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ASI can help you to implement additional physical damage claim resources that will complement your existing appraisal, claim handling, and settlement options. Are you currently paying any loss without some type of damage pricing verification? Independent appraiser, adjusters, direct and guaranteed repair providers, and insured demand estimates should all be audited for accuracy, compliance, and overcharges via an estimate review. Do you currently desk review and negotiate variances on your subrogation demands? Do you currently utilize independent appraisers or adjusters in the field that do not complete an exhaustive audit on their staff (day claims and catastrophe)? Do you need to reduce your average severity and cycle times? You need the ASI estimate review option; expert handling, auditing & negotiation of physical damage claims. Since 1995, we have delivered an unmatched level of quality and service.

What is an Estimate Review / Desk Review?

The Fastest Most Cost Effective Method Available To:

  • Determine both Accurate and Itemized Costs Involved In Physical Damage Repairs.
  • Establish Fair and Reasonable Agreed Settlement Figure with 1st and 3rd Party consumers.
  • Manage Vendor Networks and Contractors for Appraisal Compliance and Quality

What type of desk review do you need?

Personal Commercial Automobile, SUV, Light Truck & Medium Duty Vehicles

Residential Homeowner’s Commercial Structure Damages, Commercial Personal Contents, Water Mitigation

Tractor Trailers, Off-Road Vehicles, Rail Locomotive, Marine Personal Watercraft, ATV’s, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, Agriculture Equipment and Specialty Vehicles

Utility Claims, Telephone Poles, Power Lines, Water Lines, Gas Lines, Fiber Optic Lines, Guard Rail, Bridges, Signs etc

All Subrogation Demand Types Including Negotiation And Agreement With The Adverse Carrier

How much are you overpaying?

The variance (overcharges) that we identify and negotiate to recover is substantial. We save our clients millions of dollars that would otherwise be overpaid. Our average variance recovery is:

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