite’s founders, Jim and Betty Oursler, have instilled a company ethic of excellence in our Evaluators, Operations, and Customer Service. We want to help you protect your investment.

Jim serves on the Board of Directors of the National Foundation Repair Association as well as the Advisory Board of Directors of the Better Business Bureau of Ft. Worth.

An engineering graduate of Purdue University, he demands quality and professionalism. He has studied and written extensively on Foundation Repair Methods and Causes of Foundation Problems.

Our team has exceptional skills in analysis and the repair of Dallas or Ft. Worth area foundation problems. Granite uses engineering approved methods and procedures with quality foundation repair materials. If you don’t have a problem, we will tell you. We aren’t going to sell you unnecessary repairs.

Dawson foundation repair complaints

Foundation Repair Blog

Dawson foundation repair complaints

Root Barrier Prevents Foundation Damage

Dawson foundation repair complaints

Angie s List Super Service Award 2016

Dawson foundation repair complaints

Garage Door Repair Concord CA – $19 S #garage #door #repair #concord #ca


Regional Garage Door Repair work Concord CA Manufacturer

Did you understand that your garage door is among the most prominent parts of your home or company when it pertains to curb appeal?

At Garage Door Repair Concord CA. our company offer a variety of services to ensure you have an excellent looking door that works properly every single day. Our clients vary from domestic to commercial, making sure that you can consistently count on us to give you with just what you require.

  • Garage door sales
  • Garage door repair works
  • Garage door installment
  • Garage door maintenance
  • Gate Repair Sales

We are dedicated to providing a high level of customer support per and each of our consumers. From the moment you get the phone to ask about among our solutions, you will view why a lot of people depend on Garage Door Repair Concord CA throughout the year.

We take the time to recognize your needs and make effective and economical recommendations.

Are you in need of a new garage door. We have some of one of the most contemporary and sophisticated doors around, guaranteeing that you could improve the appearances of your house or business. If you do not see specifically what you are looking for, we are constantly pleased to personalize something. This enables us to fit the room that you have and also the functions that you require.

Our company offer amazing prices and are affordable within the neighborhood. You will not locate high quality garage doors like we offer simply anywhere and our rates are hard to beat, making Garage Door Repair Concord CA the only garage door company that you have to call.

We re not practically garage door promotions, though. If you currently like your garage door. there s no have to pay to change it. Nevertheless, it might not be doing the method that it should be. There could possibly be a busted springtime, maybe off the hinges, or simply not fitting well. Repair services are had to ensure protection is in area and add to the total photo of your home or business.

If a garage door looks damaged, it s visiting be a target for someone s next unlawful act spree and that s not something that you would like to deal with! We can send a professional out immediately to take care of a concern. Numerous of the parts that are should make a repair are on our van and this permits us to make repair services quickly so you don t need to hang around any kind of longer compared to required to go your garage door back to operating problem.

With today s modern technology, garage door openers are much faster and quieter than ever before. If you require a brand-new opener, we at Garage Door Repair Concord CA can make some suggestions, give you with a price estimation, and manage every one of the installment for you. Whether you already have one in position or otherwise, we can make some modifications and present you to the more recent versions so that you could delight in a smoother operation.

The garage door is something that you likely use at all times. Whether the garage door is for your residence or company, it is there as a form of entry and you wish it to work properly to supply you with protection and also comfort. Automation could make it simpler to put the door when you leave for the day and make it less complicated to take your automobile, golf cart, and even bike inside when you return.

Remotes could work additionally away so the door is already open when you pull into the garage. There are also brand-new features that will certainly beep so you recognize without a doubt that you attacked the remote which could offer you comfort that you did in truth shut the garage door before leaving for the day.

Whatever it is that you require, we are here for you! Our capacity to solution garage doors is exactly what we are most effectively known for and this guarantees that your garage door is always in the highest disorder. When you intend to boost the appearance, we can aid and reveal you a few of the brand-new versions that could be used to improve the appearances.

Call us today and learn more concerning just what it is that we do best.

  • We are friendly
  • We have a fast response time
  • We have actually been serving the area given that 2008
  • Our company offer cost effective prices
  • We serve residential and industrial customers

Don t choose just any sort of garage door repair company in the area. You could only require one service today, however following week or next month, it might be something else. Why start the procedure of finding a garage door repair company all over once again when you can just call Garage Door Repair Concord CA.

If it pertains to garage doors, our company offer a solution to assist you. We make use of cutting-edge brand-new styles and innovation that will boost the looks and protection of your home or company. We have a wonderful rating from the Better Business Bureau and we consistently put you, our customer, first!

Allow us reveal you why individuals call Garage Door Repair Concord CA for all of their garage door requirements. The minute you call, we will certainly put you initially and aid you solve any kind of problem that you might have. A totally free estimate is consistently given, so there are no surprises. Call today and let us assist you!

Garage Door Repair Concord CA

Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Won – t Spin #basket #drive,broken #coupler,broken #motor #coupler,broken #washing


Reasons Why a Top Load Washing Machine Won t Spin:

Correcting problems that occur with your washing machine will require knowing where to look for the problem. This can be accomplished by determining what the washer is supposed to be doing based on the cycle that it is on. When the washer enters the spin cycle but does not start to spin, you will need to see if there is a solution or fix that is needed to get the spin cycle working again.

Perform the Following 6-Step Diagnosis:

  • Open the lid to the machine and see if the clothes are clumped to one side of the tub. This will result in an unbalanced tub, which can prevent it from spinning.
  • Reposition the clothes in the tub and then close the lid to see if the tub begins to spin.
  • Open the door for the circuit panel of your home and see if a breaker has tripped. Reset the breaker see if the washer starts to spin.
  • Verify that the power cord has not been disconnected from the electrical outlet. Plug the cord back in if it is disconnected to restart the spin cycle.
  • Open the lid to the washer and see if it is still full of water. If water is still in the machine, examine the end of the drain hose and verify if it is plugged. Remove any obstruction to let the water drain out. After the water has drained, the spin cycle will start.
  • Verify that the lid of the washing machine is making contact with the switch. Close the lid firmly and see if it begins to spin. Open the lid and push the switch down with your finger. If the washer starts to spin, the lid is not making proper contact with the switch.

Most common mechanical causes of a Top Load Washer not spinning:

The Washing Machine Lid Switch May be Defective

If it is, the washing machine doesn t spin. The switch is inside the washing machine main housing near the door frame. Often you have to raise or open the top or front of the washing machine to get to the switch. If it s defective, you need to replace it.

The Motor Coupler May be Broken

Many Whirlpool ®-manufactured washers use a small, relatively inexpensive motor coupling. It s plastic and rubber and is mounted to the shaft of the motor on one side, and to the transmission on the other. Over time, the coupler wears out and fails. You may need to replace it.

A Belt May be Broken

Many washing machines have one or two belts. If a belt is broken or badly worn, you need to replace it with a genuine belt from the manufacturer. (Some washing machine belts are designed with special characteristics not found in automotive belts.)

The Transmission May Not be Shifting Properly

Older washers produced by Whirlpool ® have a transmission with an electro-mechanical shifter. If the shifter becomes even partially defective, the unit may drain the water but not spin. This is a complex system, if your washer has a shifter problem, you may want to hire a qualified appliance repair technician to repair it.

Timer Malfunction

Most Common Reasons a Front Load Washing Machine Won t Spin:

Depending on the brand the solutions will vary. In our years of front load washing machine we suggest this 3-step diagnosis:

  1. Open the door and determine if the machine has water in it. If there is water inside the machine the pump may be clogged. Some brands have a trap that is easily accessible and can be cleaned out with relative ease.
  2. Inspected that circuit panel of your home and see if the breaker has tripped. Reset the breaker see if the washer starts to spin.
  3. Make sure HE soap is being used. If not remove the clothes, place liquid fabric softener and restart the machine using the cold water setting.

Most common mechanical causes of a Front Load Washer not spinning:

The most common mechanical causes for a Front Load Washing Machine not spinning are the Door-Lock, Water Pump, Motor or Motor Drive Unit.

For other related questions about Washer and Dryer Repair and Maintenance in Los Angeles

Washer Dryer Brands We Repair:

Examples of How to Advertise Computer Service Repair #computer #repair #advertisement


Examples of How to Advertise Computer Service Repair

Computer service and repair is something everyone will use at one time or another. There is often a lot of competition in this business, especially from people who think they can do the job themselves. It’s key to advertise so that people will know you exist when they can’t get the problem fixed and need your help.


It may seem like it’s been overdone, but flyers are cheap and easy and well worth using as a source for advertising. Flyers can be put up on bulletin boards, including those in grocery stores, laundromats and college campuses. Just put the basic information about your company, some prices and how you can help with common problems. Use attention-grabbing phrases such as, “got a virus?” or “computer running slow?” Make tear-offs on the bottom of the flyer that include your name and number. Check back often to see if the flyers have had anyone pull off tabs or if the flyers have been taken down.

Local Internet Ads

Use Google and Facebook to create ads targeted to your local area. On both of these sources, you can create ads that link to your website. On Google ads, you can pick websites local to your area; on Facebook, you can choose states and cities to target. Simply create a small block of text that says something such as “Clicked too often, got problems? Bob’s computer service can help.” When a person clicks on it, it will take him to your site. Target websites that will attract people with computer problems such as computer forums.

Business Cards

Business cards aren’t just for giving to clients, but also serve as an easy form of advertisement. Put your cards on bulletin boards and other areas where information is shared. Include a phrase, along with your contact information, on your card that says something like “Virus Alert, pick me up for help!” Many places also have giveaways in which you drop your business card in a box and they draw a winner. Hand out business cards to your friends, family and anyone you think could use your service. Computer shows are a perfect place to hand out business cards.

Car Magnet

Many small businesses have billboard magnets that stick to the side of their cars and are easily removed. Have your logo, phone number and other relevant information put on the magnet—anywhere you travel, people will see your ad. If your logo doesn’t have a computer on it, then include an image that will alert people you are running a computer repair business. You should definitely utilize this while you are on computer service repair calls.

Miami Plumber – Southwest Plumbing Services 305-232-6203 – Plumbing in Miami, FL #miami, #plumber, #plumbing,


Your Miami Plumber

We are a full service plumbing contractor serving the South Florida Community since 1982. If you are looking for superior and experienced professional plumbing service, then you have come to the right place!

We are here to serve you and answer any questions you may have.

Call us today at 305-232-6203!

Based in Miami-Dade County, Southwest Plumbing Services has earned the respect of its customers and its competitors alike. Since 1982, we have been installing quality plumbing and gas systems in homes and commercial facilities throughout South Florida. We are fully licensed and insured, but more importantly, we are experienced and qualified in all phases of plumbing and gas. Our customers include many of the nation s most respected developers, home builders, and general contractors. Give us a call at 305-232-6203 to discuss your needs!

Southwest Plumbing has installed plumbing systems in thousands of homes, businesses and commercial facilities in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties.

Request Estimate

Why Choose Us?

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Serving Coral Gables, Dade County, Doral, Homestead, Kendall, Key West, Miami Beach, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, South Florida and the surrounding areas! Our Services include Plumbing, Water Heater Repair, Water Heater Installation, Water Softener Installation, Bathroom Remodeling, Leak Detection, Repiping, Gas Line Installation / Repair and much more. We are your full service plumbing contractor in the South Florida area.
Southwest Plumbing Services © Copyright 2012

State Licensed Contractor
CFC 037090
Southwest Plumbing Services
12925 Sw 134th Ct Miami, FL 33186 | 305-232-6203

Air Conditioning Repair Austin, TX #austin #air #conditioning #repair


Need an Air Conditioning Repair in the Austin Metro Area?

If you need an AC repair in Austin or the surrounding area, you have an overwhelming number of companies to choose from. Here are 5 reasons to go with us:

1. Knowledgeable, courteous technicians. Effective repairs start with correct diagnosis, and to get a correct diagnosis, you need an honest AC repairman or woman who knows his or her stuff. Here’s proof that our team does:

  • North American Trade Excellence (NATE) certified technicians. We are proud to employ experienced technicians who have earned certification from NATE, an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes high industry standards by recognizing individuals who pass voluntary certification exams.
  • We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. This isn’t a meaningless title that simply means we are authorized to sell Carrier equipment. Factory Authorized Dealers are held to high technical and professional standards and typically have three times more training than the average dealer.
  • We are a Carrier President’s Award winner. In 2016, we were the only air conditioning repair company in Austin to receive Carrier’s highest honor, which is awarded based on business practices, expertise and customer feedback.

2. One-year warranty on parts and labor. In the unlikely event there is an issue with the workmanship or parts we provided for your heating air conditioning repair, it’s on us.

3. Emergency AC repair in Austin metro. From Kyle to Georgetown, our team is ready 24/7 to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

4. We only hire technicians we’d want in our own homes. As a family-owned company, it’s important to us to send someone to your home whom you – and we – can trust. That’s why we’re serious about the standards to which we hold our employees. This goes beyond training and experience. In addition to being qualified on a technical level, every member of our team must pass a background check, as well as initial and random drug screening. We’re able to hold our technicians to higher standards and deliver a higher quality of work because they’re all our full-time employees – no subcontractors.

5. We do right by our customers and our employees. We are proud of the relationships we’ve built with our Austin air conditioning repair customers over the years – and of the feedback we’ve received from them (see some of our reviews online ). But for us, it’s not just about developing relationships with and providing positive experiences for our customers. We strive to do the same with our employees. That’s why many of them have been with us for so long. In 2015, we were honored to be named one of the Austin American-Statesman’s Top Workplaces. We believe being a Top Workplace benefits not only our employees, but also our customers, because happy employees provide better service. Call us at 512-501-2275, and see for yourself.

Learn more about how you can save on maintenance and 24 hour air conditioning repair with a service plan.

We are proud to be locally owned and located at 10315 Metropolitan Drive, Suite A, Austin, TX 78758

Cincinnati HVAC Service and Installation – Carrier Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces – Jonle


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My gas bill has been getting bigger every year for the last few winters. Is there anything I can do to cut back on my HVAC System’s energy usage? I keep my thermostat about as low as I can.

A. A lot of people are in the same boat as you because natural gas prices, especially in the Midwest, have soared in the last few years. One way we’ve helped customers cope is with Trane’s Hybrid Heat system. It’s a high-efficiency natural gas furnace combined with a high-efficiency electric heat pump. It’s often referred to as a “dual fuel” system.

Q. What maintenance can or should I do myself on my furnace or air conditioner?

A. Check your air filter on a monthly basis and change it whenever it s dirty. Flush your condensate drain line when you check your filter, especially in the summer months when algae growth is more prevalent.

JonLe Heating Cooling – Cincinnati HVAC
Installation, Repair Maintenance | Authorized Carrier Dealer

Established in Cincinnati in 1959, JonLe Heating & Cooling has been installing, repairing, and maintaining HVAC systems for over 50 years. Our drive for quality, perfection, and customer satisfaction puts JonLe in a class of its own among Greater Cincinnati Heating and Cooling companies.

In the 50 plus years of operation, we have installed over 50,000 CARRIER HVAC systems and we are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Whether your need is for HVAC installation or maintenance, we look forward to serving you.

We provide a complete line of HVAC products and services to keep your home comfortable year round:

Seasonal Air Conditioner Maintenance and EMERGENCY AC SERVICE

Seasonal Furnace Maintenance and Emergency Furnace Repair

  • Filter Change Reminders
  • Whole-Home Air Quality Filters & UV Lights
  • Programmable Thermostats & Zoning Systems
  • Learn more about our expert Heating and Cooling Services or contact us to get an expert consultation on heating and air conditioning your home or office.

    Heating Cooling Insights

    Finding an HVAC contractor in Cincinnati who you can rely on and trust can take a little time and research. But in the long run, it’s worth the work since your heating and cooling equipment is essential to you and your family’s well-being. read more

    Spring is the season to schedule HVAC maintenance or to research A/C replacements. If that’s the case for your Cincinnati home, make sure you find a trustworthy contractor. Building a solid relationship with a qualified HVAC technician you can trust ensures your HVAC system runs as efficiently as possible. You’ll benefit from whole-house comfort and healthy indoor air. read more


    Rick did an excellent job both (HVAC service calls). He’s professional, polite & goes above & beyond so we truly appreciate him & his advice.
    The Mullen Family, Cincinnati

    AC Repair Service Virginia Beach VA #heat #and #air #repair


    We are a residential and commercial heating and air conditioning repair service in the Virginia communities of Chesapeake, Fort Monroe, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and all of the Virginia Beach area communities.

    On Time, Great service

    “AC in rental house stopped at 5 AM. Called Hybrid Air at 8 AM, and they had a Technician there within a few hours, the AC was fixed and the Tenants were cooling again!!”

    “Appreciated the quick response time from Hybrid Air. Used them several times and have never been disappointed. Chris is a top notch a/c tech.”

    Virginia Beach, VA

    Outstanding service tech

    “Chris always goes above and beyond servicing multiple units I have.”

    Virginia Beach, VA

    Quick service and very professional

    “My sales rep John M was very knowledgeable and didn’t make me feel pressured to buy more than needed and my technician Matt Rabchenia was polite, efficient and ensured everything was working properly in a timely manner.”

    Good visit and quick service

    “Tech was friendly and very much respected the inside and outside of my home as he worked. He was quick and clean.”

    AC Unit Installation

    “Tyler and his team were early, professional and efficient. They were polite and quickly installed my new AC unit and heat pump with little disruption to me.”

    Excellent Service Check

    “I was pleased with Matt A’s promptness and his professional manner. The thoroughness and time spent in performing today’s service check is appreciated.”

    Virginia Beach, VA

    Great And Fast service!

    “From estimate to installation, they did an excellent job. Worth referring to others!”

    Virginia Beach, VA

    Murphy s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing – Cape Cod #New #Orleans #air #conditioning #repair


    Contact Cape Cod’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing Experts at Murphy’s

    With over 250 years of combined HVAC and plumbing industry experience, Murphy’s has proudly installed and serviced all types of heating and cooling systems throughout the Cape Cod, Massachusetts region. We service and install all brands of heating and cooling systems. Please give us a call today at (508)760-1660 or send us an email using our Contact Us form below.

    Why Choose Murphy’s?

    Peace of Mind Guarantees

    Customer Referral Program

    Comfort+Plus Service Club

    Schedule Comfort+Plus Service

    Indoor Air Quality

    Install or Replace

    From Sandwich to Provincetown, Murphy’s is the full service plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractor to call for expert service, 24 hours a day. We offer a comprehensive array of solutions for your indoor comfort including installation, repair and service of all major brands of heating and cooling equipment. For help in deciding if it’s time to repair or replace your heating or cooling system, call to speak with a Murphy’s comfort advisor today!

    Serving as Cape Cod’s plumber, we take pride in surpassing our customers expectations. From backflow inspections to leaky faucet repairs, we want to be your one call for all your plumbing repairs and services.

    Why Choose Murphy’s?

    Murphy’s is Cape Cod’s premier heating, cooling and plumbing company. With over 250 years of combined industry experience, Murphy’s friendly office staff, comfort specialists, certified technicians and licensed plumbers are ready to serve you, 24/7. Whether your project is residential or commercial, a remodel or new construction, you can trust Murphy’s to customize a solution that fits your budget.

    Enjoy increased purchasing power and buying convenience with our easy financing programs. With no down payment required and no annual fees, we make it fast and painless to get the quality comfort system your family depends on.


    Auto Repair Clio, Michigan Tuffy Auto Service Center #auto #repair #and #tire #center, #auto #repair,



    Mar 07, 2017 Chris J.

    Took my GMC truck to muffler man in January 2017 for front end alignment.Was happy with there service.The men there really have great skills & craftmanship.Also got exhaust from y pipe back replaced & was very impressed with the pride & care they have for there work.Will continue to use muffler man in Clio for many years for excellent workmanship & fast/reliable service/(Thank you very much for the work you done on truck)Chris of Dixie hills

    Apr 30, 2015 Doug B.

    My Son and I took his car to Tuffy recently to find out about an Engine running problem, Val took a look at it and in no-time found the problem. I used to be a certified mechanic years ago so I know what it takes to be a qualified mechanic. If I can’t fix it I want someone who I can Trust & Depend on to do it right. Val & Dustin are the real deal. You can always trust that they will do the job right and at a fair price. “Bravo, Gentlemen, Bravo”.

    Apr 23, 2015 Marty M.

    I always get great service. Dustin and Val are professional and the work is reasonably priced. I highly recommend Tuffy Auto Service in Clio.

    Sep 29, 2014 Kathryn J.

    I’ve had several things done to my car in the past few months. Dave, Val & Chris have been wonderful at explaining everything, charging a fair price, and keeping me on the road. I’m good to go now! Thanks guys!

    Jan 24, 2014 Dawn S.

    The service and price at Tuffy Auto Service in Clio is Second to None. I was treated very well when my antifreeze was leaking. I needed it fixed asap, and being a single woman, I was scared someone was going to take advantage of me. The guys at Tuffy were very fast, professional and reasonably priced. I highly recommend Tuffy Auto Service in Clio.

    Nov 19, 2013 Brent C.

    Wanted to give credit to the guys at this location. Dustin and the crews did a very professional job with customer communication and satisfiaction. It’s been about two months since work has been completed and no problems. Thank you guys for such great service and quality of work. Keep up the great work. Will be a repeat customer

    Jul 16, 2012 Delphon D.

    Tuffy/Clio Is The Place To Go When You Need Work Done On Your Car. Dustin & Crew has Always done A Great Job For Me, At A Good Price. I Recommend These Guys To Everyone. Come Get Your Work Done Here. You Will Be Happy With The Work They Do For You.

    Jul 16, 2012 Brian D.

    The employees here have been more than helpful and knowledgeable. Their service is always great, never had a problem bringing my vehicle here, nor has my family. Great customer service

    May 30, 2012 Reese L.

    Very fast and quality service. Friendly and knowledgeable staff! Definitely would recommend for all car repairs.

    Jan 25, 2012 Daniel J.

    Thanks Dustin for the great service!

    Welcome to Tuffy Clio

    Tuffy Auto Service Center Clio, Your Complete Auto Repair Specialist.

    Conveniently located in Clio, MI we welcome customers from nearby Beecher, Burton, Davison, Flint, Flushing and Lapeer as well.

    We service all makes models, foreign and domestic, cars trucks. Our certified technicians are trained to perform auto repair services including: air conditioning testing repair, brake diagnostics repair, preventative maintenance, exhaust diagnostics repair, transmission replacement repair, wheel alignments, fluid service, oil changes, tire rotations, engine service and much more.

    Tuffy Auto Service Center takes pride in offering Senior Citizen, AAA, and Active Military Discounts. Call the shop for more details.

    On this site you will find great auto repair specials which update each quarter so check back often. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our monthly eSpecial offers, exclusive auto repair deals for our email customers only.

    Looking for a Quick Quote for your auto service needs? Simply fill out the Quick Quote form and one of our technicians will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you and we look forward to servicing your car or truck!