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small claims court forms

Small claims court forms

Small Claims Court Forms

All forms mentioned below are available from the Clerk s Office upon request.

  • Form 3: Third Party Claim (to include a party the Defendant feels is responsible for the claim)

  • Form 6: Request for Judgment (to proceed with claim if no Response or if claim is admitted)

  • Form 7: Default Judgment (to record a judgment where no response, where claim is admitted, or where terms of payment agreement not met)

  • Form 10: Payment Agreement (to write down the agreement made at a payment hearing)

  • Form 12: Summons to Witness (to require a person to attend a hearing as a witness)

  • Form 14: Judgment (to record the Adjudicator s decision when a party s claim is successful)

  • Form 19: Notice of Appeal (to tell the parties there is an appeal to the Court of Appeal)

  • Form 20: Affidavit of Service (to prove you served documents to parties or witnesses)

  • Form 21: Consent to Act as a Litigation Guardian (to apply to make or defend a claim on behalf of someone under 19 or disabled)

  • Form 24: Warrant to Apprehend (to request a sheriff s officer or the police bring a witness to the hearing)

  • Form 25A: Certificate of Adjudicator (certifying a witness failed to attend a hearing or remain in attendance as required)

  • Form 25B: Certificate of Adjudicator (certifying a witness refused to do something at the hearing that the witness was required to do)

  • Form 26B: Memorandum of Satisfaction of Judgment (By Application) (signed by the Adjudicator once he or she has received sufficient evidence on an application that the judgment has been paid)

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    Small claims court forms

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