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  • Action claims
  • Action claims
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  • Action claims
  • Action claims
  • Action claims

    is the campaigning community bringing people-powered politics to decision-making worldwide Action claims



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    Stories are incredibly powerful. They bring us closer together and heighten our sense of shared humanity. Meet the Avaaz community in our great global storytelling.В

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    Action claims

    Climate Change: The Beginning of the End of Fossil Fuels

    The Paris Climate Accord was the greatest victory yet in efforts to fight climate change, a beautiful achievement of human unity, and our movement was the leading global public mobilisation engine to deliver it. Here’s the story.

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    Action claims

    Our race to save the world

    Donald Trump has declared war on planet Earth — approving pipelines, firing up coal mines and threatening to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. But we’ve got the battle plan that, if we win, will neutralise Trump’s attack. Chip in now to help humanity win our war for survival.

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