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Receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits

You must have earned sufficient wages in your base period to qualify for a claim in order to receive benefit payments. Your Wage Statement (UB-107) will show a weekly benefit amount and total award if you’ve earned enough wages to qualify. If there are other eligibility issues. they must be resolved before any payments are issued to you.

In the example shown below, the first week of unemployment on a newly established benefit year is a waiting week *. If there are no issues established on your claim, you can expect your first benefit payment** (normally after you’ve filed your second weekly claim) within approximately 10 business days.

As mentioned above, if there are eligibility issues that need to be resolved; for example, if you received severance or payment for unused vacation or sick leave, someone has to verify the amount, the dates, and other information before issuing a decision and clearing your claim for payment. View more information about eligibility issues .

In most cases where there is an issue, the first payment can usually be processed within 15 business days (it you are determined eligible for benefits). For the remainder, it can take longer.

All of this depends on whether you are determined eligible for benefits and file your weekly claims for each week you remain unemployed.

Note: If you skip or miss filing more than two consecutive benefit weeks, your claim becomes inactive. View information about filing weekly claims .

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