11 Sources of Funding for Your Small Business #small #buisness #funding


11 Sources of Funding for Your Small Business

Interest rate: N/A (payback in form of equity or rewards)

Repayment schedule: 5+ years for equity, 1+ years for rewards

Pros: Access to diverse pool of backers, good way to establish engaged customer base

Cons: Relatively slow process to accumulate funds

Popularized by platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter . crowdfunding has evolved in the last couple of years into a viable funding alternative for those looking to start a business. Crowdfunding is a great option for entrepreneurs who may not have an established track record, but who can successfully demonstrate the viability of their venture or product to potential backers.

There are two main types of crowdfunding: reward- and equity-based. Reward crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to receive financing by offering, say, a future product in return for capital. Equity crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to reach investors interested in owning a piece of their start-ups.

Platforms such as SeedInvest and Crowdfunder allow you to offer equity to a pool of investors. Indiegogo and Kickstarter allow you to raise money from a pool of backers in exchange for a reward.

“Crowdfunding is an option that doesn’t look at your personal financial information at all and could provide cash for your business, particularly if it looks attractive but hasn’t hit the point where it is generating a lot of revenue,” says Gerri Detweiler, head of market education at Nav, a California-based company that helps entrepreneurs manage their business credit.

Repayment schedule: 6-12 months

Pros: Quick (if not instant)

Cons: Personal guarantee required (in most cases)

Borrow from cash you expect to receive in the future by promising the lender a predetermined amount of these receivables. Lenders provide you with operating funds in the interim, using your future expected cash flow as collateral for the loan.

The application process is much shorter than for a traditional bank loan. The lender will review your business’s cash flow and make a quick decision on whether or not to offer you financing. Online commerce platforms such as Amazon and PayPal offer such loans on an invitation-only basis. Online firms Kabbage and OnDeck also offer cash flow loans and require minimal paperwork.

“You can get funding in as little as 24 hours once you’ve submitted all of your documents,” says Lydia Roth, content manager at Nav and co-author of 11 Ways to Finance Your Business in 2016 .

A cash flow loan can be pretty expensive. Consider it only as necessary for unexpected expenses or a rare opportunity to purchase inventory at a steep discount that will allow you to earn a high return on your investment.

The Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter News Pick-ups: Imploded: Premier Mortgage Funding #premier #mortgage #funding


Premier Mortgage Funding – Net Branch Lender, Mortgage Banker

As ml-premium subscribers already know, Premier, the Clearwater, FL-based lender (with reportedly 500-600 branches) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the middle district of Florida on July 3rd. The notice of filing, accessed from the Federal court records system, follows:

United States Bankruptcy Court
Middle District of Florida

Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing

A bankruptcy case concerning the debtor(s) listed below was filed under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, entered on 07/03/2007 at 08:56 AM and filed on 07/03/2007 at 08:56 AM.

Premier Mortgage Funding, Inc.
3001 Executive Dr. Ste. 330
Clearwater, FL 33762
Tax id: 30-0030026

The case was filed by the debtor’s attorney:

Buddy D. Ford
115 N. MacDill Avenue
Tampa, FL 33609

The case was assigned case number 8:07-bk-05713-CPM to Judge Catherine Peek McEwen.

If you would like to view the bankruptcy petition and other documents filed by the debtor, they are available at our Internet home page https://ecf.flmb.uscourts.gov or at the Clerk’s Office, Sam M. Gibbons United States Courthouse, 801 North Florida Avenue Suite 727, Tampa, FL 33602.

The filings also show that Premier gives its assets as $0 and liabilities as in the range of $1-100 million. The creditors list is quite formidable, including Barclay’s, Countrywide, Deutsche Bank, Fremont Investment Loan, First Horizon, Fidelity Deposit Co. Eagle Vision Capital, Home Loan Corp. Washington Mutual Bank, Wells Fargo, and many many more.

We have been hearing about Premier for a while. Here is one of the more detailed messages, from back in May (the 21st):

The Company is “Premier Mortgage Funding, Inc.” The Corp office.

I worked in the Banking Department and was laid off in March along with others.

Friday, I got a call from the VP of Banking and he said that the Banking Division is no more.Everyone was let go and escorted out the door! He was also let go.

Premier is pretty much down to a skeleton crew. If you check out records in Pinellas County Clerk of Circuit Court, Florida and Michigan, you will see some of the lawsuits regarding this company. Also, check out www.pmfunds.com. You can see on that web page that funding has ceased.

Please let me know what other info that you need. This company is very well known for laying off employees all the time. I heard through the grape vine, don’t know yet if it is true or not, that they are going to file BK. It is not confirmed as of yet.

Pmfunds.com has had the following message posted since perhaps mid-April:

Welcome to Premier’s
Mortgage Banking Division

Effective immediately, Premier Mortgage Banking (Premier Platinum and Banker Direct) is temporarily suspending all correspondent fundings until further notice. This temporary suspension is made necessary due to market conditions and warehouse restrictions. We will notify everyone immediately once the suspension is lifted and fundings resume.

We recommend you flip your loans to broker status with the correspondent lender it is currently submitted to. This should minimize the inconvenience you may experience and will be much easier then re-originating the loan through an entirely new broker lender.

If for any reason you choose to re-originate the loan through a different broker lender, we recommend using one (1) of our strategic broker partners. These broker partners will be able to provide you with competitive pricing and superior service. For contact information, please visit www.pmfunds.com and click on the “Strategic Broker Partners” link.

Senior Management
Premier Mortgage Funding, Inc.

Please write in with further elaborations, if you can.

Raveynfyre at 17:21 2010-02-17 said :

Proficio Mortgage Ventures, LLC acquired what was left of Premier in late 2009. Unfortunately due diligence was not done on the company backround in time and they found out later about the bad practices taking place.

Investors refused to do business with PMV if they were going to change the company name, luckily that did not take place. Instead Premier infiltrated management and have convinced the board to close one of the operation centers, located in Jacksonville FL within the next 45 days. This was the heart of the original operation and where PMV first started doing business.

With this move they are centering their operations back in the Orlando facility, the place that blew up, or imploded if you will, to begin with.

Proficio will go the way of the dodo soon enough due to the poor loan management skills of the remaining Premier people. Permalink

HFlashman at 13:12 2010-04-22 said :

Well, we can guess Raveynfyre is a disgruntled person. Facts: Premier lost its warehouse lines when everyone else also felt the squeeze in the Spring of 2009. The were appraoched and agreed to merge with Proficio Mortgage Ventures (Proficio Bank) in mid 2009.

PMV was badly managed running high cost/loan numbers. Old premier management was given the task in early 2010 to straighten out the issues. They have succeeded and cost/loan is now average or a little below average.

I work there as an Originator. Conservative but fair Underwriting. Slim management numbers as they run a tight ship. I like it here. Well funded and run as it should be. They rely heavily upon the Regionals to train and manage their branch operations. If you have a good Regional (I am blessed with a gret one!), no problems as long as you don’t try and fight the system.

Overall a strong B to B+ if you’re not trying to put a loan through which is round peg into a square hole. Permalink

dspacemtn at 11:52 2010-09-01 said :

I was an originator with Proficio before they the closed the Jacksonville as corporate indicated it was to make our process better, faster and cheaper, but instead the move added week to our closings process, and made our fees go up that were already above the average market. We as originators were promised more mortgage products if we stayed patient with the long turn around times, but that never happened. Lost and damaged so many relationships, I am having to rebuild.

To make things worst my branch manager decided to terminate their branch because the cost of operating with Proficio was so high. Apparently, now they are having to get a attorney to battle PMV to get her own money back that they put up front to cover their monthly expenses.

Am I a disgruntled person Well hell Yes I guess I am . Permalink

Note: Comments may take a few minutes to show up on this page. If you go to the forum thread. however, you can see them immediately.

Important: This company is on our list of lending operations that have “imploded”. However, please note that “imploded” is a somewhat subjective and does not necessarily mean operations are ceased permanently: it can mean bankruptcy filing, temporary but open-ended halting of major operations, or “firesale” acquisition. All information here is provisional, and may contain inaccuracies (especially newer information). If you are planning on doing business with this company or any other one listed on this site, you should inquire with them directly on whether they can still meet your needs. Many are still operating in some capacity.

Business Financial Services, Merchant Funding – Loans – BFS Capital, merchant cash funding.#Merchant #cash #funding


Get Funds Fast. Grow Your Business.

How much funding do you need?

Delivering funding solutions to businesses like yours is the reason we re in business.

We provide up to $ 500,000 in capital

We’ve delivered more than $ 1.5 billion

in total to small- and mid-sized businesses across more than 400 industries with our business financial services, helping entrepreneurs like you access working capital for any business need.

Better Business Bureau A+ rating

is a result of years of experience and firm financial backing for thousands of small businesses.

Merchant cash funding

Small Business Finance Options

Small Business Loans

Looking for a one-time infusion of capital? Have an ongoing need for business capital? We offer fast and easy access to funding based on your current cash flow.

Merchant Cash Advances

If you accept debit/credit cards and need payback flexibility, a merchant cash advance lets you obtain funding for any business expense by leveraging your future card sales.

Featured Funding

A construction company in California used a $98,000 business loan for cash flow and taxes.

In Pennsylvania, a restoration company consolidated their debt with funds from a $41,000 business loan.

Inventory purchases for an animal hospital in Colorado were made possible by a $20,000 loan.

Our financing provided a beauty salon the $35,000 they needed to purchase inventory.

With a $45,000 loan, an Italian restaurant in Texas was able to upgrade their equipment.

We helped a grocery store in Washington cover $29,500 in remodeling costs.

A retail store in New York borrowed $40,000 to restock inventory.

A BBQ restaurant in North Carolina used a $72,000 loan to increase their cash flow.

Debt consolidation was possible for a New Jersey Imaging center with a $128K loan.

Needing to remodel, a resort and spa in Florida used a $635,000 loan to complete the work.

An electrical contractor used $220,000 to increase staffing for a project.

Equipment purchases for a construction company in Illinois were made possible by a $125,000 loan.

To increase inventory, a warehouse in California used a $140,000 business loan.

A yacht charter company in Florida used $200,000 for advertising expenses.

A contractor in New Hampshire used a $220,000 loan to improve cash flow.

With a $275,000 business loan, a welder in Minnesota was able to boost cash flow.

An architecture firm in Washington DC improved their cash flow with a $182,000 loan

A $242,000 loan helped a Florida sprinkler company expand their business.

Class Action #class #action,lawsuit #loans,settlement #funding,litigation #finance,class #action #lawsuit #funding,class #action #settlement #funding


Class Action

Class Action Lawsuit Funding

Class Action Litigation Finance

Are you a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit and need settlement funding to help your financial situation? If the answer is yes, USA Lawsuit Loans is the solution you’ve been looking for. USA Lawsuit Loans provides plaintiffs and attorneys with low interest class action lawsuit loans and fast class action lawsuit funding. Our class action settlement financing services are not based on your personal credit or work history but rather on the strengths and merits of your lawsuit. Most importantly, our lawsuit cash advances for class action lawsuits are non-recourse, this means you only repay your class action lawsuit loan if you win or settle case, and otherwise the money is simply yours to keep. You may receive your lawsuit cash advance within 24 hours after you have applied. The road to financial freedom starts here, so get your settlement loan by contacting USA Lawsuit Loans today at 866-840-4498 or by filling out our quick class action lawsuit funding online application .

Class Action Settlement Funding

Class Action Lawsuit Loans

In legislation, a class lawsuit. a class action. as well as a representative action is a type of lawsuit whereby a large number of individuals together bring a claim to court and/or where a class of defendants are sued. Class actions lawsuits are commonly known as “class action suits”. But yet the phrase “class action lawsuit” is redundant as the customary difference between suits at law and action in justness are not recognized anymore. These types of collective lawsuits were established in the US which happens to be nonetheless predominantly a US paradox. In spite of this, in a number of European nations with civil law, in contrast to the Anglo-American prevalent law system, have integrate adjustments in recent years that permit individual organizations to deliver claims with respect to significant groups of individuals. In conclusion a class action lawsuit is a suit formed on behalf of numerous similarly situated individuals who have been harmed in a similar fashion by the exact entity.

USA Lawsuit Loans is a lawsuit funding company that provides low interest lawsuit cash advances for plaintiffs of class action lawsuit throughout the United States. If you believed you have been wronged by a corporation via negligence of a company, manufacturer, or investment firm and are involved in the litigation process, a litigation loan from USA Lawsuit Loans may be of great value to help you sustain your financial obligations. There’s no set limit on how money you may borrow and we no restrictions on how you spend your class action lawsuit loan.

Why is class action lawsuit funding from USA Lawsuit Loans your best choice?

  • We’ve provided funding for some of the biggest class action lawsuits cases in the country
  • We guarantee the best rates
  • We offer non-recourse lawsuit funding. repay only if you win or settle your case
  • We work quickly to approve your lawsuit funds
  • Working funds to pay costly litigation
  • Money for purchasing a new vehicle
  • Money for your dream home

Legal Funding For Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Litigation Financing

Class action law firms fight challenging lawsuits for their clients on a federal as well as a state level. Class action attorneys may initiate legal procedures many years away in advance of a possible settlement. Many companies will pay millions of dollars out of pocket in preparation expenditures and litigation. Class action lawsuits are the lengthiest particular lawsuits reference to timeframe in the process to acquire a settlement in the over-all legal sector. Such class action law firms that represent not simply one person but a significant group of people and/or businesses are at frequently unwilling to even consider a low ball settlement offers. The plaintiffs which have been unfavorably afflicted perhaps physically as well as economically ought to think of lawsuit settlement funding in an effort to overcome financial problems. Once you apply for a lawsuit cash advance, the money may be available in 48 hours or less, USA Lawsuit Loans is fast to approve your class action settlement funding .

Here are some class action lawsuits examples:

  • Renters and homeowners impacted by a toxic spill in their community.
  • Consumers who acquired the similar faulty merchandise or were injured by unfair profession practices made by a company.
  • Employees confronted with routine or unbiased behavior due to religious beliefs, age, and gender discrimination by their employer.
  • Patients giving prescriptions without disclosing, harmful side-effects.
  • Consumers and merchants who buy goods at inflated prices as a result of the anti-competitive actions of large companies.
  • Investors that might be victimized by scams with regards to the selling or buying of stocks along with securities.

Apply for Class Action Litigation Funding

Best Rates for Class Action Lawsuit Funding

If you are involved in a Class Action lawsuit and need legal financing to assist you with the high cost of litigation or to a help you keep your business up float, USA Lawsuit Loans is your answer. We provide legal funding at any stage of your Class Action lawsuit. USA Lawsuit Loans offers the lowest rates in the class action lawsuit financing industry and we work fast to approve your lawsuit loan request. Upon receiving the supporting documents for your Class Action lawsuit we can have you approved for Class Action funding in as little as 48 hours. Receive the lawsuit cash advance you need today by completing our fast and easy litigation funding online application or by calling USA Lawsuit Loans at 1-866-840-4498. We look forward to becoming your legal funding solution for your lawsuit funding and litigation financing needs. USA Lawsuit Loans is your one stop for all of your Class Action funding needs. We are ready to compete for your business and offer you the best rates for Class Action lawsuit funding .

Our Lawsuit Funding Types

Your Litigation Funding Options

USA Lawsuit Loans is a highly respected lawsuit funding company that cares about the their clients and hopes to provide financial stability for people going through the extensive court processes associated in a lawsuit. USA Lawsuit Loans in addition provides litigation funding for: Pre Settlement Funding, Post Settlement Funding, Structured Settlement Funding, Commercial Lawsuit Funding, and Law Firm Funding .

Class Action Settlement loans by States

Class Action Lawsuit Funding in Your State

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Short-Term Fellowships fund research exchanges of up to three months between laboratories in eligible countries. The aim is to facilitate valuable collaborations with research groups applying techniques that are unavailable in the applicant’s laboratory. Short-Term Fellowships are not awarded for exchanges between two laboratories within the same country. Short-Term Fellowships are intended for joint research work rather than consultations. The fellowships cover travel plus subsistence of the fellow only and not of dependents.


  • Applicants must be active researchers at any stage in their career with a minimum of one year of research experience at the PhD-student level.
  • EMBO Short-Term Fellowships are awarded for research exchanges between laboratories in EMBC Member States, Associated Member States or Cooperation Partners. EMBO Short-Term Fellowships are not awarded for exchanges between two laboratories within the same country.
  • During 2017, applications for research exchanges involving Chile and one of the EMBC Member Sates or Cooperation Partners will exceptionally be considered.
  • Only in exceptional cases will EMBO Short-Term fellowships be awarded for research visits outside the countries listed above. For such cases, it is essential that a justification be provided why there is no appropriate expertise or technology in EMBC Member States, Associated Member States or Cooperation Partners.
  • Applications from outside EMBC Member States, Associated Member States or Cooperation Partners will not be considered.
  • Applications for the exclusive purpose of training in a technique rather than as a component of a wider research project, will not be considered for funding.
  • EMBO does not consider applications for Short-Term Fellowships to prolong visits begun under other auspices, or as bridging fellowships between, or prior to, long term stays funded by EMBO or other organizations.
  • Applications for fellowships to attend courses, workshops, or symposia will not be considered.


There is no deadline for applications, however it is recommended to apply three months before the proposed starting date. Applications received or completed only after the start of the visit will not be considered.

Applications and supporting documentation (two references, receiving institute acceptance) are only accepted via the online application system.


All applications are examined at the EMBO Fellowship Office to ensure that they are complete and eligible. Receipt of complete applications will be acknowledged via email.

Applications are judged on the following criteria:

  • CV of the candidate, and in particular research experience.
  • Quality of the project to be developed in the host laboratory (novelty, feasibility).
  • The suitability of the host laboratory for the proposed work.
  • Value of the exchange for the laboratories involved (collaboration, co-publication).

As soon as a decision is reached, normally within three to four months from submission of a complete application, applicants are informed promptly.


Duration of support

Short-Term Fellowships are intended for visits of 1 week (7 days) up to 3 months (90 days).

Travel costs and stipend

The fellowships contribute towards travel costs and subsistence of the fellow but not of any dependents. The subsistence rate depends on the country being visited.

End of fellowship report

At the end of your fellowship applicants are asked to provide EMBO with a report of their activity at the host institute. The report should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note that you need to indicate your ASTF number and your current address on your final report.

The final report must be submitted to the fellowship office within 3 months of completing the research visit. The report should be about two pages, and should summarize the results as well as possible plans for further work to be undertaken. It may include diagrams, charts or illustrations. Upon receipt of the final report, the EMBO office will send a certificate stating the start date and duration of the fellowship, the place the place where it was held, the ASTF number and the title of the project developed.

Applicants must provide a letter signed by their home institution certifying that they have returned to work there for at least 6 months after the completion of the EMBO Short-Term Fellowship.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

David del Álamo Rodríguez
Programme Manager
T. + 49 6221 8891 122

Inga Strazda
Long-Term Advanced Fellowships Administrator
T. + 49 6221 8891 561

Ingrid Busby
Short-Term Fellowships Administrator
T. + 49 6221 8891 409

Benardine Ngu
Finance Fellowships Administrator
T. + 49 6221 8891 107

Larisa Bulgatova
Fellowships Administrator
T. + 49 6221 8891 551

Invoice finance #invoice #finance,sales #invoice,capital #requirements,funding #working #capital,invoice #finance #solutions,anz #invoice #solutions


Invoice finance

Invoice Finance can reduce your working capital pressures by providing same day funding on outstanding invoices. *

In addition, it can enhance your business growth by allowing you to access up to 80% of your invoices by the next working day. ^

If you are looking for a product that will accelerate your business growth and add value to your day to day operations, an invoice finance solution may be right for you.

Benefits at a glance

  • Flexible funding option that leverages your sales and reduces the reliance on traditional forms of security (i.e. property).
  • Finance that can grow with your sales turnover.
  • Manage cash flow without offering ‘early payment’ discounts to customers.
  • Find capacity to cover unexpected seasonal demand.
  • Free up personal property.

ANZ can assist you in meeting your invoice financing needs.

How to apply

ANZ has an alliance with an invoice finance specialist so we can assist you in meeting your invoice financing needs.

For businesses with turnover $5M to $40M:

Call 1800 602 761 8am-8pm (AEST) weekdays

A leading invoice finance provider has entered into an alliance agreement with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522, under which ANZ may refer customers for invoice finance.

ANZ may receive commissions for these referrals. Eligibility for the invoice finance product is solely determined by the provider, which will apply its own lending requirements and undertake its own assessments.

ANZ is not a related body corporate of the provider and ANZ does not guarantee or warrant the performance of, or in any way stand behind, the invoice finance provider or their invoice finance product.

* Terms and Conditions apply.
^ This is subject to individual acceptance criteria.

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) 2015 ABN 11 005 357 522. ANZ’s colour blue is a trade mark of ANZ.

Bank of America arts and culture #arts #and #culture, #funding #for #the #arts, #supporting #the #arts


Arts & Culture

Bank of America believes the arts matter: they help economies thrive, help individuals connect with each other and across cultures, and educate and enrich societies. We support more than 2,000 visual and performing arts organizations worldwide that provide inspirational and educational sustenance, anchor communities, create jobs, complement school curricula, and generate substantial revenue for local businesses.

Arts matter

We believe the neighborhood playhouse can be just as important as the world class museum or orchestra in its value to the community, in the lives of its citizens, and in the education of its young people. On a global scale, the arts speak to us in a universal language that provides pathways to greater cultural understanding.

Featured Highlights


View our Arts Matter brochure

Museums on Us

Offering our cardholders free weekend access to a variety of museums and cultural institutions across the United States.

Museums matter

Museums are a source of education, emotion and creative inspiration. Now in its 20th year, this distinctive program offers Bank of America and Merrill Lynch credit and debit card holders the opportunity to visit more than 175 of the most popular cultural institutions in the United States free of charge on the first full weekend of every month.

Who is eligible?

To qualify, simply present your active Bank of America or Merrill Lynch credit or debit card along with a photo ID to gain one free general admission to any participating institution. Cardholders only; guests are not eligible for free admission. Excludes special exhibitions, ticketed shows and fundraising events.


The Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Advertising practices

We strive to provide you with information about products and services you might find interesting and useful. Relationship-based ads and online behavioral advertising help us do that.

Here’s how it works: We gather information about your online activities, such as the searches you conduct on our Sites and the pages you visit. This information may be used to deliver advertising on our Sites and offline (for example, by phone, email and direct mail) that’s customized to meet specific interests you may have.

If you prefer that we not use this information, you can opt out of online behavioral advertising. If you opt out, though, you may still receive generic advertising.
Also, if you opt out of online behavioral advertising, you may still see ads when you sign in to your account, for example through Online Banking or MyMerrill. These ads are based on your specific account relationships with us.

To learn more about relationship-based ads, online behavioral advertising and our privacy practices, please review the Bank of America Online Privacy Notice and our Online Privacy FAQs .

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