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Claim Procedures

We have appointed HealthSmart to administer our insurance plans and handle our claims. The company helps in achieving and maintaining maximum control over the cost of health care. HealthSmart will help you get the benefits you deserve at low negotiated rates, according to your insurance plan. The company offers 24/7 online claims status report and multilingual representatives dedicated to the special needs of international students.

If you are a student and you ve fallen ill or injured, please seek help at your school s Student Health Center first. If not available or no longer a student, please proceed to a doctor office or hospital. You may find doctors and hospitals in your area at: First Health or Multiplan.

Present your Insurance ID card (which can also be found in your confirmation email or in your online account) to the doctor or hospital receptionist.

Having provided a copy of your insurance card, please ensure that the doctor, clinic or hospital will file a claim form on your behalf.

In case the medical service provider did not file a claim on your behalf, please fill out the Claim Form and send the completed form, including all itemized bills, statements and receipts, to our claims administrator, HealthSmart. Please do so as soon as possible, but no more than 90 days after the medical event. The Company maintains its right to investigate and verify that the eligibility requirements have been met for claims processing purposes.

Iso claim search

The completed claim form and documentation can either be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to:

HealthSmart, 3320 West Market Street, Suite 100, Fairlawn, OH 44333

You may check the status of your filed claim online 24 hours a day here. Please note that while most claims are processed within 10 business days, some claims may take up to 30 days to process.

You may also call our claims administrator: (800) 203-4720 between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. EST Monday through Friday or e-mail to: [email protected] for status update.

If you are traveling outside the U.S. and need 24 hours assistance in case of sickness or injury, please contact On Call:

Online claim status is available 24 hours a day here!

Iso claim search Iso claim search Iso claim search

ISO Insurance is the manager and sole provider of ISO insurance plans to international students in many Universities. ISO offers its renowned plans: ISO COMPASS insurance – the leading F1 health insurance, COMPASS Gold Insurance, COMPASS Silver, ISO Med plans, J1 Exchange plan – the leading J1 health insurance, ISO-Care and ISO-Share an ACA comparable health insurance plan for international students. ISO international student insurance plans are the leading international student health insurance plans in US universities and colleges. International students who need ISOA international student insurance can find international students insurance at (not to be confused with insurance or insurance). With ISO insurance for international students ISOA fulfills its goal of providing health insurance for international students in USA. Plans are mostly offered to F1 visa students and J1 visa holders. ISO insurance plans are also offered to non-U.S. citizens who are seeking visitor health insurance plans and dependent visitor medical insurance for non-U.S. citizens. ISO insurance for international students is suitable for students on OPT, international students after graduation and ESL students. In addition to student health insurance ISO also offers medical insurance for international students. International students should also check the benefits of the International Student Organization, such as newsletters, information about scholarships and grants and more attractive services and savings available are available at Remember: advise your university to contact ISO Insurance for the best international student medical insurance. Tell them that ISOA insurance is the answer!

ISO 留学生健康医疗保险致力于为国际学生提供不同种类的短期保险计划,以满足留学生的特殊保险需求。该公司从成立以来,一直秉承不变的理念是:为国际学生提供经济实惠的保险方案。 在美国留学必须要有健康保险,ISO 的保险计划能为留学生在美期间提供安全保障。深受广大留学生欢迎的计划有:Compass 黄金计划,Compass 白银计划,ISO Med,和Shield 500计划。这些保险计划满足大多数美国大学对F1留学生和J1交换生的要求。有些学校对保险有特殊要求, ISO推出的保险计划不仅能顺利waive掉学校的保险,价格上又很便宜,能为你节省近几千刀的支出。如果对waiver流程有问题,可以关注ISO微信微博公众号或学校中国学生会相关论坛查看攻略,或者通过学校国际留学生办公室的官方网站了解学校的保险政策。持有J1签证的访问学者在美国交流期间也必须购买医保,ISO的J1计划满足美国联邦政府出台的政策需求。对于已经毕业,处于OPT期间或者正在等待EAD卡的学生,ISO的两个OPTima计划是最好的选择。如果您是非留学的美国访客,持有B1和B2旅游签证、作为学生家属的F2和J2签证、或者H1B工作签证,可以购买Voyager计划。

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