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Action Alerts

Action claims

UPDATE: Prairie Dog Families in Parker, Colorado, Still Need Your Help!

Please send polite comments to the Parker Planning Commission, the mayor, and the city council urging them to preserve the Stroh Ranch open area and its prairie dog colony.

Action claims

Urge Poland to Pass Fur Farm Ban

Please urge the Polish ambassador to support a ban on fur farming.

Action claims

Tell Texas Venue to Say No to Circus Cruelty

Please ask the El Paso County Coliseum to consider these facts carefully and at least to require that any scheduled performances go forward without animals.

Action claims

Geese Crushed, Suffocated at Canada Goose Down Supplier

A PETA eyewitness exposé reveals that Canada Goose’s down assurances are all wet.

Urgent: Urge Artist to Stop Terrifying Mice in New York City Exhibit

Tell Grazi and Castle Fitzjohns Gallery to stop exploiting mice immediately and commit to never using live animals as props again!

Action claims

You Did It! Cruel Wild-Cat Act Dropped From Westgate Resort

Just days after more than 15,000 of you contacted Westgate Las Vegas Resort Casino management officials, they removed cruel wild-cat act from their scheduled shows!

Action claims

Victory! PETA Persuades BCBG Max Azria and BCBGeneration to Ban Fur and Angora

The BCBG brands joins hundreds of designers and retailers around the world—including Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Inditex, and H M—that are fur- and angora-free.

Action claims

Discarded Greyhounds Imprisoned, Neglected, and Farmed for Their Blood

Video reveals frantic, frightened dogs kept solely for blood collection going mad from confinement and deprivation in a filthy former turkey shed.

Action claims

Encourage the EPA to Replace Animal Tests

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is asking for comments on its draft strategic plan.

Help Big Cats Like Tony, Who Died After a Miserable Life at a Gas Station

Let your members of Congress know that you support the Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R. 1818), which would bring an end to private ownership of dangerous wild cats.

Action claims

Victory! Your Calls and E-Mails Ended Cruel Starvation Experiments

More than 185,000 of you demanded that St. Mary s University in San Antonio put an end to Marshall McCue s twisted starvation experiments, and your voices were heard.

Update: Southbridge Denies Beaver-Trapping Permit!

Thanks to Southbridge officials and everyone who spoke out for these animals!

Action claims

Tell Oswald s Bear Ranch to Stop Using Bear Cubs for Cruel Photo Ops!

These animals are showing signs of severe distress. Please speak up for them.

Action claims

Oppose Continued Torture of Turkeys in Nightmare Arkansas Festival!

Please urge Yellville officials to end this cruelty, which is a blight on the entire state.

Action claims

The Great Bear Show Is Anything But—Help Get It Shut Down

Please join us in calling decisionmakers to cease giving financial support to this cruel exhibitor.

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