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___ Tibet (Tibet Autonomous Region)

Destination Tibet, a virtual guide to the Land of Snows , also known as “the Roof the World”. Tibet is located on the northern side of the Himalayas, north of India. Nepal. Bhutan and Myanmar (Burma) on the barren tableland of the Tibetan Plateau, the world’s highest region with an average altitude of more than 4,000 m above sea level.

Since China’s Peaceful Liberation of Tibet in 1949-50, the region is de facto an administrative division of the People’s Republic of China, known as the Xizang Autonomous Region.

The Autonomous Region covers an area of 1,228,400 km², this is larger than twice the size of France. or four times the size of Arizona .

The least densely populated division of the PRC has a population of estimated 3.2 million people, taken into account that China’s National Strategic Project to Develop the West, introduced during the 1980s, encourages the migration of Han Chinese people from other regions of China into Tibet.

Tibet | Xizang | བོད | 西藏

Country Profile

Tibet is comprised of the three provinces of Amdo (now split by China into the provinces of Qinghai, Gansu Sichuan), Kham (largely incorporated into the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Qinghai), and U-Tsang (which, together with western Kham, is today referred to by China as the Tibet Autonomous Region).

The Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) comprises less than half of historic Tibet and was created by China in 1965 for administrative reasons. It is important to note that when Chinese officials and publications use the term Tibet they mean only the TAR.
Tibetans use the term Tibet to mean the three provinces described above, i.e. the area traditionally known as Tibet before the 1949-50 invasion.
(Source: The Office of Tibet)

Official Name:
Xizang Zizhiqu
short form: Xizang
int’l long form: Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)
int’l short form: Tibet
etymological. the name Tibet is derived from the Sanskrit word Trivistapa which means heaven. Tibetans called their homeland Bod.

Capital City: Lhasa
(3 650 m above sea level)

Other Cities:
Shigatse, Gyangtse, Qamdo, Jyekundo, Dartsedo, Golmud, Lhatse, Maqin, Pelbar, Sakya, Tingri.

Type: Communist party-led state (People’s Republic of China)
The Tibet Autonomous Region was founded on 9 September 1965.

Location: Asia, north of India, located on the Tibetan Plateau, the world’s highest region.
Area–TAR: 1.2m sq km (471 700 sq miles), Bod: 2.5 million sq. km, approximately the size of Western Europe.
Terrain: 70% Grassland; from high plateau to tropical forest

Climate: Average temperture 28 degrees Celsius (Summer) -15 degrees Celsius (in Winter), extremely dry except during rainy season (July-August)

Population: 3.2 million
Ethnic Groups: primarily ethnic Tibetans; Menba, Lhoba, Mongols, Hui and a growing number of Han Chinese.
Religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Animism
Languages. Tibetan, Chinese
Literacy: NA

Natural resources: Forests, wildlife, mineral resources, uranium (world’s largest uranium reserve), hydro-, geothermal energy.

Agriculture products: Livestock and livestock products.

Industries: Mining, wool spinning, carpets, forestry, food processing, printing, building materials and machinery, tourism.

Currency: Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)

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Official Sites of Tibet

Chinese Government Online
Official electronic communication platform of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

Tibet — Its Ownership And Human Rights Situation
The People’s Republic of China White Papers express China’s position or better possession of Tibet.

Diplomatic Missions
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
There you can find a list of Diplomatic Missions of China abroad.

Tibetan Government in Exile
Tibetan Government
The Tibetan Government in Exile’s Official Web Site by The Office of Tibet, the official agency of H.H. the Dalai Lama.

Maps of Tibet

Administrative Map of China
Political Map of China’s Administrative Divisions.

Google Earth Tibet
Searchable map and satellite view of Xizang (Tibet).
Google Earth Lhasa
Searchable map and satellite view of Tibet’s capital.
Google Earth Mount Kailash
Searchable map and satellite view of Mount Kailash region.
Google Earth Mount Everest
Satellite view of Mount Everest region.
Google Earth Potala Palace
Annotated satellite view of the former residence of the Dalai Lama.

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Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Merchant Cash Advance is fairly simple and user-friendly. Just ensure that the following terms are met:

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How to apply

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Documents Required

Keep digital copies of the following handy at the time of application:

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Fees and Charges

At Capital Float, we conduct business in the most transparent manner. This means, you’re only obligated to pay a processing fee of up to 2% for the loan. There are no hidden or pre-closure penalties during or after your application procedure.

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Our SME Blog

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Advance Business Capital Grows Full Service Factoring with the Addition of Lopez-Hammer and Winters #advance


Advance Business Capital Grows Full Service Factoring with the Addition of Lopez-Hammer and Winters

Advance Business Capital, member of the Triumph Bancorp, Inc. group and provider of full service factoring to the transportation industry, today announced the addition of seasoned veterans Adriana Lopez-Hammer and Kimberly Winters to its management team.

Adriana and Kimberly are both experienced professionals who will help Advance Business Capital continue proving ourselves as leaders in the transportation factoring industry.

Coppell, TX (PRWEB) November 15, 2012

Advance Business Capital. member of the Triumph Bancorp, Inc. group and provider of full service factoring to the transportation industry, today announced the addition of seasoned veterans Adriana Lopez-Hammer and Kimberly Winters to its management team.

Since our acquisition by Triumph earlier this year, ABC has become bigger, better and stronger, said Steven Hausman, President of Advance Business Capital. Adriana and Kimberly are both experienced professionals who will help Advance Business Capital continue proving ourselves as leaders in the transportation factoring industry.”

Adriana Lopez-Hammer brings more than 16 years of commercial lending experience to Advance Business Capital. She will serve as vice president, business development for the Southwest Region and will focus on originating working capital lines of credit within the transportation industry. Prior to joining Advance Business Capital, Ms. Lopez-Hammer served in various roles, including portfolio management, process management, underwriting and business development within CitiCapital, GE Capital and TAB Bank’s commercial lending groups. She is currently serving on the Executive Board of The Hispanic 100 and is Chair of The Concilio, an organization dedicated to increasing parental involvement in children’s education and health. Previously, she served on the Executive Board of Head Start of Greater Dallas. Ms. Lopez-Hammer is a member the Women’s Finance Forum, Louisiana Motor Transport Association, Arkansas Trucking Association, the Penn Latino and Leadership Dallas Alumni clubs. She received a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

Kimberly Winters brings more than 13 years of accounting and underwriting experience to Advance Business Capital and will serve as vice president, underwriting with a focus on managing the underwriting department, due diligence process and portfolio risk management. Prior to joining Advance Business Capital, Ms. Winters served as underwriter, account manager and legal research/administration for Greystone Commercial Services LP. Her responsibilities included the underwriting of credit application packages, the investigation of creditworthiness of account debtors, and the evaluation of prospects financial strength. As account manager, Winters provided daily collateral review, fund processing and risk analysis. She was also responsible for the completion of all closing documents for counsel’s review.

Ms. Lopez-Hammer has an excellent reputation and extensive experience in originating working capital lines of credit in the for-hire carrier industry. Ms. Winter s knowledge and understanding of accounts receivable financing for small to medium size business is outstanding. Lots of good people know how to get things started, but these two professionals are exceptional at getting things done. Our customers will be the ones who benefit most from their joining our team, added Hausman.

About Advance Business Capital
Advance Business Capital, one of the dominant players in American freight factoring, became a member of the Triumph Bancorp, Inc. group in January 2012. In addition to its principal service of purchasing Accounts Receivables for trucking companies, Advance Business Capital stands out from its competitors by offering a comprehensive suite of “back office” services that lift a heavy accounting and paperwork burden from small to midsized trucking companies. These services include billing and collection, credit checks, break-even analysis, business training and fuel card purchasing management.

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