How to check FHPL claim online Status, fhpl claim status.#Fhpl #claim #status

How to check FHPL claim online Status

Family Health Plan (TPA) Ltd is a family health insurance company that specializes in giving “mediclaim” facilities. Once you have a policy under your possession from this insurer, you are eligible to get hospitalization and domiciliary hospital expenses, when you suffer under following conditions;

  1. You develop sudden illness.
  2. You face a sudden accident.
  3. You are eligible for full compensation, when you undergo any surgery for any disease.

Fhpl claim status

  • Mediclaim The Company offers mediclaim policy for any person or persons in a group. It also has provision for overseas mediclaim policy for the persons staying abroad.
  • Age Limit Persons within the age group of 5 to 80 are eligible to have coverage under the mediclaim policy.
  • Provisions under mediclaim policy The policy cover medical expenditure for your sickness and hospitalization, when you take admission in the hospital due to your illness. It also gives you complete reimbursement of your medical expenses, when you fall sick and get treatment at your home. You get reimbursement of expenses for treatment at home, when you are suffering in critical condition and you cannot take admission in hospital due to unavoidable reasons like lack of accommodation or any related reason.
  • Compensation limit Your whole family is entitled to get treatment, when you opt for having a policy in your name.
  • What if the nominee in the policy is dead? – The company will settle the claim in favor of the next immediate relative, when the nominee mentioned in the policy is dead. But you will need to produce the succession certificate from the court that the nominee in the policy is dead and the next relative can get the reimbursement of the benefits in such case.
  • Group mediclaim policy- This facility in insurance is available for homogenous group, association, institution, and corporate house, which can include their members under this scheme and get the advantage of group mediclaim policy.
  • Type of treatment The insurer only takes care of allopathic and ayurveda treatment for the insured people.
  • Where can you get the treatment?- You might suffer from illness or accident in India or in some foreign nation, but under this policy you are fit to receive treatment only in India.
  • Can you get the service from nurse?- You can get service of a nurse while undergoing treatment at home, but the nurse needs to have the requisite qualification in nursing. You can only have such service when the medical practitioner advises for the same. The insurer will give her payment under the insurance policy.

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