Claiming – definition of claiming by The Free Dictionary, claiming unemployment benefit.#Claiming #unemployment #benefit




Past participle: claimed


we made a claim on our insurance reclamamos al seguro

have you made a claim since last year? (for benefit) ¿ha solicitado alguna ayuda estatal desde el año pasado?

he renounced his claim to the throne renunció a su derecho al trono

they will not give up their claim to the territory no renunciarán a su reivindicación del territorio

the town’s main claim to fame is its pub este pueblo se destaca más que nada por el bar

he cannot lay claim to much originality no puede atribuirse mucha originalidad, no puede presumir de original

he rejected claims that he had had affairs with six women desmintió las afirmaciones de que había tenido seis amantes

I make no claim to be infallible no pretendo ser infalible

if you wish to claim expenses you must provide receipts si desea que se le reembolsen los gastos debe presentar los recibos

25% of people who are entitled to claim State benefits do not do so el 25% de las personas que tienen derecho a cobrar ayuda del Estado no lo hace

he claimed damages for negligence on the part of the hospital exigió que el hospital le compensara por haber cometido negligencia, demandó al hospital por negligencia

Graf claimed a fourth Wimbledon title Graf se llevó su cuarto título de Wimbledon

he was too modest to claim the credit era demasiado modesto como para atribuirse el mérito

they claim the police opened fire without warning afirman que la policía abrió fuego sin previo aviso

I do not claim that everyone can do this no estoy diciendo que todo el mundo pueda hacer esto

these products claim to be environmentally safe se afirma que estos productos no dañan el medio ambiente

the accident claimed four lives el accidente se cobró cuatro vidas

make sure you claim within a month of the accident asegúrese de presentar reclamación antes de un mes desde la fecha del accidente

to claim for sth reclamar (los gastos de) algo

I claimed for damage to the carpet after the flood reclamé los gastos del deterioro de la alfombra tras la inundación


She’s claiming unemployment benefit Elle perçoit des allocations chômage.

She can’t claim unemployment benefit

BUT Elle n’a pas droit aux allocations chômage.

to claim to be sth prétendre être qch

to claim to have done sth prétendre avoir fait qch

He claims to have found the money Il prétend avoir trouvé l’argent.

The disease claims millions of lives La maladie fait des millions de victimes.

We claimed on our insurance Nous avons réclamé un dédommagement à notre assurance., Nous avons fait une demande d’indemnisation auprès de notre assureur.

a claim to sth un droit à qch

to make a claim faire une demande d’indemnisation



the poor have a claim to our sympathy i poveri hanno diritto alla nostra comprensione

there are many claims on my time sono molto preso

to put in a claim for sth fare una richiesta di qc

to put in a claim for petrol expenses chiedere il rimborso delle spese per la benzina

I make no claim to be infallible non pretendo di essere infallibile

something else claimed her attention qualcosa distolse la sua attenzione

the new system can claim many advantages over the old one si può dire che il nuovo sistema offre molti vantaggi rispetto a quello vecchio

Hostage Taking Is China – s Small-Claims Court – Foreign Policy, small claims court washington.#Small

Hostage Taking Is China s Small-Claims Court

Small claims court washington

When dozens of men stormed the Shanghai branch of USGFX, an Australian foreign currency trading firm, in July, the employees were terrified. Held hostage as assailants sealed the exits, the 20 employees — all Chinese — had their phones seized and only got food and water after they begged for sustenance. While 17 of the staff were freed within 24 hours, the remaining three were held for five days.

But despite the hostage drama, there were no SWAT vans at the premises, nor did local media show any interest. The company tried in vain to get the police involved, with initial reports suggesting that up until the day the situation was resolved, the police presence was limited to a visit by a few — possibly just one — officers from the local economic crimes unit.

In China, where it’s utterly unremarkable for one side to take hostages when financial disputes crop up, the story was no more interesting than a civil lawsuit. Given how reticent the authorities are to intervene, taking hostages is frequently seen as a better route than appealing to the courts. In fact, the courts are sympathetic to certain types of hostage taking: When debt is involved, the law considers it a lesser offense than taking hostages for ransom, and it is classed as “unlawful detention” instead. In practice, police often don’t even consider it to be an offense at all.

In 2010, one government hospital even refused to hand over a newborn baby to his parents so they would pay up for the birth costs. The baby was kept in the hospital for more than three months.

“Virtually all of the time, the police studiously seek to avoid getting involved,” said Dan Harris, a high-profile lawyer who specializes in Chinese law. “They see their job as maintaining social harmony.”

“The most common reason, by far, for someone to get taken hostage is when their company allegedly owes money to a Chinese company. They are typically resolved by the foreign company paying every dollar allegedly owed,” he said. “I am not aware of any instance in which there has been a compromise. Sometimes, though, when a company pays enough, we can line up a team and free the hostage.”

It makes a lot of sense for Chinese police to avoid getting involved in financial disputes, even when hostages are taken. One side of the dispute might be connected with a local government office or powerful business. Even if they’re not particularly powerful, they could launch protests, and the police might be blamed. It’s also fairly cheap and easy for one side to hire thugs, who may be better prepared for a fight than the police.

But the police are also predisposed to see it as none of their business. Public security is broken into two areas: minshi and xingshi. Translated loosely, they can be considered civil and criminal issues, respectively. When it’s a financial dispute, rather than a hostage taken for ransom, police generally consider it more of a minshi issue and thus more in need of mediation than law enforcement, if it requires any police input at all. Debt kidnappings aren’t the only situation this applies to: Even in fights with quite serious injuries, the police often attempt to negotiate a payoff to the injured party instead of bringing charges.

The theme of the wise official mediating among disputants has long been a staple of Chinese literature. In the modern context, the strangeness of the police’s dual role as social mediators and law enforcers has been noted by Fordham University professor Carl Minzner. Minzner attributes it to the authoritarian system’s top-down approach to dealing with tensions between citizens and the state and to the Chinese Communist Party’s refusal to allow the development of independent legal bodies that could deal with such disputes.

Harris’s China Law Blog repeatedly stresses the risks of being taken hostage in China over debts. In many cases, the best move for foreigners facing such circumstances is simply to get out of the country before the thugs reach you.

Often, precious little can be done to protect alleged debtors from thugs, and the courts and the police are of little help. This helplessness was on full display when two Indian businessmen were taken hostage for 20 days in the Chinese trading hub of Yiwu in 2012. The case came to a head when a court ordered that the two businessmen — who had been taken to court by the angry locals who had seized them — be released. The enraged mob proceeded to ignore the ruling. Authorities later managed to spirit the two men to Shanghai while the case was processed.

The case, of course, stirred up alarm in India — not least because an Indian diplomat sent to try to resolve the situation became caught in a violent fracas and was subsequently hospitalized. But Chinese authorities were, and still are, ill-equipped to understand the foreign perspective on these cases. Nationalistic Chinese tabloid the Global Times was oblivious to the root cause of Indians’ distress and was instead content to chalk it up to nationalism. The editors couldn’t grasp that most countries don’t see kidnapping as a legitimate response to debt.

As for the people who decide to take hostages, there are a pretty clear set of incentives — sometimes it works. In 2015, when investors around the country were left high and dry by Fanya Metal Exchange — a fraudulent government-backed trading scheme that was even advertised by staff of top banks — they formed a mob and grabbed the CEO, Shan Jiuliang, themselves, delivering him to police custody. In that instance, he was not arrested, but investor representatives managed to extract promises from him regarding their investments.

There are, of course, limits to taking hostages without a police backlash. If those taking the hostages are wielding weapons or take innocent bystanders captive, they are far more likely to draw attention from the police. In 2015, a desperate Gansu man leapt in a car in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, and took the driver hostage with a knife and commanded the driver to take him to the police. He was angry because his boss owed him money, but lacking any clues as to the whereabouts of said boss, he grabbed a random driver instead. He ordered the driver to call the police but ended up arrested himself and spent six months in prison.

The lack of police involvement in these debt-hostage situations, coupled with the economic downturn, makes China a ripe environment for loan sharks. One case that occupied headlines this year involved a debt collector who hired a gang of thugs to terrorize a 23-year-old man named Yu Huan and his mother to get a debt repaid. The police did not intervene, and Yu ended up grabbing a knife and killing one of the attackers after they pushed his mother’s head into the toilet.

Yu was initially sentenced to a life sentence, though this was reduced to just five years after a public outcry. The Southern Weekly newspaper suggested at the time that the death had only occurred after police had left the scene of the scuffle, leaving Yu desperate. Yu’s attorney indicated during the proceedings that they were considering suing the police for dereliction of duty.

This, it would seem, was finally enough to spur police action.

The authorities examined the case and exonerated all the police involved, saying they had only left to call for backup.

Photo credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

David Dawson is a journalist and editor in Beijing.

Claim Jumper Restaurants, a claim.#A #claim

a claim

A claim

A claimA claim

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A claim

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Justice Court – Town of Washington, small claims court washington.#Small #claims #court #washington

small claims court washington

Elizabeth K. Shequine – Town Justice

Jeff Feigelson – Town Justice

Louis Spagnola III Deputy Constable

  • Court Clerk Hours Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM 12:00 Noon
  • Court is held every Tuesday, excluding the 1st Tuesday of the month, beginning at 5:00 PM.
  • Special Prosecutor 2nd Tuesday
  • District Attorney Public Defender 4th Tuesday
  • Email: [email protected]
  • The Court handles all cases within the Town of Washington and the Village of Millbrook.
  • Acceptable Payments: Cash, Money Order or Credit Card (additional fee applies)
  • The Court Clerk may answer questions about court procedures but cannot give legal advice.
  • The court is created under, and governed by the Unified Justice Court Act.

The Town of Washington Court hears formal civil cases when either the Plaintiff or the Defendant resides in, is employed in or has a place of business within the Town.

Defendants are not guaranteed legal representation in civil court as they are in criminal court but may retain legal representation. People with low income may wish to contact Legal Services of the Hudson Valley which is funded, in part, by the US Department of Health and Human Service, the New York State Office for the Aging, and Dutchess County.


Cases charging the commission of a traffic infraction within the town limits are filed in the Town of Washington Justice Court. Information regarding how to proceed with a traffic ticket may be found on the back of the ticket issued to the motorist. If the motorist responds by pleading not guilty, the Court Clerk will schedule a trial. The Court conducts non-jury or bench trials for violations, offenses and vehicle and traffic cases. If the motorist pleads guilty by mail, a fine letter will be issued that instructs the defendant on procedure and amount of payment.

The Court hears small claims cases up to a maximum amount of $3000 when the Defendant resides in, is employed in, or has a place of business within the Town. Individuals and sole proprietors of businesses may bring a suit against an individual, corporation, partnership, association or assignee in Small Claims Court by filing a claim with the Court. There is a filing fee of $10 for claims up to $1000 and $15 for claims up to $3000. You may not file a claim in Small Claims Court for over $3000. Small Claims Court is intended to provide a simple, informal and inexpensive procedure for prompt determination of small claims.

The Court hears Summary Proceedings/Evictions when the property and the Respondent are located within the Town. These proceedings include non payment of rent or holdover evictions. Plaintiffs may claim the full amount in dispute as there is no limit on the amount of the claim for which the Court has civil jurisdiction in such cases. The Court hears both residential and commercial landlord/tenant cases.

The Town of Washington Court hears criminal cases originating within the Town and has full jurisdiction for non-felony cases (misdemeanors and violations) to accept guilty pleas or hold trials. On felony charges, the court conducts the arraignment and preliminary inquiry and may set bail or hold without bail. If the charges are not reduced to misdemeanors, the Town Court transfers them to Dutchess County Court for final disposition. The Town Court may not accept pleas in felony cases.

Defendants have the right to legal counsel and to choose a jury trial or non-jury trial for misdemeanor cases. The Dutchess County Public Defender s Office provides legal services to criminal defendants who have been determined to be indigent.

A Town Justice may perform civil marriage ceremonies. To schedule a marriage ceremony, contact the Justice Court Clerk at 677-6366.

Biweekly claims – File Biweekly Pennsylvania Unemployment Claim, zendostudios, pa biweekly claim.#Pa #biweekly #claim

www.uc biweekly claims File Biweekly Pennsylvania Unemployment Claim

  • Residents who have already been approved for UC unemployment benefits need to file a claim every two weeks to show they are still unemployed
  • A week for UC PA Biweekly Claimspurposes is defined as a calendar week that begins Sunday and ends Saturday

The UC PA Biweekly Claims process is super easy to complete and should only take the applicant a few minutes to complete. Although applicants will file for two weeks at one time (i.e. biweekly) they will still certify eligibility for each week separately. Applicants are allowed to update their status anytime from Monday thru Friday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m or 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday.

UC PA Biweekly Claims Notes

  • Filing a biweekly claim is MANDATORY and failure to do so will result in the lost of unemployment benefits
  • UC PA Unemployment payments are made by direct deposit or debit card only
  • In order to receive unemployment payment via direct deposit the person must have a bank account
  • The date of the Saturday is called the compensable week ending (CWE) date
  • All holiday pay (i.e. Christmas, New Years) MUST be report when filing a biweekly claim

Please note those who drill for the National Guard are required to report all earnings associated with the drill period.

UC PA Biweekly claims can be filed by mail but only if the applicant meets are of the following requirements (the state would rather people not file via US Mail as it takes much longer to process manually):

  • cannot file by Internet
  • do not have access to a telephone
  • do not have access to a touch-tone or a push button telephone with a tone-pulse switch
  • have limited ability to communicate in English or Spanish
  • have a disability that prevents you from using PAT; or
  • are receiving TRA

Beaux textes en hommage aux femmes Message de respect pour une femme, clames.#Clames

Poème Hommage aux Femmes: Femme forte et douleurs, poésie

Rendre hommage aux femmes, ou dire merci à une fille pour tout ce qu elle vous apporte est un grand geste d humanité et d amour.

Voici de beaux poèmes pour les femmes et de beaux textes pour la Journée Internationale des droits des Femmes qui a lieu chaque année le 8 mars.

Ces messages poétiques peuvent aussi être offerts pour l anniversaire d une fille ou en guise de Sms Bonne Fête des Mères.

Beau texte pour la Journée Internationale des droits des femmes

A noter: La date de la journée internationale des droits de la femme est le 8 mars.

Le nom exact, qui a évolué dans le temps, est aujourd hui « La journée Internationale des droits des femmes« . Ce jour spécial est aussi intitulé: Journée de la femme, Journée des femmes ou encore Journée de la luttes des femmes.

Dans tous les cas, cet hommage aux filles et aux dames vient rappeler que les hommes et les femmes sont égaux en droits et en devoirs!

Être une femme libre de ses choix

Être une femme, c est choisir d être soi-même

Faire brûler sa flamme pour ceux que l on aime

Dessiner son chemin pour construire son demain

Aimer sans limite, aux plus pauvres tendre la main

Couvrir le monde de sa féminité pour donner naissance à la beauté

S épanouir du bonheur d un enfant, le couvrir de tendresse et de bonté

Ouvrir son coeur au bonheur pour inonder le monde de volupté

Tel est le destin des belles dames, dont la générosité fait le charme

Telle est la féminité, l expression de la volupté qui la haine désarme

Merci à toutes les femmes, aux filles de lumières, à toutes les mères

Que l affection des hommes soit pour elles, un doux et solide repère

Une femme, une mère ou une sœur est une douceur à respecter

Les femmes, les mères et les filles, sont de douces soeurs à aimer

Que les hommes du monde respectent en toute femme leur mère

Que les hommes ouvrent leurs coeurs à ces douces lumières

Poème pour une Femme forte

Dans l´entité de cette pure trinité indéfectible

se berce ta force, ta volonté, ton impétuosité

se reflète la clarté de ton âme innocent

du fond duquel tu clames ton espoir

tu caresses des idées folles pleines de volupté

tu meubles ta solitude éphémère en forgeant ton avenir

tu étouffes tes dernières plaintes

qui s´effacent avec le coucher du soleil.

L auteure de ce poème est Yolande Flammant

Douleurs de femme

Au fond de mon âme

une vive douleur vient de m´arracher un cri strident,

une goutte de sang tombe

se perdant dans une danse diabolique,

et seul reste l´écho de mon cri

se heurtant contre le vide opaque d´un cortège de fils dorés.

Je ne peux que savourer les dernières réminiscences

d´une profonde plaie

qui s´achèvera dans les sonorités d´un long soupir réconfortant.

L auteure de ce poème est Yolande Flammant

Nj unemployment claim status, nj unemployment claim status.#Nj #unemployment #claim #status weekly benefits NJ Unemployment Weekly Benefits

NJ UI File Claim Weekly Benefits

  • Claim weekly benefits online associated with Unemployment Insurance Benefits in the Garden State (aka the state of New Jersey)
  • The service is operated by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development who bills themselves as an equal employment opportunity employer and provides equal opportunity programs
  • A variety of other online unemployment services can also be conducted using the service

Residents in the state using the NJ UI File Claim Weekly Benefits system should expect about a 5 minute (or less) claiming process in which they will have to certify that they have not found a job in order to collect their weekly unemployment payment. Residents can also view or print 1099G Tax Information online and check on the status of a NJ UI claim that is under review. Those who do not have a pay stub or their work week is different from our Sunday to Saturday claim week will be required to calculate their gross wages in order to report them AND residents who collect unemployment payments when they should not will have to pay the full amount back PLUS interest. Once the person acquires a full-time job their benefits will stop (partial unemployment insurance benefits may be available for some depending on when they officially started their new position).

NJ UI File Claim Weekly Benefits

  • Must have already been approved for UI benefits in the state of New Jersey in order to claim weekly benefits
  • Collecting Unemployment Insurance Benefits While Working and Not Reporting Wages Is A CRIME
  • Gross wages (aka the amount of money earned before taxes or deductions) must be reported during the week they were earned, not when the individual was paid
  • Collected Unemployment Insurance Benefits while working is against the law punishable by prison and or a heavy fine

Any questions about the NJ UI File Claim Weekly Benefits system can be directed to a help agent at (201) 601-4100, (732) 761-2020, or (856) 507-2340. Those who are calling from out-of-state should dial (888) 795-6672.

How Is Unemployment Computed in New Jersey, NJ Unemployment, nj unemployment claim status.#Nj #unemployment #claim

How Is Unemployment Determined in New Jersey

Nj unemployment claim statusNew Jersey’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development administers the state’s unemployment’s insurance plan. The idea of this insurance is to give relief to out-work-citizens while they search for new employment. Businesses with employees pay into the unemployment insurance plan and the department offers benefit payments to eligible individuals. State laws decide how much you can obtain on New Jersey unemployment and the procedures for the process.

If you have filed for jobless benefits in NJ, you may speculate how your benefits are estimated. The state of New Jersey has very specific rules to work out the weekly benefit amounts of individuals eligible for unemployment benefits. How much you receive in benefits will depend on your past employment, wages earned and your dependents.

Identify Your Base Period

The Labor and Workforce Development employs your base period to decide eligibility and then to compute your benefit amount. It’s the 1st four of the last five full calendar quarters you filed for benefits.

Your regular base period comprises 52 weeks that is determined by the date of your claim. The table below shows what your regular base period would be if you filed your claim any day between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012.

In case you do not meet the above necessities but you have worked no less than 770 hours in employment involving the production and harvesting of agricultural crops during your base year, you may still be qualified for benefits.

If you do not meet the above requirements but you worked at least 770 hours in employment involving the production and harvesting of agricultural crops during your base year, you may still be eligible for benefits.

Alternate Base Year Period

Sometimes when a claimant does not have sufficient wages to be eligible for benefits in the base period, the LWD allows the alternate base period. That’s just the last 4 full calendar quarters prior to filing your claim. Whichever base period you employ to qualify for benefits is the one you must use when computing your benefits.

You may qualify for benefits if you worked at least 20 base weeks (a base week in 2010, 2011, and 2012 is minimum weekly earnings of $145), or a total of $7,300 in any one-year period in the last 1 1/2 years (last 18 months)for a claim dated in calendar year 2010.

There are two alternate base years (1 year periods) within the last 18 months that we check to qualify you for a claim. You cannot decide which alternate base year or which calendar quarters to use to be eligible for a claim. In case you still do not qualify for a claim using the 1st alternate base year, then the unemployment department checks using the 2nd alternate base year.

Alternate Base Year #1: The first alternative uses your four most recent quarters prior to filing your claim.

Alternate Base Year #2: The second alternative uses your three most recent quarters prior to the date of filing your claim, and weeks in the quarter you filed your claim. This alternative base year will contain less than 52 weeks.

The LWD examines your base period wages; it only reflects the wages from employment covered under the New Jersey unemployment compensation laws. These wages are called insured or covered wages. Similar to most states, New Jersey’s unemployment rules are complete. Some important exclusions take in independent contractor work, commission only work and self-employed work.

Calculating Your Weekly Benefit Amount

Nj unemployment claim statusWhen New Jersey decides how much to give you per week, it uses a formula mandated by state law. It uses the Average-Weekly-Wage Formula and estimates the weekly benefit amount.

Average-Weekly-Wage Formula: Numerous states calculate the weekly benefit as a percentage of the worker’s average weekly wages in the base period.

Formula for calculating weekly benefit amount:

WW (Average Weekly Wage Formula)

60% (base weeks’ wages/number of base weeks) +DA (Dependent’s Allowances)

Your weekly benefit amount is 60% of your average weekly wage during your base period. Sum your covered wages earned during your whole base period.

Keep in mind that if your calculations put you above that, you still won t receive more than that.

Calculating Your Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA)

After you identify your WBA, you can determine your MBA, which is the total sum you can obtain per claim per benefit year. In order to decide your MBA, first determine your base weeks, which are weeks in your base period that you earned more than 20 times the state’s minimum wage.

Your MBA is actually equal to your WBA multiplied by the number of weeks you worked.

For instance, if you worked 22 weeks during your base period and your WBA is $400, your MBA is $8,800. This is the overall dollar amount you will collect during your benefit year. The highest number of weeks used to estimate your MBA is 26.

Nj unemployment claim statusAll states need a worker to have earned a definite amount of wages or to have worked for a definite period of time (or both) within the base period to be financially eligible to collect any UI benefits. Most workers are entitled for benefits based on employment and wages in a single state. On the other hand, some workers who work in more than one state will not have sufficient employment and wages in any single state to set up monetary eligibility, or would be qualified for a smaller WBA. Workers with wages and employment in more than one state can opt to file a claim combining wages and employment earned in all states where they worked into a claim filed under the law of any of the states they worked.

To make sure you qualify for benefits, check out NJ unemployment eligibility section.

The qualifying formula for wages and employment used by New Jersey is:

20 base weeks (20% of AWW)

or alternative: 1,000 times the state minimum hourly wage. ($7.25/hr state minimum hourly wage)

The minimum wages needed to qualify for UI in New Jersey is $2,900 for base period.

New Jersey permits individuals with WBA less than the maximum weekly benefit amount of $598 to possibly be eligible for dependency benefits. Dependency benefits let you to collect additional money for your dependents. If suitable, you will be given 7% of your WBA for your first dependent and 4% for your next two dependents. The maximum percentage you can claim is 15% for three dependents.

You can t collect dependency benefits if your spouse or civil union partner is working during the first week you file your claim. To claim a dependency, your child must not have married and must be under the age of 19, or 22 if a full-time student. You can claim your spouse or civil union partner as a dependent if he or she is unemployed. You must give the Social Security number of your spouse or child and give proof of dependency within 6 weeks of filing your claim.

Nj unemployment claim statusBased on the type of pension you get, it may affect your unemployment benefits. According the New Jersey Department of Labor, if your employer made 100% of the contribution to your pension, 100% of your weekly pension amount is subtracted from your weekly benefits. If both you and your employer contributed equally to your pension, 50% of your weekly pension amount is taken away from your WBA. If you contributed 100% to your pension, you will not have your benefits reduced. Your benefits are delayed if you receive a lump sum payment of a retirement pension due to an involuntary separation of work before the age of 59 1/2. In case you collect Social Security benefits, you will not experience a reduction of your unemployment benefits.

Teacup Yorkie, Baby Doll Face Yorkie Puppies For Sale, Teacup Yorkie Puppy Breeder located in












over 35 years ago. Yorkies are the love of my life. I specialize in t-cups, ( yes,

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Recreational Razor Clamming, Washington Department of Fish – Wildlife, claming.#Claming








For more information on

fishing, please contact the

WDFW Fish Program.

For fishing regulation

questions, e-mail us at:

For all other questions and comments, e-mail us at:

Razor Clam season information


Pacific Razor Clam (Siliqua patula)



Recreational Razor Clamming

The Pacific razor clam (Siliqua patula) is an exceptionally meaty shellfish which ranges from California to Alaska. It is abundant on surf-pounded ocean beaches, but also occurs in sheltered areas along the coast. Limited diving observations have indicated some adult razor clams (S.patula) offshore for up to one-half mile. Razor clams dredged in water deeper than 30 feet, although similar to the beach clam, are a different species (Siliqua sloati).

In Washington waters, the razor clam grows to a maximum length of six inches, although they are seldom found. Clams seven inches long have been recorded, but are very rare. The life expectancy for Washington clams is five years. Again, there are exceptions, but razor clams suffer from a high degree of mortality due to predation by Dungeness crabs, shore birds, numerous species of fish and of course thousands of clam diggers. A disease was also discovered in the early 1980’s that caused mass mortalities of large numbers of clams. It is unknown how long this disease has affected clam populations. In contrast, razor clams found in Alaska may grow to eleven inches in length and live to be 15 years old, due to colder water temperatures and slower growth rates.

Razor clams are found primarily on the intertidal coastal beaches (those that are exposed at low tide) from a +3 foot level to a -2 foot tide level. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) divides the harvest areas into five major management zones (see map):

  • Long Beach from the Columbia River north to the mouth of the Willapa Bay
  • Twin Harbors from Willapa Bay north to the south jetty at the mouth of Grays Harbor
  • Copalis Beach from the north jetty at the mouth of Grays Harbor to the Copalis River
  • Mocrocks from the Copalis River to the south boundary of the Quinault Indian Reservation and
  • Kalaloch from the South Beach campground north to ONP Beach Trail 3. (This beach is closed to harvest until further notice)

Other areas where razor clams exist are: a series of sand spits in the mouth of Willapa Bay, the Quinault Indian Reservation and numerous small beaches north of Olympic National Park (ONP) Trail 3 at Kalaloch. The sand spits in Willapa Bay are referred to as the Willapa Spits and are used for commercial harvest.

Recreational Razor Clam Fishery

The Pacific razor clam is one of the most sought after shellfish in the state of Washington. Better roads and more leisure time have brought increasing numbers of diggers to the ocean beaches. It is not unusual to have as many as a thousand people per mile during a nice spring weekend day. In past years, upwards of 300,000 individuals made 650,000 to 775,000 digger-trips to the ocean beaches and harvested 6 to 13 million razor clams. Since the mid-eighties, those numbers have been greatly reduced to only 250,000 digger trips harvesting 2.5 to 3 million clams. The reduction in the clam harvest was a direct result of decreased clam population levels, thought to be caused by historical over harvest and disease.

Recreational digging for razor clams is truly a family sport. It can be enjoyed by children and senior citizens alike. All you need is a clam shovel or specialized tube, a container to put your clams in and most important, your clam license. Be sure to check the Fishing in Washington Regulation Page for the latest regulation requirements for clam digging and other sport fishing regulation updates. During the fall and winter when low tides occur at night, thousands of clam diggers brave the elements to dig by lantern or flash light. Because there is a great deal of interest in digging at all times of the year, seasons are set to allow digging during daylight spring tides when there is better weather and during the fall/winter when diggers have to deal with the elements, but not as many clam diggers.

During certain times of the year, marine toxins, produced by some species of diatoms (algae) are taken in by razor clams and concentrated. When ingested, these toxins can cause illness and in very high concentrations can be fatal to humans. The WDFW in cooperation with the Washington Department of Health (DOH) sample clams on a routine basis. If high toxin levels are detected, clam seasons are delayed or closed. WDFW and DOH work very hard to provide a safe and fun resource to enjoy.