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Air Conditioning Repair Encino, CA – (818) 348-4765

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CPHAC (Canoga Park Heating Air Conditioning) is firmly entrenched as a leader in air conditioning and heating repair and service in the state of California. We’ve been in business, serving the community of Encino and beyond for almost fifty years and we didn’t get there by accident. We’ve got a lot of different locations, so no matter where you’re situated, we can get you squared away with the very best in AC service anytime of the year.

These are the things you can bank on:

* A company that can take care of your needs, no matter what they are.
* The assurance that your system is going to working at the highest possible level when we’re finished.
* Technicians and installation personnel who are trained and supervised by our company, without the kind of confusion created by subcontractors.
* Doing the right thing by you when it comes to the price of the system.
* Only courteous and well-organized personnel.
* Up-front pricing to prevent misunderstandings.
* Emergency service that you can reach out for anytime.

If you are in Encino, and you are looking to upgrade your home with a new AC installation, you really have to be careful who you call, because not all HVAC dealers are the same.

Some are trying to pitch you on price. Some are just trying to pitch you, period. Others book a job and get sub-contractors to come in and take care of it. And they use the cheapest products so they can load up on labor charges.

When you deal with the people at Canoga Park Heating Air Conditioning (CPHAC), you thankfully don’t have to deal with any of that. This is the mist up-front bunch of people you have ever dealt with. Unlike a lot of companies you may find in this industry, who give you a lot of promises and keep none of them, then slip a lot of hidden charges into the bill, you get to see everything before any work takes place. That gives you peace of mind and reduces the dreaded “sticker shock.”

When you talk to somebody at CPHAC you won’t be speaking with a salesman who is desperate for the next big commission. No, you’re actually talking to someone who is functioning in the role of consultant, ready to help you start solving the problem at hand. That’s another thing that is good to know.

Only the best products are used in any new AC installation, and those come from Carrier, the long-time industry leader in air conditioning part sand equipment. And as certified by their status as a factory-authorized dealer and winner of the President’s Award, CPHAC knows the products inside and out.

The personnel responsible for actually performing the new AC installations is second to none. We are talking about technicians who are supervised by CPHAC and recipients of certification by North American Technician Excellence (NATE), so you will be very pleasantly surprised by their level of qualification and their skill, if you have dealt with lesser organizations in the past.

The folks at CPHAC set high standards for their own people, and that includes an atmosphere of courtesy and professionalism on the work site itself. No customer will pay until he or she is completely satisfied that these standards have been met. That’s a customer service experience you won’t forget!

That’s the way they do business, and that is why they have been in business for nearly half a century.

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