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Cerner EHR Billing Services

BillingParadise the paradise of EMR medical billing:

BillingParadise is a renowned leader in providing Medical Billing Services. BillingParadise stays ahead of its competitors through efficient usage of technology.

It s time that health care industry has coagulated with Information technology to ease out the stress caused on physicians for their medical documentation, coding and billing procedures.

BillingParadise with the right blend of Information technology and workforce can ease out all the pressures on your medical billing service even with your existing EMR applications.

BillingParadise together with Cerner:

Billingparadise provides puts in a store of billing solutions in the form of Practice Management and Revenue Optimization through Cerner. Serving as the most prominent IT experts, BillingParadise offers tailored solutions for all your needs. Our practice management solutions assist you in diminishing the mistakes that might occur during the registration and charge entry process.

We have efficient claims submission process that helps you not to miss any claim filing and reduce the denial percentage.

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BillingParadise s medical billing and Cerner:

BillingParadise has got in the apt workforce to utilize Cerner to its best to the benefit of the user. This can boost up your revenue pour outs and assist you in achieving the most favorable results for the practice in terms of cash flow as well as productivity. Financial management plays a vital role in any office s stability; impediments in this can ultimately lead the practice to a situation that is difficult to recover. BillingParadise together with Cerner can take your practice to its next level by leveraging your financial pressures and converting the same as your possession.

Demonstrated technology from an established experts:

BillingParadise is an established player in the market and Cerner is a demonstrated technology. The duo can serve the health care organizations in getting the best ever financial stability. At BillingParadise we have a customer support team that works 24*7*365 days.

All our services are HIPAA compliant It s all the more vital for medical billing service providers to utilize technology to its best to get attain the type of outcome the clients expect. With no correct mix of workforce and technology quality Medical billing process will alike a far off Milky Way for both the service provider as well as the client.

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Meet Our Team

Diana Giron


President- Broker / Owner. Diana Giron. a respected industry professional for 25+ years.

Prior to opening Universal Insurance Agency in 2003, Giron worked for two of the number one insurance companies in Florida.
This experience led her to often ask the question, “How is it possible for one company with the same product to properly benefit and protect
the insurance needs of so many people?” After witnessing the many changes that the insurance industry faced during the 1980s and 90s, she realized that
it was impossible for one company to be the “panacea” to all, and decided to open Universal Insurance Agency, where she could properly serve her clients’
needs both from a coverage standpoint and financially. Today, she has grown that business into a successful agency that has become the One-Stop Insurance
Agency for thousands of Florida residents. To get a free quote or request a review of your current policies, give us a call today at 407-898-1116.
It will be our pleasure to assist you.


Universal Insurance Agency . your One-Stop Insurance Specialist is backed by the power of over 75 strategically placed companies. We are able to offer you the best coverage which is tailored to your individual or business needs. Our goal is to grow with you and your family or business’ especially as your needs change. We want you to know you are always taken care of and that we are prepared for the unexpected. Each company within our portfolio has been carefully researched and hand-selected by Broker/Owner, Diana Giron, who is a 25+ year respected industry professional. Diana and her team of insurance experts are committed to being your, One-Stop Insurance Specialist for both individual and business insurance. We work diligently to find the best possible rates with the best possible coverage available for your Home, Auto, or Business. Our goal is to ensure that all of your assets are properly protected! Each of our A Rated Companies have been carefully screened and selected for their reputation and ability to pay claims when they occur, but also for providing the best coverage and value for the money spent. If you’re looking for great customer service, quality products, and the best insurance rates in Central Florida including the entire state of Florida, look no further! Let us be your number choice. Call us today for a free quote! (4078981116)

Our most requested Coverages:

Homeowners Insurance, Auto insurance, Condo Insurance, Flood Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Commercial Vehicles Business Office Insurance, Cyber Security Insurance. Workers Comp All types of Bonds and more Our clients range from

  • Homeowners
  • Medical Offices
  • Strip Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Law Firms
  • Churches
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Shopping Centers
  • Various Large Corporations and Small Businesses

If you’re looking for great customer service, and quality products, and the best insurance rates in Orlando and the entire state of Florida, look no further. Let us be your number one insurance choice with over 75 quality products under one roof. Call us today for a free quote!

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Car Accidents

Car accidents are a fact of life. Nationwide, more than 4 people every minute are injured in motor vehicle crashes. Most accidents are minor and most drivers are insured, but if Murphy’s Law prevails, a car accident can turn into a complicated mess. Was the other driver uninsured or underinsured? Were there multiple cars involved in the accident? Is there disagreement about who was at fault? Is the insurance company denying coverage or compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage and/or pain and suffering? In this section, you will find information on auto accident laws, how to determine fault, how to deal with car insurance companies, and when to contact a car accident attorney to represent you.

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Third Party Car Insurance Claims

What Is a Third Party Claim?

Any time you file a car insurance claim against someone else’s insurance policy. you are filing a third party claim.

When would that happen? Here are a few examples:

  • You were a passenger in a car when it was involved in an accident,and you were injured.
    • You would file a third party claim against the driver’s car insurance company for payment of your medical bills and other damages.
  • You were the driver judged NOT at fault for an auto accident in a state without no-fault insurance.
    • You would file a third party claim against the other driver’s insurance company to recover damages.
  • You were driving a company vehicle that was involved in an auto accident and were injured.
    • Your claim against the company’s insurance company is a third party insurance claim.
  • You were driving your own car on work-related business and were injured in an accident.
    • In this case, you may be able to recover expenses from your employer’s insurance company with a third party claim.

In other words, any time you file an auto insurance claim in a situation where you are not the policyholder, you are filing a third-party claim.

Liability insurance. which pays for damages you cause to another, is required for the sole purpose of paying damages to a third party. Without it, you’d be left paying for those damages out of pocket, unless you live in a no-fault state (see below).

No-Fault vs. Tort States

No-Fault Insurance States

These types of claims are less common in states with no-fault auto insurance laws. where the laws typically require that you file a claim with your own insurer first. In this case, you’d file a claim through your personal injury protection (PIP insurance) coverage, which will pay for your injuries regardless of fault.

In most no-fault states, however, the law allows you to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company if your claim reaches the state’s “serious injury” threshold.

Tort States

In states that don’t have no-fault insurance laws. like Arizona and Texas, you don’t have to meet any threshold for filing a third party claim. You can file your claim with the other driver’s liability insurance company if the other driver was at fault.

If there is a question about who is at fault, or if the injuries and damages are significant, the investigation of the accident may be lengthier. In some cases, you may have to go through courts for a settlement.

How to File a Third Party Claim

  • Gather important information at the accident scene, if you’re able to do so.
  • File an accident report with the registry of motor vehicles, if it’s required.
  • Notify the other driver’s insurance company as soon as possible.
  • Cooperate with the insurance company’s investigation .
  • If your injuries are extensive or fault is in question, consider talking to a personal injury lawyer .
  • Submit your bills and proof of expenses to the insurance company as they direct.
  • Once you’ve filed a claim and the investigation is complete, you insurance company will approve or deny the claim. If the claim is approved, you’ll be compensated.

3 rd Party Claims and Subrogation: What You Need to Know

In some cases, your insurance company may pay out a claim on your behalf – by paying your doctor’s bills, for example – in a situation where another party is at fault or should be held responsible.

In that situation, your insurance company may employ subrogation to recover the money it has paid out.

For example, say you were rear-ended by another driver and, in lieu of waiting for the other driver’s car insurance provider to investigate the claim, you submit the claim through your insurance. Your insurance company would pay the claim but then seek to recover damages from the other party, since you were not at fault.

If you had to pay a deductible, your insurance company may be able to recover that as well.

Speak with your insurance provider regarding any questions about third-party claims and subrogation if you plan to file a claim with your own company.

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Uncontested Divorce Program

Aviso: Este programa es en ingl s, pero obtendr su traducci n al pulsar sobre ESPA OL. Deber responder en ingl s o el tribunal rechazar sus documentos.

An “uncontested” divorce is where both you and the person you want to divorce agree to divorce and there is an agreement about what will happen to your finances and property after the divorce. [Learn more about Divorce ]

You can use this program if:

  • You and the person you want to divorce are over 18 years of age,
  • You and the person you want to divorce have no “children” under 21 years of age ,
  • Your marriage has been over for at least 6 months and your relationship can’t be saved, AND
  • All marital property issues, including debt, have been settled.

Information Checklist

You will need the following information with you when you use this program:

  • The name, previous last names (if any), current address, social security number, and phone number of the person you want to divorce.
  • A copy of your marriage certificate.
  • If you have any of the following: Settlement Agreement, Order of Protection, etc.
  • If you have an extreme financial hardship and can’t afford the court fees: information about your income, the things you own, and how much you spend a month on utilities and rent.

Download and print the checklist of information you will need to complete this program.


Note: You will be taken to our partner website called LawHelp Interactive.

You can Sign Up to Save Your Work or go directly to the program without signing up by clicking on Get Started or Go . Then check to agree to the Terms of Use and click on Continue to begin the program.

About DIY Forms

Who Can Use These Programs?
You can use DIY Forms if:

  • you’re a court user and you don’t have a lawyer;
  • you’re a legal services provider;
  • you’re a pro bono lawyer. Pro bono lawyers filing a DIY Form must submit thispro bono affirmation .
  • you’re from a low-bono (reduced fee) program recognized and authorized to use the DIY Form programs by the NYS Courts Access to Justice Program. You must submit this low-bono affirmation with the filing.

Commercial use is prohibited and no one may charge for using these programs. When you begin the program, you will be asked to accept these terms of use.

Computer Requirements
In order to use DIY Form programs, make sure you have the following:

Note: If you’re on a Mac and do not have Microsoft Word, this program will not work for you.

Help Using DIY Forms
See Frequently Asked Questions for help using DIY Form programs.

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Auto Insurance Claims – State Farm #auto #insurance #claims,auto #claims,state #farm #auto #claims


Here You’ll Learn the Ins and Outs of Auto Insurance Claims

Accident Outside of Canada?

If you are a Canadian policyholder who would like to file a claim from outside of Canada, please contact your State Farm agent or call us direct at 855-209-9549 for an auto claim.

Important Things to Remember

  • Take reasonable steps to protect your vehicle from further damage.
  • Make sure to tell us where your vehicle is located.
  • Review your policy for specific coverage information.
  • Check out our Auto Damage Service Program for more information.

If Someone Files a Claim Against You

  • Contact your Agent or claims representative; State Farm will conduct an investigation to assess those allegations.
  • Subject to the terms and conditions of your policy, State Farm will pay those claims that you are legally liable to honour.

If Anyone Is Injured

  • If you or your passengers have applicable medical payments or personal injury coverage, injury-related bills will be paid according to the terms and conditions of your policy.
  • Auto Liability Coverage may protect you if you damage someone else’s property or cause injury to others.

Settling a Claim

  • We’ll pay to repair, replace, or furnish the agreed upon actual cash value of your property, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.
  • If applicable, check with your lienholder (if you’ve financed or owe money on a car) about how they handle claim payment; we may be required to protect them as well.
  • Contact your State Farm Agent or claims representative with questions.
  • This is only a general description of coverages and is not a statement of contract. Details of coverage or limits vary in some provinces. All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions and conditions in the policy itself and in any endorsements.