Office Flowers and Office Plants by Luxury Corporate Florist Todich Floral Design LTD London UK, claming.#Claming

Office Flowers and Plants

  • Years of experience in managing corporate contracts.

Every arrangement is carefully created to fit your individual requirements.

  • Weekly supply of office flowers.

    Starting from only 24.95 per week.

  • FREE * trial for a week.
  • Guaranteed freshness throughout the week.

    We will replace flowers and plants if you are not satisfied.

  • FREE vases.

    Vases that fit different flowers in season and enhance flower designs and office look.

  • FREE personalized consultation.

    Customer service will meet your company s individual needs.

  • FREE maintenance service.

    For offices with three or less plants displayed.

  • Customised products.

    Promote your company with our products by adding your own logos, cards and customised look and feel matched with your corporate identity.

  • Customised monthly billing.

    Save time and money through our accounting system by not paying for every transaction.

  • Corporate dinners, boardroom arrangements, conference flowers, reception flowers, and corporate gifts are only a few examples of our services.

    Find out more about what we can do for you and your company!

    *Offer subject to a minimum flower supply of 4 weeks so you can truly evaluate our service.

  • Claming

    A breath of Fresh Air for your office space with Todich Floral Design.

    At Todich Floral Design, our office florists understand that it is not only practical to have office plants and office flowers but also on trend. We recognise that as our working and social environments become ever busier, we need pockets of greenery, to balance and de-stress us. By using our office arrangement London services, we can design the perfect green area, which will allow your employees, to take, deep claming breaths of air, to re-focus their energy into increasing productivity.

    Office Plants and their benefits

    At Todich Floral Design we know that office plants and office flowers bring colour, character and brightness to any indoor space. Additionally office flowers can also reduce everyday stresses of the working environment, along with the following benefits:

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