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earthquake claims

Arrowhead’s Residential Earthquake insurance program is designed to provide better earthquake insurance options for Washington home owners. Our program delivers insurance products with broader coverages, higher limits and lower deductibles. The rates are competitive depending on the location of the risk and age of the dwelling.

In addition to high quality products, Arrowhead provides the “ease of doing business” considerations producers need to get the job done quickly and accurately. Quoting and submitting applications can be easily accomplished online through Arrowhead Exchange. Direct billing with either a full-pay or three-pay option provides the simplicity and convenience producers and clients need. In addition, payments can be made by personal check, VISA or MasterCard.

Target Markets:

Newer structures or those that have been retrofitted and built on flat or gently sloping lots with slab or raised concrete foundations.


10% commission new and renewal

Eligibility Highlights:

  • Dwellings: $75,000 minimum to $5 million maximum dwelling replacement limit
  • 1937 and newer dwellings are acceptable, provided older homes have proof of retrofitting

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Earthquake claims

This product is available on Arrowhead Exchange.

Arrowhead Exchange is our secure

online portal where producers can quote

and submit new business and service existing policies.

This easy-to-use online facility helps streamline new business and post-sale tasks.


Click video below to watch Arrowhead Residential Earthquake Dept. President Steve Bouker discuss the importance of earthquake insurance with Insurance Journal.

Earthquake claims


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Earthquake claims

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