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Plumbing: Nothing Better than Proper Running Water

Plumbing is a system which is concerned with conveyance of fluid. It uses various kinds of apparatuses like pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures and other items which is needed to convey fluids. Some of the most common uses of Plumbing are Heating and cooling (HVAC), waste removal, and portable water delivery. Plumbing is not limited to these applications. The word Plumbing is derived from the Latin word for lead which is plumbum since the first pipes used in Rome were made of lead. In today’s world, good and efficient plumbing infrastructure is necessary for protection of public health and sanitation.

Plumbing originated thousands of years back during the time of ancient civilizations like Greek, Roman, Persian, Indian and Chinese cities. They developed public baths, portable water and waste water removal for many people. Plumbing reached its early peak during the time of ancient Rome. They introduced expansive systems of aqueducts, and tile wastewater removal. They used lead pipes to prevent theft of water. The fall of Roman Empire stagnated and regressed Plumbing for more than 1000 years. Earlier waste disposal meant only collecting waste and dumping them into the ground, river or cesspools. With the improvement of science and technology, separate underground water and sewage systems were developed for this purpose. In most large cities, the waste is first collected in a sewage treatment plant. There the water is separated and partially cleaned before dumping it into the river.

Home Plumbing – Plumbing System for Residential Houses

Home Plumbing is a complicated network of water supply pipes, drainpipes, vent pipes, etc. As plumbing is one of the most expensive systems to set up and repair in a house, it pays to understand how Home Plumbing works.

Fresh water is first fetched from water sources like groundwater or a well. It is delivered to sinks, toilets, washers, bathtubs, of the house with the help of pipes. The drain waste vent system helps to carry away all the wastes and used water to sewers and septic tanks. House Plumbing comprises of several systems.

In cities and towns, fresh municipal water is routed from the streets to the house where it branches out to toilets, bathtubs, showers and appliances such as water heater, dish washer and washing machine. The equipment, which is used for the distribution of water, includes waterpipes, fittings, service valves and faucets. The drain waste vent system is one of the crucial parts of the house. Its primary job is to carry waste water and sewage from sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, etc. to septic tank or public sewer. The kitchen plumbing system has a simple Plumbing system which includes hot and cold water supply lines to faucets and a waste line for the sink. Many kitchens also have channels for dishwater, disposer and ice maker. Bathroom Plumbing System – The plumbing in bathroom must be efficient enough to handle water delivery and waste removal from all its fixtures in an organized manner. Two plumbing systems which are needed to satisfy bathroom’s plumbing needs are water supply and drain waste vent.

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Plumbing Services, Installation Repair | Houston, TX

G.O. Plumbing Services, Inc. was established by
Gary O. Hagood over 20 years ago, proudly serving the Houston Area.

His mission; to provide his customers with an Honest and Reliable Plumbing Company, that they can call on for all their plumbing needs.

Whether Commercial Plumbing, Multi-Family or Resid ential all our customers receive the same professional and courteous services. Knowing that there are no perfect Companies, Gary and his employees strive to repair every plumbing problem in a timely and efficient manner.

With 7 trucks on the road G.O.+ Plumbing has served the Greater Houston Area for more than 19 years providing a timely and convenient work schedule that will fulfill all your plumbing needs. G.O. Plumbing may not be the biggest Plumbing Company, but we do offer 24 hour plumbing repairs, 7 days a week. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

G.O. Plumbing Services, Inc. is a active member of Compliance Depot and the Houston Apartment Association. Striving to keep prices down andalways be competitive while providing the best service, G.O. Plumbing is an all-around Service Company.

Plumbing Services include:
*Backflow Preventer Installation
* Backflow Preventer Inspections
*Gas leaks repairs
* New Plumbing Installation
* Water leak plumbing repairs ( above underground)
*Hydro Jet Truck
* Repairs and Replacements
* Tankless Water Heaters
* Water Heater Repair Installation
*Boiler Pump Repair
*Annual Gas Test per the City of Houston, TX

We are here to serve all your plumbing needs!

G O With the Flow at G.O. Plumbing.