The Workers Compensation Claim Process, how to claim injury compensation.#How #to #claim #injury #compensation

The Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

Most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation, or workers’ comp, insurance to cover employees who are injured on the job. Employees do not have to prove fault in order to recover, but benefits are not automatic. Specifics of the workers’ compensation claims process vary by state, but injured employees generally must notify their employer and the workers’ comp carrier. Regardless of state laws, however, injured employees are always encouraged to obtain any necessary medical treatment first.

Assuming you’ve already received medical attention, the workers’ compensation claim process involves several important steps. You must notify your employer in writing; fill out an official claim form (which should be provided by your employer); and keep detailed records about your treatment.

The workers comp claim process is discussed in greater detail below.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

Before filing a workers’ comp claim, make sure you get the necessary medical treatment. Some workers’ comp policies require injured employees to see a specified doctor, so you may want to ask your supervisor. But many state laws allow you to get a second opinion if you are not satisfied with the first one. Even if you don’t feel the need to get medical attention, it may be a requirement for the workers’ compensation claim process.

Keep in mind that a medical report will serve as an official record of your injuries and the basis for any workers’ comp reimbursement.

Notify Your Employer

Make sure you notify your employer about the injury within the statutory deadline, preferably soon after the injury occurs. In New York, for example, an employee has 30 days in which to notify their employer about a job-related injury. It’s a good idea to report all workplace accidents even if you don’t suspect an injury, just in case an injury is discovered after the deadline expires.

As with any legal process, make sure you notify your supervisor in writing. Even if you give verbal notification first, a written follow-up notification will provide an official record. The sooner you do this, the more details you will be able to recall.

Your employer probably will give you an official claim form as part of the workers’ compensation claim process. But if not, you should request one from the workers’ compensation board of your state. Generally, you will need to provide the following information on your workers comp claim form:

  1. Type of injury and affected areas of the body;
  2. Date, time, and location of injury;
  3. Parties involved in the accident;
  4. How the accident occurred; and
  5. Any medical treatment you have received

Workers’ Comp Claim Process: Employers’ Responsibilities

Employers that are required by law to provide workers’ comp coverage face the prospect of fines, criminal charges, and lawsuits if they fail to do so. Also, employers may not retaliate against a worker who claims workers’ comp. Therefore, employers have strong incentives to comply with the law and complete all valid claims.

Usually, your employer will file your claim with its insurer and the state workers’ comp board office. After your claim is evaluated by the insurer, an administrator will notify you about whether your claim has been accepted and the amount of benefits to which you are entitled.

After the Claim

Most of your involvement with the workers’ compensation claim process is complete after filling out the necessary paperwork. But you still want to follow up on your claim and make sure you keep detailed records. For instance, you may want to keep a journal of how the injury affects your work and day-to-day activities. Also, be sure to keep receipts for out-of-pocket expenses and proof of any other hardships caused by the injury.

If your claim is rejected, you will have the opportunity to appeal in most cases.

Need Help with Your Claim? Get Free Legal Assistance Today

Dealing with complicated legal matters can be very stressful for non-lawyers, especially after sustaining a work-related injury. The workers’ compensation claim process is often uneventful, but sometimes can require the delicate touch of an experienced legal professional. Have a workers’ comp attorney evaluate your claim today, at absolutely no charge.

See FindLaw’s Workers’ Compensation Basics section for more articles.

First Steps in a Personal Injury Claim, how to claim injury compensation.#How #to #claim #injury

First Steps in a Personal Injury Claim

The time just after you have been injured in a slip and fall or accident can often be a confusing and stressful. First an foremost, look after your health. But when you are ready, you can begin thinking about pursuing a personal injury claim for your injuries. Here are some frequently asked questions about the first steps in a personal injury claim.

I was hurt in an accident. What should I do first?

As mentioned in the introduction, the first thing that you should always do after being injured in an accident to look after your health. However, if you have already done this, then there are a number of steps that you can take that will help preserve your right to file a claim for your personal injuries. These steps are valid in most situations and there is no right order to take (note: if you need to file a claim against the government or a government agency, there are other specific steps that should be taken).

  • Collect evidence that can point to who caused the accident, as well as the damage caused by the accident. Photographs are useful here.
  • Write down everything that has happened to you after the accident. This may include things like medical bills, hospital visits, any lost work or wages, etc.
  • Be sure to get the names and contact information of any witnesses that may have observed the accident. Contact these people to confirm their contact information.
  • If you speak to other people that were involved in the accident, be sure to take notes about your conversation.
  • Tell anyone that you may file suit against that you are planning on filing a claim for your injuries and property damage.

How long do I have to notify a person that I am filing a claim for my personal injury?

If you are planning on filing suit against an individual or some other entity that is not the government or a government agency, there is not set time limit in which you have to notify that person of your intention to file a lawsuit. However, this does not mean that you should take your time with the matter. By acting quickly and efficiently, you will probably increase your chances of resolving your claim faster than if you delay.

It is good to keep in mind that even though you notify people of your intent to file a lawsuit, this does not mean that you must file a lawsuit. By giving notice, you only preserve your rights and prevent the other parties from defending against a lawsuit by arguing that you waited too long to inform them of your injuries. By notifying the other parties, you simply ensure that you can proceed with negotiations regarding settlement and arbitration at your own speed, without feeling rushed.

Is there a time limit in which I have to file my lawsuit to be compensated for my injuries?

Yes. Settling a personal injury claim can be time consuming, and if you fail to file your claim in a timely manner, you may be completely out of luck in collecting any sort of compensation. There are laws on the books called statutes of limitations that give the maximum time you have to bring certain types of lawsuits. If this time period passes you up, you may be barred from ever bringing suit to recover for your injuries. You should always check on your state’s statute of limitations for your type of claim to ensure that the time period does not pass you by.

How soon do I have to file a claim against the government for my personal injury?

Unlike filing a claim against an individual or a company, if you need to file a claim against the government or a government agency or employee, you have a limited amount of time in which you must file a claim. Depending upon your type of case and the state you live in, this time period usually ranges between 30 days and one year. If you do not abide by these timelines, you may lose your right to recover any sort of compensation for your injuries or property damage.

Get a Free Case Review Today

Injuries cost money, including medical bills and time away from work, which is why it makes sense to have an attorney help you with your claim. But if you’re not quite sure whether you need professional legal help after an injury, have a lawyer review your claim first at no charge. Then, if you decide you have a claim you want to pursue, you can take that next step.

Estimating the Value of a Back Injury Claim, how to claim injury compensation.#How #to #claim

Estimating the Value of a Back Injury Claim

A back injury claim allows you to get compensation from the person or business that is legally responsible for causing your injuries, or the underlying accident that led to your injuries. Since back injuries can range from strains and sprains to spinal cord injuries and paralysis, the settlement value of any given claim must be determined on a case-by-case basis. However, there are some general guidelines that apply when assessing the settlement value of a back injury claim, and this article offers some tips to keep in mind.

Typical compensation for a back injury claim includes both economic and non-economic damages (which are usually grouped together as a single award of “compensatory damages”). Let’s take a closer look at both types of damages in a typical back injury case, as well as other forms of financial recovery that may be available.

Economic compensatory damages (sometimes called special damages) are actual financial losses due to money spent — or money you are not able to earn — because of your injury. Potential economic compensatory damages in a back injury claim include:

  • Past and Future medical bills: These will vary based on the severity of your injuries. For a herniated disc, a surgery costs about $6,000 on average (this according to a 2006 report in USA Today, so current costs are likely a little higher). X-rays, which are often required even for minor strains and sprains, can cost from around $100 to more than $1,000, while physical therapy will likely cost at least $100 per session. In cases involving serious spine injuries and paralysis, the cost of future medical care (lifelong in some cases) can be millions of dollars.
  • Lost income and wages: In a back injury claim, you’re entitled to compensation for any lost income and expected future reduction in your earning capacity. Lost wage damages are determined by an examination of your salary history and the amount of work you missed, including sick time or vacation time. Lost future income (or loss of earning capacity) is calculated under a complex formula that includes assessment of your projected earnings and the impact your back injuries will have on your ability to do any kind of work.

Non-Economic Compensatory Damages

Non-economic compensatory damages (sometimes called general damages) provide compensation for non-monetary losses associated with the effects of your back injuries — losses that aren’t always easy to put a dollar value on. Non-economic compensatory damages typically include:

  • Pain and suffering: A pain multiplier is often used to assess pain and suffering damages. That means your economic compensatory damages (i.e. medical expenses and lost wages) will be multiplied by a set number (between 1.5 and 5, for example) although in cases of serious injury, the multiplier may be significantly higher (10, for example).
  • Emotional distress: When applicable, emotional distress damages may be assessed separately or compensated as part of pain and suffering, depending on state law.
  • Loss of consortium. When back injuries are so serious (as in cases of partial or total paralysis, for example) that the victim’s loved ones (spouses and children) are deprived of a normal loving relationship and companionship (including the loss of a marital sexual relationship in the case of a spouse), loss of consortium damages may be awarded. In some states, these damages are included as part of a back injury victim’s compensatory damages award. Elsewhere, affected family members must sue separately for loss of consortium damages.

Punitive Damages

In rare circumstances, punitive damages may be awarded in a back injury case. But there must be proof that the defendant’s action or inaction in causing the accident amounted to more than just run-of-the-mill negligence, and even then, punitive damages are usually only awarded after the case has gone through a full civil trial and a jury has decide that punitive damages are appropriate. The defendant’s conduct must be considered so outrageous or egregious that payment of additional damages is justified — not in order to compensate the back injury victim, but to punish the defendant’s behavior.

Other Factors That May Affect the Value of Your Back Injury Claim

While the severity of injuries is the major determining factor in the value of a back injury claim, two other considerations can also affect the amount of compensation received in a settlement or jury verdict. These include:

  • Comparative/contributory negligence: In a small minority of “contributory negligence” states, you recover nothing at all if you were partially at fault for causing the incident that resulted in your injuries. In the majority of states, a different rule called “comparative negligence” applies, and you may be able to recover as long as the other party was at least 50 percent or 51 percent responsible (states have different rules on the required fault percentage). Your damages award will be reduced by the amount of responsibility that you bear (so if you’re deemed 20% at fault, you’ll only collect 80% of your total damages). See this page to find your state’s law.
  • Failure to Mitigate Damages: After an accident, you are required to take reasonable steps to mitigate your damages. For instance, let’s say you suffer a back sprain and your doctor prescribes a compression brace for you to wear for up to 12 hours a day. But you don’t wear the brace at all (in fact, the defendant can prove you never even picked it up from the pharmacy), and your injuries become worse. Since you could have taken reasonable steps to treat your injuries, but chose not to, the defendant will almost certainly be off the hook for at least a portion of your damages.

To help you understand how compensatory damages and the multiplier work to estimate an insurance settlement, check out AllLaw’s Settlement Calculator.

Australian Doctor Medical Negligence Solicitor Injury Compensation Claims, claiming compensation.#Claiming #compensation

Australian Doctor – Medical Negligence Solicitor Compensation Claims

Our solicitors specialise in medical negligence compensation claims against negligent doctors. If you have been injured as a result of negligent medical treatment, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. Time limits apply to compensation claims, and it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as you become aware that you may have been injured or suffered some other harm or loss as a result of a doctor’s actions or omissions. Compensation may also be available to family members who have lost a loved one as a result of medical negligence.

For obligation-free legal advice and No Win No Fee representation, call our helpline, complete the contact form or send an email.


Doctor Duty of Care

Doctors have a duty to exercise reasonable care, skill and judgement in examining, diagnosing, treating and providing information to their patients. A breach in duty of care may result in damages being awarded to the patient. Despite the fact that the execution of a consent form specifies acknowledgement of the stated risks and complications in conjunction with a given treatment or operation, it doesn’t relieve a doctor from their responsibility of meeting the standard of care in association with such treatment or operations.

Our medical negligence lawyers have handled hundreds of compensation cases against doctors and hospitals. They can provide accurate advice on whether you should take legal action against a doctor such as a :

  • General Practitioner – GP
  • Anaesthetist
  • Cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon
  • Dermatologist
  • Emergency Medicine Physician
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Family Physician – GP
  • General Surgeon
  • Gynaecologist
  • Internal Medicine Physician
  • Neurologist
  • Neurosurgeon
  • Obstetrician
  • Oncologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Ophthalmic Surgeon
  • Oral Surgeon
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Pathologist
  • Paediatrician
  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Psychiatrist
  • Radiologist
  • Urologist



For a patient to succeed with a medical negligence claim it is not enough to show that there was a breach in duty of care, or that the results of the treatment were poor. They must be able to prove, on the balance of probabilities, that the doctor’s poor performance caused the unsatisfactory result. This is known as “causation”, and proving this link between the actions of the doctor and the harm a patient experiences can be one of the most difficult areas of a medical negligence claim. If a patient can prove “breach in duty of care” and “causation of damage”, the final hurdle is to assess the value of the claim or damages award.


Damages Award

Compensation is usually awarded as a lump sum, once-and-for-all payment intended to cover past, present and future expenses. The lump sum award is calculated based on loss and harm suffered and needs arising, as a result of the negligence.

A patient may be awarded compensation for :

  • Loss of income
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Medical expenses
  • Allied health care expenses
  • Equipment aides
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Attendant care
  • Domestic assistance
  • Pain and suffering

Because of the complexities involved in bringing a medical negligence case, you should seek the assistance of an experienced medical negligence lawyer who will provide a thorough assessment of liability, causation, and quantum (the value of the claim).


Medical Negligence Case Examples

Our accredited Personal Injury Specialists (medical negligence law), have extensive knowledge and experience in handling claims involving :

  • Errors in diagnosis
  • Improper procedure performance
  • Failure to supervise or monitor
  • Medication errors
  • Failure or delay by GP in referral or consultation
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Lack of informed consent
  • Failure to perform
  • Delay in performance of a procedure
  • Failure to recognise a complication of treatment
  • Failure to instruct or communicate with the patient
  • Premature discharge of a patient
  • Unnecessary treatment
  • Sexual misconduct


Misdiagnosed Conditions

One of the biggest areas of medical negligence is the misdiagnosis of medical conditions. Some of the most commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions are :

  • Heart Attack / Myocardial Infarction
  • Coronary Artherosclerosis
  • Aortic Aneurysm
  • Breast Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Cancer of the Rectum
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Appendicitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Meningitis
  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Diabetes
  • Bone Fracture
  • Back Disorders
  • Endocarditis


Death Claims

Relatives of a person who has died as a result of medical negligence may be able to make a claim for “Compensation to Relatives” for their loss of a reasonable expectation of future pecuniary benefits. Compensation may also be available for mental or nervous shock; a psychiatric illness such as major depression, anxiety disorder or adjustment disorder sustained by the deceased’s family.

Where a patient has died as a result of medical negligence, we may recommend that a report be made to the Coroner’s Court. Sometimes a report should also be made to the appropriate regulatory body such as the :

  • Health Care Complaints Commission of New South Wales
  • Health Services Commissioner of Victoria
  • Health Quality and Complaints Commission, Queensland
  • Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner, South Australia
  • The ACT Health Services Commissioner
  • The Health and Community Services Complaints Commission, Northern Territory
  • Health Complaints Commissioner, Tasmania
  • Office of Health Review, Western Australia
  • Medical Board of Australia


Statute of Limitations

With any personal injury claim, the plaintiff has a limited time after the occurrence of the alleged negligence in which to commence legal proceedings. Many States follow the “discovery rule” for medical negligence claims. Under the discovery rule, the statute of limitation begins to run from the time the plaintiff knew or should have known of the alleged negligence, with the time limit being 3 years in many jurisdictions. Special rules may also apply to children claiming medical negligence.

It is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible to avoid losing your right to sue, as failing to bring legal action within the legal time limit, may mean your claim becomes “statute-barred”.

Call our legal team today to find out what time limit applies to your case.


Doctor Negligence Solicitor

Our legal team will assess whether your case appears to have merit, and if so, they will recommend that an investigation be conducted. An investigation of a medical negligence case usually involves the taking of a statement from the patient, review of medical and hospital records, and commissioning an independent report from a medical expert. You may have to contribute to the cost of disbursements (obtaining copies of your medical records and a medico-legal report), however you will not be asked to pay your solicitor’s professional fees. Your solicitor will not be paid their professional fees unless they are successful in obtaining compensation for you.

If you would like further information on how a No Win No Fee agreement operates, please contact our legal team today.

This website is not intended for viewing by residents of Queensland, Australia. There are laws which prohibit advertising of personal injury legal services

in Queensland. If you were injured in Queensland or if you are a resident of Queensland, we are unable to refer you to a solicitor. This referral service

is not available for any Queensland accident claims or claims connected with Queensland. This website operates by way of referral to specialist solicitors

who may pay a commission to the operator upon receiving client contact information.

Claiming – definition of claiming by The Free Dictionary, claiming compensation.#Claiming #compensation




Past participle: claimed


we made a claim on our insurance reclamamos al seguro

have you made a claim since last year? (for benefit) ¿ha solicitado alguna ayuda estatal desde el año pasado?

he renounced his claim to the throne renunció a su derecho al trono

they will not give up their claim to the territory no renunciarán a su reivindicación del territorio

the town’s main claim to fame is its pub este pueblo se destaca más que nada por el bar

he cannot lay claim to much originality no puede atribuirse mucha originalidad, no puede presumir de original

he rejected claims that he had had affairs with six women desmintió las afirmaciones de que había tenido seis amantes

I make no claim to be infallible no pretendo ser infalible

if you wish to claim expenses you must provide receipts si desea que se le reembolsen los gastos debe presentar los recibos

25% of people who are entitled to claim State benefits do not do so el 25% de las personas que tienen derecho a cobrar ayuda del Estado no lo hace

he claimed damages for negligence on the part of the hospital exigió que el hospital le compensara por haber cometido negligencia, demandó al hospital por negligencia

Graf claimed a fourth Wimbledon title Graf se llevó su cuarto título de Wimbledon

he was too modest to claim the credit era demasiado modesto como para atribuirse el mérito

they claim the police opened fire without warning afirman que la policía abrió fuego sin previo aviso

I do not claim that everyone can do this no estoy diciendo que todo el mundo pueda hacer esto

these products claim to be environmentally safe se afirma que estos productos no dañan el medio ambiente

the accident claimed four lives el accidente se cobró cuatro vidas

make sure you claim within a month of the accident asegúrese de presentar reclamación antes de un mes desde la fecha del accidente

to claim for sth reclamar (los gastos de) algo

I claimed for damage to the carpet after the flood reclamé los gastos del deterioro de la alfombra tras la inundación


She’s claiming unemployment benefit Elle perçoit des allocations chômage.

She can’t claim unemployment benefit

BUT Elle n’a pas droit aux allocations chômage.

to claim to be sth prétendre être qch

to claim to have done sth prétendre avoir fait qch

He claims to have found the money Il prétend avoir trouvé l’argent.

The disease claims millions of lives La maladie fait des millions de victimes.

We claimed on our insurance Nous avons réclamé un dédommagement à notre assurance., Nous avons fait une demande d’indemnisation auprès de notre assureur.

a claim to sth un droit à qch

to make a claim faire une demande d’indemnisation



the poor have a claim to our sympathy i poveri hanno diritto alla nostra comprensione

there are many claims on my time sono molto preso

to put in a claim for sth fare una richiesta di qc

to put in a claim for petrol expenses chiedere il rimborso delle spese per la benzina

I make no claim to be infallible non pretendo di essere infallibile

something else claimed her attention qualcosa distolse la sua attenzione

the new system can claim many advantages over the old one si può dire che il nuovo sistema offre molti vantaggi rispetto a quello vecchio

Tory plan to stop – madness – of prisoners claiming thousands in compensation, claiming compensation.#Claiming

Tory plan to stop ‘madness’ of prisoners claiming thousands in compensation

Lags have made successful claims over living conditions and methods of restraint in prison

CRAZY compensation claims made by prisoners that cost taxpayers thousands could soon be a thing of the past.

Tory MP David Davies has proposed that money won by inmates be held in a bank account until crime victims have been given a chance to counter-sue.

Claiming compensation

Claiming compensation

Claiming compensation

Claiming compensation

He told the Express: The vast majority of people would say we have lost all common sense.

What I am suggesting is practical and can be done. We need to stop this madness.

Lags have made successful claims over living conditions and methods of restraint in prison.

Whining Michael Adebolajo’s demand was slammed by Lee’s grief-stricken mother Lyn who said the only thing he deserves is to “die in jail”.

Adebolajo, 32, lost two front teeth when staff tried to restrain him in July 2013 – and claims in a court writ he was left with a “psychiatric injury”.

Claiming compensation

Adebolajo and fellow Muslim fanatic Michael Adebowale, 26, received £200,000 in legal aid after murdering fusilier Lee, 25, in Woolwich, South East London, in May 2013.

Adebolajo now wants £25,000 in compensation after claiming to “suffer distress, loss and damage” on remand at London’s top-security Belmarsh jail.

The CPS later ruled out any action against the five prison officers after a police probe.

An MOJ spokesman said it will “robustly defend” the case, adding: “The public will be rightly outraged at the thought of this offender claiming compensation from the taxpayer.”

Levi Bellfield, who murdered Milly Dowler, was paid £4,500 in July 2014 after being attacked by another prisoner.

Claiming compensation from us – Australian Government Department of Human Services, claiming compensation.#Claiming #compensation

Claiming compensation from us

If you believe we have made a mistake that caused you financial loss or injury, you may be able to claim compensation from us.

Before you make a claim

You should make sure you have used all of your review options. If you still have a review option that can resolve the issue, we may not pay you compensation.

If you want us to review a decision, you should contact us as soon as possible, as time limits may apply.

Legal liability

We will consider whether there is a legal right to compensation in relation to your claim. You need to show that all of the following apply:

  • we had a legal duty of care to you
  • we breached that duty of care
  • you suffered a loss or disadvantage because of the breach, and
  • there is a reasonable connection between the breach and the loss or disadvantage suffered

Defective administration

Where there is no legal right to compensation, we will consider whether compensation can be paid under the Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration Scheme (the CDDA Scheme). You need to show all of the following:

  • our administration was defective
  • you suffered a loss or detriment as a result, and
  • we could reasonably have expected you would suffer the loss or detriment as a result

Read more about the CDDA Scheme on the Department of Finance website.


You can claim compensation by completing the​ Compensation Application form.

If you do not have access to a printer, ask your local service centre to print the form, or call us on 1800 995 496 and we can send one to you.

Submit your claim

You can submit your claim by:

Department of Human Services

Reply Paid 7788


Your compensation claim

We will send an acknowledgement letter within 5 business days of receiving a claim. The letter will usually provide contact details of the claim manager handling your claim. Where possible, your claim manager will call you to discuss your claim.

We aim to resolve claims within 90 days, however this may not always be possible, especially where claims are complex.

We will send you a letter about the outcome of your claim.

We may ask you to sign a settlement deed if your claim is approved. Signing a settlement deed means you cannot make any future claims against us about the same matter.

If you are not happy with a decision or the way we have handled your claim, you can discuss this with your claim manager.

If you still disagree with the decision, you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman. The Ombudsman will consider whether the decision was reasonable in the circumstances. You can call the Ombudsman s office on 1300 362 072 for the cost of a local call anywhere in Australia.

Other options

Complaint, compliment or suggestion

If you have a complaint, compliment or suggestion we want to hear from you even if compensation is not appropriate.

Act of Grace

An Act of Grace payment may be paid to people who have been unintentionally disadvantaged by the effects of Australian Government legislation, actions or omissions. The Department of Finance reviews claims for Act of Grace payments.

Read more about Act of Grace payments and a claim form on the Department of Finance website.


You can seek advice about claiming compensation from us.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Specialising in All Areas of Personal Injury Law Accident Injury Compensation.

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Compensation personal injury

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Here for you 24/7

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We de-stress the claim process by advising you fully from the outset & throughout your claim, how it will run & what to expect

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Compensation personal injury

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Other Accident & Injury

Injury & Disability Insurance Claims

Compensation personal injury

Or, in 2016, the claim payment for a minor to moderate work injury was $160K – $260K?

And a minor to moderate whiplash injury from a car accident received $70K – $140K ?

Did you know that around 98% of injury claims settle?

Compensation personal injury

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No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers specialize in all areas of injury accident compensation claims. We can advise you whether you’ve a valid personal injury claim to pursue and identify all your compensation entitlements. And because we’re a No Win No Fee Personal Injury Law firm, we do this at NO COST TO YOU .

If you’ve been injured in any way, whether in a motor vehicle accident , workplace accident , medical mishap or due to the fault of another , then y ou may very well have a personal injury claim to pursue and entitlement to significant compensation and damages.

And entitlement to compensation damages isn’t limited to physical injury alone, but can also include claims for psychiatric or psychological injury, such as in cases of bullying and harassment, exposure to trauma or secondary to physical injury.

Even if you’ve contributed in some way to your accident occurring, or you’ve been told your injuries are only minor and therefore believe you don’t have a claim worth pursuing, you may very well still have a worthwhile claim and one you need to pursue.

Your injury may also entitle you to Injury Disability Insurance payments you’re not even aware are available to you, including claims for Total Permanent Disability Insurance Claims under your Superannuation Fund.

It is very important that you don’t assess your situation yourself. Not seeking professional advice could mean you’re missing out on significant compensation and insurance payments. A personal injury expert will be able to tell you, within a few minutes, whether you’ve a worthwhile claim and what payments you’re entitled to.

Call or Chat online with our Expert anytime, or submit a Free Case Appraisal Form. It will cost you nothing, there’s no obligation and your enquiry will be 100% confidential.


When you’re injured and in need of injury compensation, understandably you’ll want the best personal injury lawyers on your case.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers is a division of Palmers Compensation Lawyers. Our firm is headed up by our founder Principal, a Senior Personal Injury Lawyer with long experience specializing in personal injury law and litigation and successfully fighting for the rights of injured Queenslanders. You can learn more about our firm and founding Principal by going to our webpage, “About Us”.

We are a 100% Personal Injury Law firm, and when personal injury claims are all you do all day, everyday, you get very good at it. We provide the expertise advice you need to ensure your best possible claim result. And i f you’re interested in what past clients have to say about our legal services, you can read their “Reviews Testimonials” on our website.

The law of accident injury compensation is a very specialised area, highly regulated by legislation, which if not complied with, can result in you missing out on significant compensation. It’s therefore imperative you have the advice of expert personal injury lawyers, who can successfully navigate these complex processes and have the expertise needed to properly assess your case and achieve your optimal claim result.

From your claim’s outset, we will advise you in clear simple terms how the personal injury claim process works, what is necessary to achieve the very best result for your claim and how we’ll fight to get YOU that result.


We handle your claim for you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, with NO UPFRONT COSTS no personal loans involved. We pay for all expenses associated with your case and we only charge you at the end of your claim, when you receive your compensation and ONLY if we obtain compensation for you. In other words, if we don’t win you compensation, then you pay us nothing at all.

And our No Win No Fee Service is 100% GUARANTEED.


It’s not unusual for those with no experience of personal injury claims to have concerns the claim and court process will be overly stressful. But this is actually not the case. The vast majority of claims don’t go to Court, with around 98% of personal injury claims settling by way of settlement negotiation. In fact, the claim process has been specifically designed to encourage this and streamline the process for you.

We’re also able to de-stress the claim process for you by explaining clearly, from the outset, how your case will run and what to expect, as well as keeping you fully informed throughout your case. Knowledge empowers, and having this knowledge understanding from the outset, helps de-stress the claim process for you.

And, if you’re concerned that bringing a personal injury claim will be too inconvenient considering your busy lifestyle, or home and work commitments – don’t be. Our focus is on making the process as convenient for you as possible. We’re able to successfully run your claim for you using phone, email and post, so you don’t even have to visit our offices during your case, unless you want to.


I f you’re wondering whether you’ve a personal injury claim worth pursuing, CONTACT US today on 1300 388 383 , via our Livechat service, or submit a FREE Instant Case Appraisal Form. You’ll receive an INSTANT response to your enquiry and all enquiries are 100% FREE of charge, co nfidential obligation free .

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers is sincere in its commitment, so we ensure a Senior Personal Injury Lawyer is available to you 24/7. Accidents injury are not just limited to business hours and so neither are we. Speaking with our personal injury expert will give you the peace of mind you need – something we hear time again from those who contact us about their case.

Our head offices are situated in Brisbane city and on the Gold Coast, but if you need our help and circumstances require that we come to you, then we can organize visits with you at your home or in the hospital.


Strict time limits apply to personal injury claims, so it is important you don’t delay investigating whether you’ve a case to pursue. Your delay today, could mean missing out on a significant compensation payment tomorrow.

All it costs is your time to find out. CALL US on 1300 388 383, , Livechat with us or send us your Enquiry via a FREE Instant Case Appraisal form.. We’re here for you 24/7.

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Compensation personal injury

Compensation personal injury

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No Win No Fee Compensation

No Win, No Fee is an agreement between you and your Lawyer or Solicitor that means if your claim is not successful, your Lawyer is not paid for the work that has been done. If you win your claim, your Lawyer is paid part of their fees by the losing party, which is usually an insurance company.

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The Los Angeles personal injury lawyers and founders of Lederer Nojima are former corporate insurance lawyers. Rather than siding with the insurance companies, now they are on your side.

  • How will an insurance company deny your claim?
  • How will insurance adjusters question the facts of your case?
  • How will an insurance lawyer try to discredit or doubt you?

For our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers, the answers are obvious. As former insurance attorneys, Lederer Nojima now use their skill and experience to the advantage of people just like you. Lederer Nojima know insurance company tactics and know how to get you results.

Our former insurance attorneys are now Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who are on your side. Personal injury victims in Los Angeles have many choices for personal injury lawyers, but few lawyers have the experience of Lederer Nojima. Call our Los Angeles personal injury law office at 310-312-1860 ‎ for a free consultation.

If we take your case, you can feel assured in our confidence. We get paid nothing unless we win. Through settlement or judgment, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys believe we can help you achieve your goals.

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are more than prepared to fight for the justice, the compensation, and the peace of mind you deserve. We have the resources and experience to represent you in any personal injury case including the following:

The above represent only a small sample of our practice areas. Furthermore, we have represented clients with the most serious injuries and we have obtained justice for them: brain injuries, burns, and spinal cord damage. No matter your struggles or how complex your case, we have the resources and the experience to help. Experienced lawyers, a dedicated staff, access to expert witnesses and independent investigators: we have the resources to win.

If you or a family member has been seriously injured or killed in Los Angeles as the result of someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior, skilled top Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you obtain the fair compensation you need and deserve. If we do not, we get paid nothing. By offering you a candid analysis of your case, we are serving your best interests and our’s. When you call us for a free consultation, you will get compassionate and practical legal guidance and you will have a clear understanding of the merits of your case.

The medical experts, accident-scene investigators and other specialists that we work with will be at your disposal. All at no cost to you. Call us now to see how our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can fight for you.