Feb 24 2019

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Company Overview

BIA is a leader in the legal information management industry, with over a decade of experience helping companies, governmental agencies, and law firms successfully manage data for lawsuits, regulatory matters, and investigations. Our Professional Services teams provide defensible, affordable, and integrated solutions that address the entire litigation and regulatory lifecycle, from initial identification and collection through review, production, and presentation. Our customers are our #1 priority, and we strive every day to provide the most defensible and cost-effective solutions available combined with exceptional customer service.

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Our Guiding Principles


At the core of everything we do from software development to professional services – is defensibility. If a process is not defensible from the outset, nothing else matters. Our roots are in the fields of computer forensics and information security, so defensibility is in our DNA and impacts every decision we make, every process we recommend and every software product we build.


BIA realizes the challenges our customers face each day and the balance that must be maintained between innovation and affordability. BIA will continue to drive down the costs of eDiscovery, while maintaining the integrity of the process.


Innovation is the key to creating simple, but effective, solutions to the ever-changing needs of the legal data management market. We started over a decade ago, building the first network-based, targeted remote data collection software, called DiscoveryBOT™. That innovation continues today with TotalDiscovery, the industry’s first cloud-based, integrated data identification, collection, preservation and analysis solution.


Blazing fast speed is often crucial to a successful process. From the ability to collect and process terabytes of information in a rapid fashion, to marshaling the resources to analyze, review and produce millions of documents in exceedingly short periods of time, all of BIA’s software products and professional services are designed and constantly tuned to improve efficiency and meet the demands of our fast-paced industry.


We create software tools that can be used by our customers in an automated fashion at any time, while always backed by integrated professional services as needed. Realizing that new data storage products are continually being introduced to the market, and that custom or legacy systems will also be ever present, our professional services back-up our automated software tools with the resources necessary to solve any custom, legacy or other specialized data collection or analysis need, providing our customers with a fully integrated solution, regardless of the computing environments encountered.

News Press

From product and service offerings to cutting-edge corporate news, BIA is a leader in software and services solutions. See below for the latest headlines in the news about BIA.

Veritone, Inc. a leading provider of cloud-based artificial intelligence (“AI”) analytics and cognitive solutions, announced that it has signed an agreement with Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA) to license Veritone Legal’s first-of-its-kind Veritone Artificial Intelligence Platform™ (VAIP) to advance its eDiscovery and Compliance capabilities for the analysis and discovery of audio and video data.

BIA announced that Johanny Olmedo has joined their team as the company’s newest National Account Director. Johanny brings over a decade of industry experience to his role at BIA, including both in-house and consultative discovery positions.


Our incredible growth and success has been facilitated by a management team with deep industry knowledge. From bringing in the nation’s top industry talent with extensive management and technology expertise to promoting from within, we have successfully positioned ourselves to continually deliver software and service solutions to Fortune 100, Global 1000 and leading law firms. With experts in numerous fields, our team has a working knowledge of various industries and issues facing enterprise clients, including compliance and risk management, and legal and IT solutions.

Zvi Alon – Chairman

Zvi joined BIA in 2009 and brings more than 30 years of experience in senior executive roles at technology and service companies to his position as Chairman of the Board for BIA. Zvi has served as Chairman of the Board to numerous other organizations, where he has successfully implemented business strategies to improve delivery and performance of services.

Brian Schrader, Esq. – President

Brian has over 20 years of experience in information management, computer technology and the law. He has been a pioneer in Computer Forensics and eDiscovery. In 2002, Brian co-founded BIA, bringing his experience in business and technology to help create one of the top providers in the industry.

David Decker – COO

David brings more than 25 years of operations leadership and experience to BIA. He is a leader with a record of improving margins, heightening productivity, and streamlining processes. He has extensive experience in corporate finance, strategic planning, acquisitions and growth, operations management, cost control, and project management.

Adam Feinberg, CCFS, CEDS – Professional Services

Adam has an extensive background in technology and has been the lead examiner on many high profile digital investigations and audits. As a Senior Vice President of Professional Services, Adam oversees BIA’s Project Management, Technical Services, Forensic/Data Acquisition and Document Review Support and Hosting operations. Adam is also a Senior Advisor and heads our Data Collection and Forensics group where he has served as a lead expert in the forensically sound collection of electronic data in hundreds of cases.

Mark MacDonald, CEDS – Sales

Mark MacDonald is Vice President of Sales where he oversees the day-to-day activities of BIA’s sales organization. With over a decade of experience in the Discovery Services industry, Mark has extensive knowledge in all areas of ESI Management including, but not limited to, Data Collection, Computer Forensics, Data Analysis, and Legal Review. He has taught many clients the value of maintaining a Centralized Evidence Repository, allowing ESI derived from one matter to be leveraged and re-used in subsequent legal matters or for business intelligence purposes.

Lisa Prowse, Esq. CEDS – Legal Services Document Review

Lisa has over 17 years of experience in document review and eDiscovery and serves as BIA’s Vice President of Legal Services and Document Review. Certified as a Catalyst Repository Trainer, she has experience administering various document management and review software; is experienced in SQL (MS-SQL, MySQL) and Oracle. Lisa also holds a certification as a Power Search Specialist through Catalyst Repository and is a Certified eDiscovery Specialist (CEDS).

Daniel Rivera, CEDS – Technical Services

Daniel has over seven years of experience in litigation technology with a focus on managing clients, policies and processes. His supervisory duties and operational functions include the supervision of our Forensic and Data Processing teams, where he oversees all operations in relation to forensic matters, collections, data processing, client deliverables and also consults at various levels in any given project.

Barry Schwartz, Esq. CEDS – Advisory Services

Barry has over 34 years of legal and business consulting management experience, including practical expertise with FDA matters and extensive knowledge of the medical device and industrial industries. As a BIA client-facing Advisor, he adds a critical component to client projects by guiding them at a high level.

History / Timeline

BIA was founded by professionals in the areas of Computer Forensics, Information Technology, eDiscovery and the Law — bridging the gap between computer forensics and the emerging electronic data discovery industry. BIA’s rapid evolution from a data collections company to a single-source information management corporation is credited to an in-depth understanding and creation of full-scope services applied to the Electronically Stored Information (ESI) model. The history below outlines the growth progression and advancement in the ever-evolving field of information management.

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