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Gulf Coast Claims Solutions
BP Oil Spill Claims Assistance

If you answer YES to any of these questions, call us right away!

— Has your business suffered lost profits, cancelled contracts or negotiations, costs increases?
— Have your earnings potential been impaired or your business lost opportunities?
— If you filed a claim, are you unsure if you fully received what you deserve?
— Have an unpaid claim against BP?
— Was your claim denied for Emergency Advance, Interim or Final Payment?
— Did your claim get marked as “Deficient” and no answers to your questions on
“What” additional documents are needed and “When” you will be paid?
— Hired an attorney and nothing being done?
— Haven’t filed a claim yet?
You have a right to make a claim for your losses! It’s NOT TOO LATE.

The Rules Have Changed. with the new settlement. File your claim if you or your business lost money due to the Deepwater Horizon explosion BP’s Oil Spill disaster?

We can help your and/or your business with
filing interim final BP oil spill claims.

AND, we can help you file your claim for much less than hiring an attorney!
It’s your money, you shouldn’t have to sign it all away in legal fees.

As BP Oil Spill trained and Licensed Claims Adjusters, we offer expertise
in analyzing your information and helping you with the claims process.
We will calculate your losses and determine how much BP owes YOU.

We simplify the complicated process from start to finish.
in order for you to receive full compensation.

*Note: we are not a law firm, we do not offer legal representation and we are not public adjusters. We are licensed CAT adjusters professionals, formerly with BP and The Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF), with expertise specifically in financial analysis, business interruption and claims handling. We understand the protocol for claims submission and the OPA90 requirements for claims against the responsible parties to the 2010 BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. We will refer you to specialized legal counsel for further consultation, upon your request.

What is Unemployment Insurance? #payment #protection #claims

unemployment weekly claim

What is Unemployment Insurance?

Updated August 19, 2015

Have you lost your job? If so, you may be eligible to receive unemployment compensation. United States workers who are out of work due to no fault of their own are eligible for unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks, depending on the state they work in.

What is Unemployment Insurance?

Unemployment insurance is compensation provided to workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own. Unemployment provides monetary payments for a specific period of time or until the worker finds a new job.

Unemployment benefits are provided by state unemployment insurance programs within guidelines established by Federal law. Eligibility for unemployment insurance, benefit amounts and the length of time benefits are available are determined by state law.

Who is Eligible to Receive Unemployment Compensation
Depending on your state there may be eligibility requirements for unemployment insurance coverage. including having worked for a certain period of time.

If you meet the eligibility requirements you will be entitled to receive temporary compensation. In many cases, the compensation will be half your earnings, up to a maximum amount.

Unemployment Disqualifications
The following circumstances may disqualify you from collecting unemployment benefits:

  • Quit without good cause
  • Fired for misconduct
  • Resigned because of illness (check on disability benefits)
  • Left to get married
  • Self-employed
  • Involved in a labor dispute
  • Attending school
  • Check with your Unemployment Office if you have the above or other special circumstances

Actively seeking work is a requirement while collecting unemployment. You must be ready, willing, available, and able to work.

When to File for Unemployment
Filing for unemployment should be the first item on your agenda when you ve been laid-off.

It might take a few weeks to collect a check, so the sooner you file, the faster you ll get paid. A delay in filing will mean a delay in collecting unemployment benefits.

How to File for Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Contact your State Unemployment Office or State Department of Labor Office for directions on how to file for unemployment compensation. You may be able to file over the phone. In many states, you can file online for unemployment. In general, to file a claim you will need:

  • Social Security Number
  • Alien Registration Card if you re not a US citizen
  • Mailing address including zip code
  • Phone number
  • Names, addresses and dates of employment of all your past employers for the last two years

Collecting Unemployment When You Quit
Can you collect unemployment if you quit your job? It depends. In most cases, if you voluntarily left employment you are not eligible. However, if you left for good cause you may be able to collect. Good cause is determined by the State Unemployment Office and you will be able to make a case for why you are eligible for benefits.

If your claim is denied, you should be entitled to a hearing where you can plead your case.

Taxes on Unemployment Benefits
The Internal Revenue Service counts unemployment insurance benefits as income. so your check is taxable. Depending on the state, state and federal income tax can be withheld from your check.

Please note: This is general information on unemployment compensation and benefits. Contact your State Unemployment Office for a determination on your specific circumstances.

DISCLAIMER: The private websites, and the information linked to both on and from this site, are opinion and information. While I have made every effort to link accurate and complete information, I cannot guarantee it is correct. Please seek legal assistance, or assistance from State, Federal, or International governmental resources to make certain your legal interpretation and decisions are correct. This information is not legal advice and is for guidance only.

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Gulf Oil Spill Lawyers

The massive oil spill that resulted from the explosion and sinking of the off shore oil platform Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20th, 2010 is now the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history. The oil slick initially made landfall in southern Louisiana on Friday, April 30th and subsequently coated the shorelines of Mississippi, Alabama and Northwest Florida.

The U.S. Government estimates that crude oil was leaking into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of over 60,000 barrels a day (2.6 million gallons per day) until July 18th, making this the worst spill in U.S. history. The latest estimate on August 2nd showed that 190,120,155 million gallons of crude oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico since the Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank on April 20th. Eleven oil rig workers lost their lives in the explosion.

The fail safe mechanism that was intended to stop the flow of crude oil at the sea floor in the event of an explosion, called the blowout preventer ( BOP ), failed at the time of the explosion. BP now says that the best chance to permanently stop the leak is by drilling two relief wells at the spill site, which are anticipated to be completed in August.
Because of the time that the relief wells took to progress, the coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida were fouled by the unimpeded oil that poured into the Gulf for months.

The relief wells that was completed near the site of the oil spill is located in an area of the Gulf known as Mississippi Canyon Block 252. Because of the extreme water depth of the well at 5,000+ feet in this canyon, drilling the relief wells was a daunting task. BP has estimated that the total amount of oil that is in the underground reservoir amount to 2.1 billion gallons of oil. If that is estimate is accurate, the Macondo well is one of the largest oil reserves ever discovered.

BP Claims Procedures

On June 16th, BP and President Obama announced the creation of a $20 billion dollar escrow fund to help victims of the Gulf Oil Spill with the financial burdens they have received. The new and independent fund is set to begin payments in early August.

If you require assistance with your business or personal oil spill claim, please contact us for a free consultation.

Live Coverage

Watch live footage from the sea floor.

Affected Areas

If the BP oil spill has caused you to lose money, please contact us now to discuss the legal options that are available to you. Affected individuals and companies may include but are not limited to the following.

Oil Spill Effects

About the $20 Billion Dollar BP Claims Fund and the new Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

On Wednesday, June 16th, The Obama Administration and BP agreed to create the $20 billion dollar escrow fund for victims of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The $20 billion dollars is scheduled to be dispersed to victims of the spill at a rate of $5 billion dollars per year until the fund is depleted, including $5 billion in 2010, $5 billion in 2011, $5 billion in 2012 and $5 billion in 2013.

The Obama Administration appointed Kenneth Feinberg, former administrator of the September 11th victims fund, to be the administrator of the $20 billion dollar fund and the new Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) is set to begin operations on August 23rd, 2010. As more details about the GCCF become available, it will become more apparent which types of claims could benefit from the legal assistance. We will continue to provide more information through this website about the process as it becomes available.

We have assembled an accomplished team of attorneys and personnel in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi to assist individuals and businesses with claims whom have been affected by the BP oil spill.

If you would like to discuss your legal rights, please contact us anytime.


Watch live video feed of oil leak from remote submarine. Watch Live
Federal Government launches criminal probe into Gulf Oil Spill. Full Story

CNN Oil Spill News Coverage
BP Reports Progress
Alaskan Fisherman Still Struggling 21 Years Later

Deepwater Horizon Response Website
Current Incident News

Best Practices Quality Management – Part I #cms #1500 #claim #forms

quality claims management

Best Practices Quality Management Part I

June 1, 2011 by Pat Alexander

I have spent several months discussing how to define, train and implement, standards, procedures and workflows. Early in this series of posts one commenter on this blog asked me what was the value in going through this process. So over the next few posts I am going to discuss what Quality Management should look like, how to do it and the value.

Today s post will be about the reasons an insurance agency should have and use a Quality Management program. Audits that are service and compliance related are defined as a systematic check or assessment, especially of the efficiency or effectiveness of an organization or a process… . Some reasons insurance agencies should audit are:

  • E O prevention
  • Workflow/Procedure compliance
  • Workflow/Procedure effectiveness
  • Workload monitoring
  • Quality of customer service

Creating procedures and providing workflow training establishes a foundation upon which to build. The goal of quality management is not only to review compliance with agency guidelines, but to provide a benchmark where management can measure the impact (productivity gains or loss) workflows and automation have on operations.

Most people see quality management or auditing as a negative event. It is only negative for those not complying with established processes or if used as an intimidation tool by management. The staff needs to know from the beginning what is involved in the quality management process, its intention and the benefits. This will reduce the feeling the staff may have about that someone is monitoring their every move. The purpose of quality management is to eliminate obstacles facing the staff, to make sure workloads are fairly spread, and to improve the overall work environment.

Other expected results of the quality management process are noted below:

  1. Monitoring identifies any potential E O exposures. E O incidents are more often due to human error and an intentional act. The quality management audit will not find every incident, however, it is interesting how many incidents are found.
  2. Monitoring serves as a benchmark to measure continuous process improvements. Information is available from your agency management system to expand the usual financial measurements to include transaction processing. This means you will be able to track and compare the staff s performance based on the number of activities processed.
  3. People learn in different ways. Monitoring will assist you in identifying weaknesses in your training program. You will also be able to identify those individuals that are having difficulty in learning or adhering to the processes.
  4. Statistical data gathered during the quality management recap will help you balance workloads. You will be able to anticipate heavy volumes. Workloads can easily be adjusted to accommodate increased activity. Management will be able to make staffing decisions based on fact.

I worked for a surplus lines insurance carrier early in my career. As a manager of a department, I was frequently in the office for awhile on Saturday mornings. So was the manager of the underwriting department. Each Saturday morning he went from desk to desk and took the stack of work and turned it upside-down. He then looked at the bottom five folders. I was not very experienced as a manager so I had no idea why he was doing this. Finally, I asked him why. He said that people put off those items that are problems and that they are always at the bottom of the stack. He would remove the files that he found to need critical attention, take them to his desk, and meet with their underwriter on Monday morning. His final statement to me was Inspect what you expect.

A quality management review should focus on the following significant areas.

  1. Transaction Audits benchmark the service provider s adherence to the guidelines and reliance on the electronic file. Transaction audits also monitor workload distribution. Transaction audits are performed quarterly. Recaps are prepared and submitted to senior management.
  2. Workload (backlog) Audits measure the staff s ability to stay current with routine transactions and comply with the workflow priorities. Each individual counts the number of transactions not processed within the agency guidelines. This review is used in conjunction with the statistical review. However, the workload review may be done independent of the statistical review if warranted. If your agency is doing frontend scanning, you may be able to secure much of your information by reviewing each individuals electronic inbox.
  3. Workflow Reviews measure the quality of your workflow implementation focusing on E O control and effective use of automation. The client s electronic file is reviewed as part of the workflow review. Workflow reviews are performed quarterly. The review of each individual s review is shared with that individual.
  4. Correspondence Review is a review of each individual s correspondence to client s, prospects and insurance carriers. This is not a review of every piece of correspondence, but a review of the correspondence seen in the workflow review. Correspondence is often the first sign of some sort of problem that the staff member is experiencing. It is often a way to find positive comments someone is making about the staff member s performance.

For quality management to be successful, the staff must know what is expected of them in the workflow and procedures for their specific position.

Watch for Part II. I will discuss what is involved in each step of the audit process. What questions do you have at this point or what works in your agency?

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Seven Great Brands, One Great Location. Why Go Anywhere Else?

Gulf Coast Family of Dealerships located in Angleton, Texas is proud to be the premier Auto Parks in the Houston Metro area. You can buy direct from your hometown Texas auto store! From the moment you walk into one of our showrooms, you ll know our commitment to Customer Service is second to none. We strive to make your experience with Gulf Coast a good one – for the life of your vehicle. Whether you need to Purchase, Finance, Service, or Repair a New or Pre-Owned Toyota, Scion, Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet, GMC, or Buick; you ve come to the right place.

We serve all of the Greater Houston Area including: Angleton, Alvin, Pearland, Friendswood, League City, Clear Lake Area, Houston, Fresno, Arcola, Lake Jackson, Angelton, Brazoria, Seabrook, Kemah, Bay City, Bay Town, Pasadena, Galveston, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Stafford, Spring, Bay Area, Santa Fe, Dickinson, Manvel, El Lago, Rosharon, Texas City, Richmond, Freeport, Clute, Missouri City, West Columbia, Manvel, and your town.

2016 Gulf Coast Auto Park. All Rights Reserved – EleadDigital

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About Us

Gulf Coast Claims Service was founded in 1963 by C. E. Mike Michalek and his wife Betty. After spending nineteen years as a company staff adjuster and manager, Mike decided it was time to move out on his own. The company remains family owned and operated. J.R. Jim Michalek serves as President and his son, Johnny Michalek, serves as Executive Vice President. With the addition of Johnny s son, John, Jr. Gulf Coast Claims Service can now boast four (4) generations of family involvement. In addition to providing hands-on management, with a commitment to the highest level of service, we also provide the following services:

  • Claims adjusters on call 24/7
  • Electronic and traditional reporting
  • Efficient, cost effective claims adjusting
  • Experienced staff
  • Individualized, customized service

We are small enough to be responsive to our clients needs, yet large enough to offer depth and quality. Professionalism, quality and integrity are primary concerns of our company.

Copyright 2009 – Gulf Coast Claims Service of Houston, Inc.

Farrell – Patel, Attorneys at Law – About The FIrm #small #claims #court #albany #ny

gulf coast claims

Farrell Patel Clarifies Recent BP Oil Spill Settlement Developments and Discusses Potential Claims In Tuscaloosa

Following the release of extensive new information in the BP Oil Spill Settlement, associates from Farrell Patel, Attorneys at Law, addressed a large audience of Gulf business owners Wednesday in Tuscaloosa to clarify complex updates to the Settlement and to advise potential claim holders.

Farrell Patel To Help Sanibel/Captiva Businesses Recover Economic Losses

Farrell Patel, Attorneys at Law, have begun an aggressive marketing campaign along the west coast of Florida to reach businesses within the tourism and hospitality sector that may have suffered economic losses due to the BP Oil Spill of April 2010.

Partner Wesley Farrell Appears On the Legal Broadcast Network

We are joined by two of the key attorneys in the BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill Settlement, Attorney Frederick Rick Kuykendall of Kuykendall Associates of Fairhope, AL and Attorney Wes Farrell of the firm Farrell Patel of Miami, FL, who cover a wide range of questions and answers on what the BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill Settlement means to you.

BP Agrees To Class Settlement Partner Wesley Farrell s Letter To Clients

On March 2, 2012, the eve of a federal trial, BP agreed to a class action settlement of certain BP Oil Spill related claims with the Plaintiffs Steering Committee, which represented the interests of affected individuals and businesses throughout the Gulf Region in pending litigation. Although the settlement does not resolve all claims, it is a major first step towards that objective.

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Come visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast and see for yourself what the fuss is about. Whether you want to relax at the beach, play a few rounds of golf, eat fresh Gulf seafood or explore world-class casinos, our 62 miles of scenic shoreline has what you re looking for. So go on, get plannin and we ll see you when you get here.

Explore & Experience

Angle for Big Fish Off Our Shores

Experience the Thrill of Coastal Casinos

Experience the thrill of non-stop casino excitement on the Coast! more

Play Championship Gulf Coast Golf

Featured Events

20th Annual Cruisin’ The Coast

Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon

Fall Muster

Coastal Conversations

100 things to do on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

10 Places for the family

Seasonal Brews

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  • 2350 Beach Blvd, Ste A
  • Biloxi, MS 39531
  • (228) 896-6699
  • 1-888-467-4853

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Global Claims Management and Claims Services from AGCS #personal #claim #injury

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Claims Services

Global Claims Management Services

An insurance claim is the defining moment for our service – the moment when we deliver on our promise. At Allianz Global Corporate Specialty we are committed to delivering this claims service promise every day, wherever you do business.

It’s when a loss occurs that you really need your insurer to act – promptly and unbureaucratically. A coordinated approach to global claims management is the key. Fast claims services and efficient claims handling is essential to help our clients resume their operations and manage their day-to-day business as quickly as possible.

Allianz Global Corporate Specialty fields a dedicated team of experts. highly respected in the market. We have many years of experience and expertise in managing claims in all our lines of business, from property. liability and financial lines to engineering. aviation and marine .

Outstanding Claims Service – delivered worldwide

We work in close cooperation with our risk consultants. loss adjusters and engineers to analyze, evaluate and compensate our clients’ losses. We also have proven experience in handling international insurance solutions worldwide and can provide fast and efficient global claims management in the most complex cases .

Allianz Global Corporate Specialty is determined to lead the market with our claims service. In practice, this is based on 5 key elements:

  • People: The right people in the right places – a team with years of technical experience, well known to clients, brokers and the market
  • Processes: Proven systems and procedures ensure consistent quality and transparency for the client
  • Reach: A worldwide network – delivering local claims services with global coordination
  • Experience: An established track record of handling complex international claims – with a market-leading position
  • Attitude: Our philosophy is a partnership approach, always based on dialogue and not on debate: searching for solutions, not focusing on exclusions.

Related Information

Directions – Quality Claims Management Corporation – QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION – P #1500 #medical #claim #form

quality claims management

Driving directions to Quality Claims Management Corporation and product information about QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION is provided. QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION is a service created by Quality Claims Management Corporation in P.O. Box 87611. San Diego, CA, 921387611. The QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION is a service related to Claims adjustment in the field of insurance; insurance services in the nature of loss control management for others; insurance consultancy services. The QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION service is now being marketed in the United States for sale. The QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION is in the category of Insurance & Financial Services.

Get in contact with the owner. Quality Claims Management Corporation of this QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION. or visit them at their place of business in the map. Write a review about the service with this QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION.

Or, contact the owner Quality Claims Management Corporation of the QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION trademark by filing a request to communicate with the Legal Correspondent for licensing, use, and/or questions related to QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION. The correspondent of the QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION is BARRY F. SOALT of Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch LLP, 525 B Street, Suite 2200, San Diego CA 92101.


Status/ Status Date:

Goods and Services:

Claims adjustment in the field of insurance; insurance services in the nature of loss control management for others; insurance consultancy services

The mark consists of a stacked design mark consisting of a long thin rectangle on the top, with upper case words “QUALITY CLAIMS” on the next lower line with the “Q” and “C” being a larger font than the rest of the letters, and “MANAGEMENT” on the next lower line in upper case with the “M” being a larger font size, and with the word underlined; underneath the line is the word “CORPORATION” in upper case letters with the same size font but a smaller font size than the words above.

Trademarkia lets you see how your personal name, product name, trademark name or username is being used on any of 530+ new and popular social networks. Be the first to reserve your name and get help stopping others from using it – all in one place!


QUALITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION is providing Claims adjustment in the field of insurance; insurance services in the nature of loss control management for others; insurance consultancy services.

– If you are new to LegalForce, please just enter your contact email and create a password before you review it.

If you already have a LegalForce account, please enter your account’s email and password before you review it.

Dental Claims Processing FAQ #small #claims #court #scotland

dental claims processing

Dental Claims Processing FAQ

Why Choose Dental Claims Processing Software from ICS?

  • Many dental payer organizations have pushed the manual process of data entry to offshore vendors to alleviate higher labor costs, which can present security and turnaround issues
  • ICS Dental Claims Processing Software (with its automation) allows users to perform these capture functions in-house at a reduced labor cost with fewer FTEs

Why Not Build Our Own In-House Dental Claims Solution?

  • There are no economies of scale for one-time only development
  • In-house development projects often take much longer than purchased solutions
  • There is high risk that too few individuals are familiar enough with the system to maintain it over time, and what happens when they leave?

Isn’t an 80% Data Extraction Rate Low for Claims Processing?

An 80% extraction of paper forms is a very good percentage for claims. If these are processed with automation, the overall efficiency is raised dramatically. There will always be special/manual cases to contend with, but personnel have now been freed up.

Can You Handle My Volume of Claims?

Our software has been proven with SLAs for 8,000 forms a day. We know it can scale beyond that with the right equipment.

Will Your Software Integrate with My Line-of-Business System?

The ICS system is built to integrate with many different database LOB backends.

What Are the Steps for Implementing Your Software?

  1. Develop Project Charter
  2. Develop Project Management plan
  3. Collect Requirements
  4. Define Scope
  5. Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  6. Develop Schedule
  7. Develop Communication Plan
  8. Develop Risk Management Plan
  9. Control Schedule

What If We’re Not Ready for Dental Claims Processing Software?

Then you will continue to experience:

  • Low efficiency
  • High risk of noncompliance
  • High labor costs, error rate

2015 POWER PLAYER: Quality Claims Management Corporation #weekly #claim #for #unemployment

quality claims management

2015 POWER PLAYER: Quality Claims Management Corporation

2763 Camino del Rio South
San Diego, CA 92108

With the complexity of the current regulatory environment, the volatility of the housing market and the ensuing losses suffered by investors, servicers are under unprecedented scrutiny. Investors are seeking opportunities to curtail reimbursements, seek compensatory fees or require repurchases from their servicing partners. Servicers are looking for stable, reliable partners to navigate this maze with them.

Quality Claims, with its experience, processes and technology, can mitigate servicer risk across a spectrum of servicing functions. Though initially focused on hazard insurance recovery, Quality Claims leveraged its decades of servicing experience to develop a broad range of solutions, including the launching of its investor services group in 2010.

The company provides mortgage insurance (MI) claims services, including denial, rescission and repurchase management, as well as GSE and FHA post-sale claims.

We are very excited about the prospects for this group, said Quality Claims President Ronald Reitz. There is a growing demand for expert management of the investor claims and MI rescission dispute processes that provide reliable reporting and technology solutions.

With its escrow management expertise, the company recently added loss draft processing services and conducts escrow hazard fund management audits for its clients.

A considerable number of borrower complaints to regulators involve dissatisfaction with their servicer s handling of their insurance proceeds, Reitz said. This proactive analysis provides servicers with new insight to help mitigate potential borrower risk and establish processes that better serve their customers.

Quality Claims continues to offer its unique disaster loss recovery for investors, servicers and borrowers, and has successfully aided with hundreds of millions of dollars in disaster recovery claims over the past decade.

As the CFPB and other regulators increase servicer oversight, there is new focus on third-party vendors. Quality Claims is committed to meeting regulatory and investor requirements at all levels by continually refining its internal controls and audits.

Servicers take on additional risk in these relationships, so we take this seriously, Reitz said. We focus on well-documented procedures and change management, and ensure data protection and risk mitigation in our technology applications. We complete an annual SSAE 16 Type II audit, among others, to validate this.

The company offers highly customizable processes and focuses on consistent execution, compliance and customer service, Reitz said.

Our reputation usually precedes us and initially gets servicers attention. We are able to demonstrate our technical expertise in all of the claims work we do.

In addition to minimizing servicer losses, we receive kudos on our solid controls, reliable and auditable reporting and the transparency of our process and data, he said.

Quality Claims prides itself on its deep insurance knowledge and its ability to decipher dense and arcane insurance policy language.

This expertise translates to a reduction in claim denials and higher recoveries. Servicers also appreciate that the company is fully licensed and operates independently of the preservation and repair functions.

Our culture is one of passion and innovation. Our staff at all levels are passionate about being the best in the business and are empowered and encouraged to find creative new ways to win, Reitz said. Everyone gets to participate in building creative solutions and share in the rewards that result.

In the near term, Quality Claims anticipates accelerated growth in its investor services group and is expanding its physical presence into the Dallas area to be closer to clientele and a wider talent pool.

The company is also building a number of key strategic partnerships to offer clients a broader range of services through a single vendor interface.

With the extraordinary and complex vendor on-boarding and oversight requirements today, this is a boon to our mutual clients, Reitz said.

Ronald R. Reitz, SPPA, is the president of Quality Claims Management. Prior to establishing Quality Claims, Reitz spent 10 years with GMAC-ResCap as the vice president and director of insurance services. Reitz is a senior professional public insurance adjuster. He is the past president of both the National and California Associations of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA and CAPIA). Reitz sits on several industry boards and participates on MBA and other conference panels.

The Latest News Nowhere Else

This month in
Housing Wire magazine

For many observers, “skin in the game” is synonymous with a large down payment that limits lender or investor risk. However, skin in the game can be defined much more broadly, since financial investment is only one factor that mitigates risk.


The Silicon Valley area added 385,000 jobs between 2010 and 2015, but only issued building permits for 58,000 units in that same time frame, creating an unsustainable housing marker that shuts out all but the richest buyers. What, if anything, can be done to cool off skyrocketing home prices?


When contemplating compliance with new industry requirements, technology can pose both challenges and opportunities. For UCD specifically, there are seven issues that should be on everyone’s radar.

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Steps to Filing a Health Insurance Claim Form #define #claim #insurance

claim form

If You Have to File a Health Insurance Claim Form

Updated June 10, 2016

When to File a Health Insurance Claim Form

A health insurance claim is when you request reimbursement or direct payment for medical services obtained. The way to obtain benefits or payment is by submitting a health insurance claim via a form or request. There are two ways that you can file a health insurance claim. The first way, and the most convenient, is when your medical services provider can submit the claim directly to the insurance company through the network directly electronically.

The other way is by filling in the health insurance claim form and sending in the paperwork yourself. If your health service provider is not in the network for your health insurance company and can not file the claim on your behalf, then you will have to file a health insurance claim form to request payment for the medical services obtained.

Two Ways You Can File Your Health Insurance Claim

You used to have to submit health insurance claims through the mail, but with advances in technology health insurance companies and medical benefit plans now offer a few different options, depending on the health insurance company. When you go to the doctor or other medical provider and are told that you have to submit your own insurance claim form it means that the doctor or facility does not ask the health insurance company to pay for your bill and you must do it yourself.

1. Submit Your Health Insurance Claim Form Online

Before you start filling in paperwork and head to the post office, always check your health insurance company s website.

Many insurance companies now offer the possibility to log onto your health and medical benefits plan online. You can ask your employer if your health plan offers this option, or if your healthcare plan is not through your employer, contact your health plan insurer directly to find out if they have access to their services online.

Usually, if you go to your insurance company website, there will be a place where you can log on. If you do not have the information call them and have them help you set it up.

You may also be able to fill information online and submit at least part of the claim via your health insurance company website. If they do not offer full online submission, you may be able to start the claim and just mail in the supplementary documents with the associated reference number.

In both of the options where you initiate the health insurance claim online, you have the advantage of being able to see if your documents have been received, if the claim is being processed and when the payments will be issued or have been paid.

Advantages of Making Your Health Insurance Claim Electronically Through a Website

The benefit to submitting claims online is that the payment for your claim may be significantly faster, in some cases 24 hours. Getting your payment processed as fast as possible is worth going through the trouble of setting up an account to manage your services online.

There is also a good chance that when you fill in your form online, you will also immediately see what portion of the claim is covered, what your co-insurance clause is and what deductible, if any, applies. Setting up an account to access your health insurance benefits and claims online will help you be better prepared to understand the related health insurance out-of-pocket expenses. or what kind of refund or payment your benefits plan will pay.

2. Submit Your Health Insurance Claim By Mail

In some cases a health insurance provider may not offer online submission, or may limit online forms to specific services. In those cases you may have to print a health insurance claim form and fill in the details, then submit it via the mail.

What Kinds of Information Do You Need to File a Health Insurance Claim Form

If you have to file your own health insurance claim here are the steps you will need to take along with some helpful tips on submitting your insurance claim form

4 Steps to Filing Your Health Insurance Claim Form

1. Obtain Itemized Receipts: You will need to ask your doctor for an itemized bill. An itemized bill lists every service that your doctor provided and gives the cost of each of the services. Make sure any medications or drugs provided during any treatment are clearly listed with itemized costs. Your health insurance company will need you to attach the original itemized bills to the claim form.

2. Get Your Claim Form: You will need to contact your insurance company to obtain a health insurance claim form or download a copy from their website.

List of Things on a Health Insurance Claim Form:

The claim form should be fairly self explanatory to fill out. It will ask things like:

  • your insurance policy number, group plan number or member number
  • who received the services (for example if it was the primary insured or a dependent like a child, spouse or domestic partner )

if there is co-insurance or dual coverage

Your claim form will also give you additional instructions pertaining to what other information they may need from your doctor or health care facility.

3. Make Copies: Once you have your claim form filled out and your itemized bills from your doctor, don t forget to make copies of everything. This will eliminate any errors that may be made in the claim process and make it easier for you to re-file your health insurance claim if it gets lost.

4. Review then Send: To make sure everything is completely accurate, call your health insurance company and tell them you are about to send in your health insurance claim form. Review with them all the paperwork you have and ask them if there is anything else you need. Also, ask your insurance company how long should you expect to wait for your claim to be paid and mark that date on your calendar. Once you have everything in order, send out the claim form to your insurance company. The address to send the claim form should be on the claim form itself. Keep an eye out on your calendar for the claim date that you marked and contact your insurance company if you don t receive your claim within the time frame given to you.

Compensation for Auto Accident Personal Injury Claims #small #claim

personal injury compensation claim

Compensation For Auto Accident Personal Injury Claims

If you have been injured in a car accident, you can receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and related expenses from either your car insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company, depending on who was at fault.

The following information can help you get the most out of your personal injury claim after an accident.

Types of Car Insurance Coverage for Personal Injury

Before you seek compensation, you should understand the types of car insurance that cover personal injury. Which one you use will depend on your policy and the nature of your car accident.

  • The negligent driver’s bodily injury liability coverage.
    • This applies when the accident was the other driver’s fault.
    • NOTE . Your own liability policy will NOT cover you.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP). also called “no-fault insurance.”
    • Unlike liability, PIP insurance will pay for your medical costs, up to the policy’s limits, even if you were at fault.
  • Medical payments coverage. which pays for medical expenses regardless of fault.
    • This policy is similar to PIP insurance; however, unlike PIP it does not cover lost income, funeral expenses, and loss of services; medical payment only pays for medical bills .
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. which pays your bodily injury expenses if you’ve been:
    • The victim of a hit and run accident .
    • Hit by a driver who possesses no insurance or limits that don’t meet your expenses.

Fault and Your Claim

In some situations, such as rear-end collisions, the other driver will almost always be considered at fault. However, other types of accidents are not so clear.

The best way to help your car insurance company determine fault is to present your claims adjuster with a thorough explanation of what happened. If you don’t feel you’re at fault, present a reasoned argument detailing why and provide supporting details.

Any careless behavior that contributes to a car accident is called negligence .

Contributory Negligence

A small number of states apply contributory negligence when determining whether you are entitled to compensation. Under contributory negligence, if you are even partly at fault for the accident, you will not receive any payment for a personal injury claim.

Comparative Negligence

Most states use a comparative negligence system when deciding how to compensate victims of car accidents. Under comparative negligence, your compensation may be reduced if you are partly at fault.

The exact rules depend on your state’s laws:

  • Pure comparative negligence. You get compensation in proportion to the amount of the accident that was not your fault.
    • So, if your injuries totaled $60,000 and you were considered 50% at fault for the accident, your damages will be reduced by 50%, so you’ll receive $30,000.
  • Modified comparative fault. You get compensation in proportion to the amount of the accident that was not your fault, but only if you are responsible for LESS THAN 50% of the accident (or 51%, depending on your state).

Factors that Affect Compensation for Personal Injury

You can shorten the amount of time to have your claim settled if you contact your auto insurance company as soon as possible after you are in an accident. Your insurance company will assign you a claims adjuster who will get the claims process moving.

Factors that the claims adjuster will review include:

  • The police report .
  • Whether and how quickly you sought medical attention .
    • Visit the emergency room or your physician as soon as possible after an accident if you are injured.
  • Any pre-existing injuries that you are claiming became worse as a result of the accident.
    • Ask your physician to take new x-rays or ultrasounds of those injured areas. Comparisons in the pre-accident and post-accident scans can help show that the accident caused additional damage to the area.
  • DUI/DWI charges and other citations related to the accident.
  • Statements that you make to other drivers or passengers after the accident.
    • Keep in mind that although your emotions might be intense following a car accident, you should avoid making promises or statements of blame.
  • Witness testimonies .
  • Photographs taken of the accident scene.
  • Records and documents that validate the number of days and wages you lost due to the accident.
  • Personal injury limits written into your car insurance policy.

Evidence and Documentation

Solid evidence makes your claim stronger. You want to prepare as much documentation as possible when preparing to submit a claim to the car insurance company. You can gather evidence in the days following a car accident.

  • Take notes on anything you can remember about the accident as soon as you are physically able.
  • Return to the scene of the accident to search for and take pictures of evidence.
    • You may notice something, such as a dirty traffic sign, that led you to make a driving mistake and get into a car accident.
  • Preserve physical evidence. such as a torn piece of clothing or a rock that was in the middle of the street, causing you to lose control.
  • Contact witnesses .
    • If you collected witness contact information at the time of the accident, contact them as soon as possible to get their observations down on paper.
  • Document your injuries .
    • Take photographs and get medical attention to provide evidence of the seriousness of your injuries.

Damages in Personal Injury Cases

The “damages” in a personal injury case refer to the cost of your injuries. They consider the following as they relate to your injuries sustained in an accident:

  • Direct financial cost.
  • Emotional and indirect costs.

Compensatory damages are most common. They include the following:

  • Specific damages. This refers to the specific valued amounts related to accident-related injuries or loss. They include:
    • Cost of medical bills.
    • Lost wages.
    • Loss of earning capacity.
    • Property loss.
  • General damages. These damages are those that do not have easily calculated dollar amounts and are subjective. They include:
    • Pain and suffering.
    • Emotional distress.
    • Inability to have children as a result of accident-related injuries.
    • Loss of an extremity.
    • Loss of consortium, if the accident caused a strain on your relationship.

If the defendant was especially careless when causing the accident, you may also receive punitive damages. which are meant to punish the defendant, and are imposed by the court.

If you have questions about damages or your personal injury case in general, speak to your auto insurance agent or ask a personal injury attorney . Insurance Finder

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Quality Claims Service, Inc #file #weekly #claim

quality claims management

Quality Claims Service

Welcome to Quality Claims Service, Inc.

Thank you for visiting our web page. We make every effort to utilize the latest technology to keep you current regarding our company and services.

Quality Claims Service, Inc. is a property claims adjusting firm established in 1995. Our service territory for regular business includes the entire state of Louisiana. For catastrophe claims, we offer services to an expanded area including the state of Texas and the southeastern United States. Please refer to the map of our coverage and/or service areas.

Quality Claims Service, Inc. is committed to providing our clients with professional, high quality service in a timely manner.

QCS, Inc. is a member of the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (NAIIA) and the Louisiana Claims Association (LCA).

2007 Quality Claims Service. All rights reserved.
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Unemployment weekly claim wisconsin #medicare #claim #forms

unemployment weekly claim wisconsin

Unemployment Claims Online

  • Most claims that start online can now be completed online ; without having to speak to anyone
  • Use your smartphone or other mobile device
  • No waiting on hold, there are no busy signals online
  • No need for postage or fax expenses
  • Fill out your claim at your own pace
  • Interrupted in the middle? Don t worry! We save your work so you can pick right up where you left off.
    • For initial claims, you have up to 14 days to finish the claim you started.
    • For weekly claims, you have the rest of the day to finish your claim.


Expanded Access To Your Records

  • Payment details by week or summary of ALL payments made
  • Status of payments still pending
  • Balance of benefits remaining and date your claim ends
  • Print official documentation of your payments (e.g. for housing/energy assistance )
  • View weekly wages reported and compare to employer reported wages
  • Status of eligibility issues or appeals

Tools at Your Fingertips

  • Change your address
  • Update your payment method and bank information
  • Request or cancel income tax withholding from your payments
  • Obtain your 1099-G tax statements, including previous years
  • Use the online benefits calculators to calculate partial payments
  • Logon with a user ID and password — Not your SSN
  • View an audit trail of your online activity

File Your Weekly UI Claims #claims #adjuster #jobs

unemployment weekly claim

File Your Weekly UI Claims

To apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits or if you already have a benefit year that hasn’t expired and want to restart filing for benefits after a break (due to employment or some other reason), click here .

Information Needed to File Weekly Claims:

The online Weekly Claims System is available from 12:01 a.m. Sunday to 6 p.m. Friday (except on certain State holidays ).

Important Information – Unemployment Insurance Fraud is a Felony!

In an effort to prevent improper payments of benefits, the Department regularly audits Unemployment Insurance claims.

  • Overpaid benefits may be recovered by diverting either your Arizona or federal income tax refunds (or both)
  • Not reporting earnings can result in legal action
  • You may be prosecuted for withholding or falsifying information to obtain or increase your benefits

Penalty for false statements: It is a felony to misrepresent or fail to disclose facts or to make false statements in order to obtain or increase benefits. If you knowingly make a false statement or withhold information in order to collect unemployment insurance benefits to which you are not entitled, the Arizona Department of Economic Security may take civil or criminal action against you. Criminal action will result in a fine and/or imprisonment. In addition, you will be required to repay the amount you illegally received.

Medical Billing Specialist Resume Samples #car #accident #injury #claims

medical claims and billing specialist

Medical Billing Specialist resume samples

Medical Billing Specialists play an important role in health care facilities as they need to make sure that claims are accepted by health insurance companies and payments are being released. At the same time, they have to solve patient insurance inquiries. A typical Medical Billing Specialist resume sample highlights accounting skills, communication abilities, accuracy, and IT skills. Those seeking to work in the field should be able to make display of an accounting degree in their resumes or qualification in a similar field.

Looking for job listings? Check out our Medical Billing Specialist Jobs page.

Medical Billing Specialist

All aspects of medical billing including coding, charge entry, transmission, correction and resubmission as required, posting of payments including patient/mail and ERA.

  • Established guidelines for proper coding/billing for providers.
  • Worked hand in hand with front office staff to ensure that the proper information was received for claims processing.
  • Oversaw and ran necessary reports to ensure that all statuses were worked in a timely manner and helped in any capacity necessary.
  • Maintained and updated all files including insurance companies, diagnosis, procedure, fees/profiles.
  • Ran, processed and ensured accuracy of patient statements on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Worked collections which included mailing of correspondence, working with patients to establish promissory notes for payment and if necessary forwarded accounts to collection agency.

years in

Personal injury compensation claim #online #claim

personal injury compensation claim

100% No Win No Fee Claim

What is an Accident Compensation Claim?

If you’ve been the victim of an accident which has resulted in injury or ill health then you don’t need anyone to tell you how traumatic that is. You don’t just have to lie back and take it however. If the accident in question was somebody else’s fault, then you may be able to claim personal injury compensation. Here at, we provide detailed, clear, simple information and articles on how to make a no win no fee injury claim.

It’s simple – if you’ve been injured, and someone else was to blame, then you could be entitled to compensation.

Accidents can and do happen anywhere and at any time. Amongst the most common accidents we come across at are the following:

If you’ve suffered an injury through any one of the above, or any other kind of accident, then you may be able to claim compensation. No amount of money can truly make up for the shock and trauma of being injured or hurt, of course, but being the victim of an accident can bring unforeseen costs. Perhaps you have to take time off work, or change your job entirely due to the long term after effects of your injury. Maybe you need to pay for medical treatment, or medication. An accident claim will seek compensation for wages lost and money paid out, as well as a sum determined by the type and severity of your injury which can be used to help you and your loved ones start to put your life back together.

If you have suffered a personal injury, feel it was caused by somebody else’s negligence, and are unsure what to do next, can help.

We provide information on various types of accidents and injuries and can help you make an accident claim. After reading through the articles on this site using the menu to the left, if you wish to pursue a claim, please use the form at the top of the page to contact our professional injury solicitors who will give you free advice on your claim.

There’s no obligation when you contact us, and our advisers are friendly, well trained and totally honest. If you have the basis for a claim, they’ll tell you, and they’ll get that claim started.

Medical Billing Specialist Job Description – Job Descriptions #va #claims #status

medical claims and billing specialist

Medical Billing Specialist Job Description

The Medical Billing Specialist works in health care centers like all other health care professionals, but the scope of work is related to generating bills for reimbursement in instances when patients have health insurance. Medical billing specialists settle the claims between medical institutions, insurance companies, and patients. To generate the bills they use the computer system where the codes corresponding to a patient s procedures and diagnosis can be determined. For this task, medical billing specialists are better known as medical coders or medical billers. Education in the form of a certificate or degree is required for most medical billing jobs. Jump start your career by requesting free information today from the schools below:

Education and Training Requirements

An individual must possess the required educational qualification to become a medical billing specialist. Degrees in medical billing and healthcare administration are highly imperative. You must complete a diploma in medical billing or undergo a medical billing training and certification program offered by a medical training institute.

Duties and Responsibilities

Since the medical billing specialist is responsible for collecting, posting, and managing account payments, he or she should be expected to prepare and submit claims to various insurance companies either electronically or by paper. He is also responsible for maintaining records of medical billing and claims, settlements, and medical insurance. Medical billers answers questions from patients, clerical staff, and insurance companies, as well as identify and resolve patient billing complaints. Medical billing specialists assign different corresponding codes to make sure that a medical facility is accurately billed whenever the physicians needs to make a diagnosis or perform a procedure, and also have to verify the diagnoses and the procedures with the physicians to avoid discrepancies in the future.

Medical billing specialists review accounts for possible assignments and prepares information for the collections agency. He has also to fill in the claim form accurately by contacting the patients, company, or the health institution, for a single mistake might delay the whole process. And in order to get the codes properly structured medical billing specialists uses different types of codes. These codes are ICD or International Classification of Disease and CPT or Current Procedural Terminology code. Medical billers report to billing supervisors and managers in matters of medical bills.

Qualifications, Skills, and Specifications

Medical billing specialists must have an excellent knowledge of medical billing, be responsible, highly organized, and have a good eye for details. Billers must have the ability to operate a computer and basic office equipment, the ability to read and understand oral and written instructions, and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with patients, employees, and the public, and of course they must also have a desire and dedication to work and have self-discipline.

Working Environment

Though most medical billing specialists work in the health center, some prefer to work at home because medical billing doesn’t have to be done in a hospital or doctor’s office. You can do billing from home, clinic, hospital or any office that has the necessary software that will help you with your job. Sometimes you have to do extra work depending on the urgency of work. You must have a computer system, medical billing software, and other equipment required to do the job irrespective of working from home or online. You must have a desire and dedication to work whether you are planning for medical billing from home jobs or online.

Get Your Degree!

Find schools and get information on the program that s right for you.

What Is Inheritance? (The Java – Tutorials – Learning the Java Language – Object-Oriented Programming Concepts) #dog #bite #claims


What Is Inheritance?

Different kinds of objects often have a certain amount in common with each other. Mountain bikes, road bikes, and tandem bikes, for example, all share the characteristics of bicycles (current speed, current pedal cadence, current gear). Yet each also defines additional features that make them different: tandem bicycles have two seats and two sets of handlebars; road bikes have drop handlebars; some mountain bikes have an additional chain ring, giving them a lower gear ratio.

Object-oriented programming allows classes to inherit commonly used state and behavior from other classes. In this example, Bicycle now becomes the superclass of MountainBike. RoadBike. and TandemBike. In the Java programming language, each class is allowed to have one direct superclass, and each superclass has the potential for an unlimited number of subclasses :

A hierarchy of bicycle classes.

The syntax for creating a subclass is simple. At the beginning of your class declaration, use the extends keyword, followed by the name of the class to inherit from:

This gives MountainBike all the same fields and methods as Bicycle. yet allows its code to focus exclusively on the features that make it unique. This makes code for your subclasses easy to read. However, you must take care to properly document the state and behavior that each superclass defines, since that code will not appear in the source file of each subclass.

Your use of this page and all the material on pages under The Java Tutorials banner is subject to these legal notices.

Copyright 1995, 2015 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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Personal injury claims and car insurance #how #to #claim #unemployment

car injury claims

Personal injury claims

Information on what to do if you’re injured in a car accident, how to make a personal injury claim and what to do if you feel a compensation claim is taking too long to resolve.

Key points

  • Gather all the details you can following an accident or incident
  • Contact your insurer as soon as it’s practically possible
  • If the blame lies with a third party their insurance will be liable, although you may need legal expenses cover for help pursuing some claims
  • If you’re at fault or there’s no blame your right to compensation will depend on your policy

It’s the stuff of nightmares – being seriously hurt in a road accident.

But after the bruises have faded, the bones have mended and the overall trauma is starting to lessen, the last thing anyone needs is to have hassle with a car insurance company when making a personal injury claim.

For those who are injured in a collision, the debate surrounding rising costs of cover brought on by fraudulent whiplash claims must rub salt into genuinely painful wounds.

But the good news is that there’s no real evidence of insurers trying to shirk their responsibilities when it comes to paying out what’s rightfully due.

Life may have become harder for the fraudsters, but genuine claimants shouldn’t have to worry. Put simply, there’s been no backlash against whiplash.

What to do after an accident

If you do suffer injury in a car accident, then the immediate priority must be to seek whatever medical treatment is necessary for yourself or anyone else who may also have been hurt.

If there’s a police report and you’ve been to hospital, it’s pretty clear whether someone has been injured
Martyn James, Financial Ombudsman Service

That may involve calling an ambulance and the police.

But if you’re able you should also attempt to gather some useful information – or at least have it gathered by someone else on your behalf.

This will include the registration numbers of all vehicles involved, the names and contact details of any witnesses at the scene, and the contact and insurance details of the other drivers. It might also be useful to take photos of the accident.

By attending hospital or your doctor’s surgery you’ll create medical documentation that will later be able to support your claim. Remember to keep all your travel receipts and any other expenses.

How to make personal injury claims

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report the accident and begin your claim.

If the accident that resulted in your injury was the fault of another driver, then your claim will be against their insurer.

If it’s not another party’s fault then you’ll need to have personal accident cover included on your insurance policy to be able to make a claim.

There are normally two aspects to a personal injury claim. The first will be to seek a compensation payment for the pain and suffering caused by the injury.

The second is to recover expenses such as loss of earnings if you’re off sick from work, or medical expenses resulting from the accident.

Medical expenses cover

Although everyone in the UK is entitled to free emergency treatment on the NHS, a little-known section of the Road Traffic Act means that the first doctor on the scene of the accident is allowed to charge for their attendance if they don’t work for an NHS hospital.

The one situation where an injured party might face civil proceedings to make them pay the bill is if they’re an uninsured driver who causes an accident

However, as the charge is aimed at taking the burden of the cost of road traffic accidents (RTAs) off the UK taxpayer where an insurance company can be held to account instead, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever have to deal with this charge personally.

Basically, this is most likely to apply if a qualified doctor happens to be passing the scene of the accident and stops to help.

The doctor can send the bill to the driver of the vehicle, but if you receive a bill, in most cases you’ll simply pass it on to your insurance company to deal with.

On 30 April, 2015, checked 255 comprehensive car insurance policies listed on the matrix of independent financial researcher Defaqto and found that 95% included cover for emergency medical expenses as standard.

In most cases, a claim for medical expenses won’t affect your no-claims bonus.

The one situation where an injured party might face civil proceedings to make them pay the bill is if they’re an uninsured driver who causes an accident.

How long does a claim for personal injury compensation take?

There has been on occasion a lack of urgency amongst some insurance companies to sort out compensation claims – a trend noted by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

If you feel an insurer is taking too long to look at something, then put your complaint in writing straight away
Martyn James

“When people are in a car accident the facts are usually pretty indisputable,” said Martyn James of the FOS.

“At the end of the day, if there’s a police report and you’ve been to hospital, it’s pretty clear whether someone has been injured and there will be doctors’ reports along those lines.

“We have more reason to think insurers are rejecting claims in the area of health insurance rather than car insurance, but there has been a hardening of attitudes across the board and positions have become more entrenched.”

This can be especially infuriating if you’re fobbed off by an insurer who tries to point the finger of blame elsewhere.

“It’s not so much that insurers are not paying out, but one of the areas where we are seeing some complaints is where work is contracted out,” said James. “For instance, where loss adjustors are used and they delay the process.

“We have reminded insurers that if they have contracted out certain services, we would consider those contractors to be employees of that insurer.

“So, if there is a loss adjustor who’s not pulling his or her finger out, or not being fair, we would consider that for all intents and purposes that loss adjustor works for the insurance company. So, we would be looking at a complaint against the insurer.”

Aren’t there too many bogus claims?

The wave of bogus or exaggerated whiplash claims should not deter anyone from making a genuine personal injury claim.

Indeed, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers submitted figures to a government inquiry in April 2013 † stating that whiplash claims had actually fallen by nearly 60,000 in 2012-13.

Many insurance companies have claimed that the spike in dubious claims has resulted in higher premiums, but some critics have argued that insurers themselves helped create the compensation culture by selling information to ambulance-chasing law firms.

See also:

Either way, the government plans to raise the small claims court limit for whiplash injuries to £5,000 and to introduce tougher medical checks.

“Medical claims are obviously very distressing indeed, but people should keep records of what has happened to them,” said James.

“If you feel an insurer is taking too long to look at something, then put your complaint in writing straight away. They cannot penalise you for making a complaint and you will then have a record should you need to go the ombudsman.

“A lot of complaints are not so much about money, but it’s where consumers feel they’re hitting their heads against a brick wall and not getting very far.”

By Graham Thomas

Useful links

Electronic Health Care Claims – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services #income #support #claim

electronic claims submission

Electronic Health Care Claims

How to Submit Claims: Claims may be electronically submitted to a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) from a provider using a computer with software that meets electronic filing requirements as established by the HIPAA claim standard and by meeting CMS requirements contained in the provider enrollment certification category area of this web site and the EDI Enrollment page in this section of the web site. Providers that bill institutional claims are also permitted to submit claims electronically via direct data entry (DDE) screens.

How Electronic Claims Submission Works: The claim is electronically transmitted from the provider’s computer to the MAC. MACs The initial edits are to determine if the claims meet the basic requirements of the HIPAA standard. If errors are detected at this level, the entire batch of claims would be rejected for correction and resubmission. Claims that pass these initial edits, commonly known as front-end edits, are then edited against implementation guide requirements in those HIPAA claim standards. If errors are detected at this level, only the individual claims that included those errors would be rejected for correction and resubmission. Once the first two levels of edits are passed, each claim is edited for compliance with Medicare coverage and payment policy requirements. Edits at this level could result in rejection of individual claims for correction, or denial of individual claims. In each case, the submitter is sent a response that indicates the error to be corrected or the reason for the denial. After successful transmission, an acknowledgement report is generated and is either transmitted back to the submitter of each claim, or placed in an electronic mailbox for downloading by that submitter.

For more information please contact your local MAC or refer to the Medicare Claims Processing Manual (Pub.100-04), Chapter 24.


Related Links

  • HIPAA EDI Implementation Guides – Opens in a new window
  • National Council for Prescription Drug Programs Telecommunications Standard version 5.1 and Batch Standard version 1.1 implementation guide Note: NCPDP charges non-memebers of that organization for copies of this implementation guide. – Opens in a new window
  • Manuals
  • EDI Performance Statistics



A federal government website managed by the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services
7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244

7500 Security Boulevard

Baltimore. MD 21244

EAssist Dental Medical Billing – Medical claims processing for dental office procedures #medicare #claim

dental claims processing

Did You Know

That many common dental procedures can be billed to a patient s medical rather than dental insurance? This has a double benefit of increasing your reimbursement while saving the patient’s dental benefits for other procedures.

Many of the Affordable Care Act plans require that you submit procedure information to the medical plan before it can be sent to the dental plan.

Does this sound confusing? It doesn’t have to be with eAssist taking care of it for you!

Examples Of Medical Submissions

Dental Implants

Bone Grafts

Periodontal Surgery

Sleep Apnea Devices

CT Scans

Oral Surgery


Oral Cancer Screening

Botox Injections for TMJ or Trigeminal Neuralgia

Does your office provide any of these procedures? Let eAssist make certain that you get the maximum reimbursement to which you’re entitled.

Put The Burden On Our Shoulders

Our seasoned team of professionals have years of experience with dental billing and medical related coding. Your eAssist billing team is certified and well-versed in ICD 10 regulations and implementations – and we make staying on the front line of any regulatory and educational requirements.

Your staff no longer needs to ignore medical billing of dental procedures, or spend valuable time learning medical coding and billing rules – we’ve got it covered for you!

What Our Clients Are Saying

You are all doing a great job for our practice and we appreciate it!

I-CAN! Legal – Get help filling out court forms #quick #claims #deed

small claims court orange county ca

I-CAN! Legal helps people prepare their court forms using an easy online questionnaire. I-CAN! provides step-by-step instructions for how to file the forms and proceed with the court case. In Orange County, California, I-CAN! also provides e-filing of certain forms.

Our partner organizations and county courts have websites to assist you. Resources include small claims advice, online self help center, court forms, free and low cost legal services, attorney review of court forms, publishing of legal notices, and lawyer referral.

I-CAN! has been recognized locally and nationally for assisting self-represented litigants access justice; receiving the 2003 Ralph N. Kleps Award, 2004 Justice Achievement Award, 2004 Jefferson Cup, 2006 Louis M. Brown Award and 2006 Excellence in Equal Justice Award.

Our educational videos will help prepare you for court by providing information about court procedure for your case. These videos will give you basic information about court procedure in any court in California.

How to Begin

To begin, choose your state from the Prepare Court Forms menu and click on “Create an Account”. Once you have created your account choose the forms you want to prepare from the “Start New Forms” menu. Here is a detailed

Orange County How to Upload E-File Court Forms

Filers in Orange County, California, can use I-CAN! Legal to prepare and e-file court forms for Small Claims, Eviction (Unlawful Detainer) and Name Change. If you apply for a court Fee Waiver, you can e-file any court forms for FREE. Otherwise, it costs $14.95

I-CAN! Legal California Court Forms

Prepare your court forms using an easy online questionnaire. I-CAN! Legal California also provides step-by-step instructions for how to file your court forms and proceed with your case. If you apply for a court Fee Waiver, you can prepare and

Medical Billing and Coding Schools #estate #claim

medical claims and billing specialist

Medical Billing and Coding Schools / Health Claims Specialist Program

Locations Offering this Program

Are you interested in an office-based career in the health care industry? Are you detail-oriented and analytical? If so, medical billing and coding may be the career for you. Medical billers and coders (also called health claims specialists) are responsible for processing insurance claims for healthcare facilities.

Medical billing and coding is a vital function for any healthcare facility where insurance is accepted. The healthcare industry relies on medical billing and coding specialists to keep accurate records, including patient treatment records, insurance information, payment plans, outstanding bills, and payments received.

As a medical biller and coder, you will be trained in medical terminology, insurance forms, diagnostic codes, procedural codes, and procedures for processing medical claims. In this profession, you may work for a doctors office, hospital, extended care facility, diagnostic center, or insurance company.

If you are considering different medical billing and coding schools, learn more about the Health Claims Specialist program at Branford Hall. Our program helps prepare students to take the Certified Professional Coder exam offered by the American Academy of Professional Coders. Certification demonstrates your commitment to your new career, and may provide you with better career opportunities.

A Day in the Life

As a health claims specialist, you will handle medical billing and coding responsibilities. In a typical day, you can expect to:

  • Use a computer-based system to assign codes for reimbursement
  • Process insurance claims and submit to insurance companies
  • Check and re-submit any claims that have been rejected
  • Organize health insurance claim forms
  • Input data into patient databases
  • Review patient bills and statements
  • Manage Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Sample Medical Billing and Coding Courses
Read about the courses that will start you off in your new career.

Career Services at Branford Hall
Find out how Branford Hall Career Services is dedicated to helping you begin your career.






Schools with Medical Claims & Billing Specialist Programs #road #traffic #accident #claim

medical claims and billing specialist

Schools with Medical Claims Billing Specialist Programs

Medical claims and billing programs are offered online and in live class format in schools across the U.S. Students can earn a certificate or an associate degree in the subject. These programs prepare graduates for positions such as a medical coder or biller, reimbursement specialist, revenue cycle coordinator, coding analyst, collection supervisor or billing compliance specialist.

Choosing the Right Medical Claims and Billing Program

Medical claims and billing certificate programs and health administrative services associate degree programs are offered for students who wish to work as medical coders and billers. These can be provided through the healthcare departments of technical colleges or career institutes, as well as the continuing education departments of 4-year universities.

Consider the following when selecting a medical claims and billing program:

  • Students should ensure the program offers courses catering to their desired career path and current experience in medical office administration
  • Many programs have no official postsecondary education or experience requirements, but most require a high school diploma or GED.
  • It is important to find out what kind of relationships the school has with employers to help find work after completing the program.

A comprehensive medical claims and billing program will include courses in preparing and processing insurance and billing documentation, ICD-D, CPT and HCPS coding, clinical and laboratory procedures, reimbursement practices and effective communication with patients.

In any case, the student should be comfortable with computers, keyboarding and customer service. There are some basic math requirements, which most students will have mastered if they are high school graduates. Most schools also have placement offices and rosters of employers with which they’ve placed graduates in the past.

Medical Claims and Billing Program Overviews

Certificate in Medical Claims and Billing

Certificate programs generally take a few weeks or months to complete. Graduates are prepared for entry-level administrative positions in healthcare settings. All programs include the mastery of ICD-9, HCPCS and CPT-4 coding. The terminology used by the medical field, including terms used to describe human anatomy, is an integral part of any program. Programs typically include courses on:

  • Terminologies used by the medical profession
  • Human anatomy
  • Medical coding
  • Billing
  • Government regulations related to the medical practice

Associate of Science in Health Administrative Services

Associate degree programs tend to include general education requirements such as English composition, literature and math, and they usually last at least one year. Some also give the student more of a background in computer programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook. Most programs cover topics in:

  • Legal and regulatory issues
  • Patient relations
  • Office administration
  • Medical terminology
  • Healthcare coding

Schools with Medical Claims and Billing Specialist Programs

How to Navigate the Home Insurance Claims Process #bad #faith #insurance #claim

home insurance claims advice

Home/Renters Insurance Center

How To Navigate The Home Insurance Claims Process

Article 1 of 6 in Get the Most Out of Home Insurance Claims

Knowing the home insurance claim process gives you a better chance to recover the money you deserve in a reasonable time frame. Depending on the size of your home insurance claim, you may be asked to get repair estimates, set up a home inspection, submit pictures of damage, and provide a list of receipts for lost items. Although the process can be confusing and time consuming, you need to know how to work through the home insurance claim process correctly if you want to get compensated for your losses.

Before You Start the Home Insurance Claims Process

It is important to assess the cost of the damage to your home and property before filing your home insurance claim. Filing a claim can cause your home insurance rates to increase, even if the claim is small. If you do not have significant damage to your home, get a repair estimate and consider paying the bill without involving the insurance company. Keep in mind that you will have to pay your deductible before the insurance company pays a claim, so you won’t necessarily be losing money by paying for small repairs.

TIP:Avoid the home insurance claim process by paying for repairs under or slightly above your deductible payment. Self insure on small claims, and prevent your home insurance rates from increasing!

If the damage to your home or property is extensive, contact your insurance company immediately to file the claim. It is also a good idea to take the following steps:

  • Take pictures of the damage as soon as possible: You will need to document the damage that your home or property suffered quickly and accurately. Take plenty of pictures, and even walk through your home with a camcorder to paint an complete picture.

  • Take all the costs into account: When you value the claim, include cost of materials, labor, and the value of items that you lost. Add in any money that you have to spend on alternate living arrangements, income you lost from missing work, money you spent on a rental car, and any other additional expenses.

  • Prevent further damage, but notify the insurance company first: If you are able to prevent further damage with temporary repairs by you or a contractor, then you should talk to the insurance company about what you should do. Do not take any action without advice from your insurance company!
  • This immediate prep work can make your home insurance claim process go much smoother, and reduce the chance of problems in receiving the insurance money you deserve.

    Basic Tips to Surviving the Home Insurance Claim Process

    As you work through the home insurance claim process, keep some simple tips in mind that will help you get the settlement you deserve in a timely fashion. Working with an insurance company can be frustrating, but if you are prepared then you have a better chance of getting a favorable outcome.

    • Be Thorough: The home insurance claim process reviews the extent and cause of the damage to your home or property. Make sure you are thorough when you describe the damage and the cause, but only stick to facts! You do not need to add your opinion! Additionally, be thorough by paying attention to deadlines, filling out all the necessary forms, and being in touch with the insurance company. Do not let a simple oversight jeopardize your home insurance claim!

    • Try to be present for any inspections of the damage: Whether the insurance adjuster visits your home or sends an independent inspector, it may be in your best interest to be there as well. You can answer any questions, and prevent an outside party from jumping to conclusions. If you are unable to be present, request a copy of any report as soon as possible.

    • Don’t get forced into a settlement! Do not be talked into a home insurance claim settlement or agreement just because you are sick of the process. Be patient, be firm, and get the home insurance check you deserve.

    • Know your rights under the home insurance policy! Read through your policy, and make sure your company does what it is supposed to do. Whether you are owed alternate living arrangements, or the company is responsible for any damage inspection, be aware of what rights you have and exercise them.

    • Make sure your claim is filed properly: Get a claim number, a contact name and a phone number for your insurance claims adjuster .

    • Document EVERYTHING! As you go through the process of filing a home insurance claim, you will be in frequent communication with the company. It is important that you keep every document that you exchange with the company, and take detailed notes of any conversation that you have. You need to be diligent in recording and documenting the process.

    • Stay on top of the insurance company: Your insurance claims adjuster can have multiple cases and may not be as responsive as you need them to be. While this is not a sign that the company is intentionally delaying your claim, it is something that you should prevent. Make sure you stay in regular contact with the company through the home insurance claim process.

    • Work with the company, but don’t get pushed around: If you feel like you are owed for losses that you can prove occurred, do not accept short payment from the company. You can always dispute an insurance settlement if you can prove you are owed more damages.

    • Be Honest: Do not lie on a home insurance claim. Not only will your claim be denied. but you can face legal consequences.
    • As you navigate the home insurance claim process, you need to keep in mind that it is a business transaction and treat it as such. No matter how well you know your agent or how long you have been with the company, the dollar signs on the bottom line are the most important thing to recovering from damage to your home. Be prepared, be professional, and be assertive when you need to be. If you have any questions about how to work with your home insurance company, click here to ask a professional for assistance .

      Working with the Insurance Claims Adjuster

      The home insurance claims adjuster will review the damage and your policy to determine what is covered, and how much the company will pay. You will need to work with this person by getting them all the appropriate documents or evidence they require. You will be asked questions about how the damage happened, and what condition the home was in prior to the incident. Always keep in mind that the home insurance claims adjuster works for the insurance company!! Insurance companies make more money if they pay out very little on claims, and if there is a way to short pay you then the adjuster will find it.

      You need to be very careful about what you say and convey to a home insurance claims adjuster. Do not ever lie, but be very cautious about the information you freely give out. Do not ever give the claims adjuster more than what they specifically ask for, and be sure to watch how you phrase your statements. You do not need to be hostile or difficult with an adjuster, but maintain a sense of patience and calm and be careful not to jeopardize your claim by saying something that gives the insurance company a way out of paying.

      If the adjuster concludes the home insurance claim process with a low settlement offer, you should be prepared to show the process you used to value the claim and any contractor estimates that helped generate your damage figures. It is important to maintain calm, even if the adjuster provides a low offer. If you elect to respond to the adjuster without an attorney, do so in a professional manner and be ready to provide proof of damages in support of your position. If you are concerned that you cannot get a fair settlement you can contact a home insurance attorney for assistance.

      How a Lawyer can Help with the Home Insurance Claims Process

      If the home insurance claim process begins to get complicated and the money you deserve is at risk of being denied, you may want to consider consulting an experienced attorney. When the company unreasonably delays your payout, offers you a settlement amount that is inadequate, or denies your home insurance claim, then you need to reach out to an attorney immediately.

      Attorney consultations are free, so do not hesitate to ask an attorney if you think your claim is wrongfully delayed or denied. If you would like the advice of an attorney for a bad faith home insurance claim, click here and one will review your case for free.

      Medical Billing Specialist Salary #motor #accident #claim

      medical claims and billing specialist

      Medical Billing Specialist Salary

      Job Description for Medical Billing Specialist

      Medical billing specialists are responsible for improving processes and resolving issues related to medical billing within a healthcare organization, as well as facilitating billing processes with standardized practices and assisting with accounting and customer service. These specialists have strong interpersonal skills to assist patients, physicians, and other health professionals and use their problem-solving abilities to resolve conflicts caused by billing errors. They generally work with a team of specialists to address medical codes and billing department procedures.

      Medical billing specialists work in a fast-paced environment and multitask on a variety of projects, and they are also responsible for completing billing paperwork and processing adjustment requests. They use a variety of communication methods, such as phone, e-mail, and regular mail to reach interested parties. They must explain bill items, adjust them after approval, and work well with other medical professionals in a team setting to reach objectives in a timely manner.

      These specialists attend departmental meetings to suggest ways to increase productivity and use fewer company resources. As such, they must be highly motivated and perform effectively with minimal supervision. They actively participate in the collections and appeals processes and generally work in an office environment while developing strong business relationships with insurance counterparts. They use a personal computer to log all interactions with patients, vendors, doctors, and administrative staff to reach positive solutions for billing problems.

      A high school diploma is generally required for this position, and prior experience in a billing or medical administrative capacity is highly beneficial. Industry certifications are also helpful.

      Medical Billing Specialist Tasks

      • Prepare bills or invoices, and record amount due for medical procedures and services.
      • Contact patients in order to obtain or relay account information.
      • Verify accuracy of billing data and revise any errors.
      • Review and retain medical records in order to compute fees and charges due.

      Common Career Paths for Medical Billing Specialist

      Compare Cheap Home Insurance Quotes #quit #claim #deed #indiana

      home insurance claims advice

      Hello again!

      Home Insurance


      Live in a flood-risk area? Home insurance should now be cheaper

      If you live in a flood-risk area, you’ll have been paying around £33 (or 24%) more for your home insurance than the national average, MoneySuperMarket research shows.

      And if you’ve made a claim for damage caused by flooding, you’ll have typically seen your premium jump by £372 a year.

      But at last there is some good news for those affected by flooding.

      Thanks to the introduction of Flood Re – a scheme set up by the government and the insurance industry – home insurance should now cost less, even if you live in a high risk area.

      The idea behind the scheme is that if an insurer deems a property to be high risk, it can pay Flood Re to look after the flood insurance part of the policy.

      In turn, the insurer will charge you less for your insurance, with the actual amount being linked to the council tax band of your home.

      This means if you’ve recently bought home insurance, it could be worth running a new quote to see how much you could save. If the savings are big enough, it could be worth paying a fee to cancel your current policy and switch to a new one.

      How can MoneySuperMarket help me save money on my home insurance?

      MoneySuperMarket is dedicated to finding you the right home insurance for your needs at the best possible price.

      When you give us your details, we send them to over 60 home insurers which then compete for your business. We rank them on price and provide full information on the cover provided so you can find the right policy to protect your home.

      We’re 100% independent: working only for our customers

      Unlike some of our competitors, MoneySuperMarket is not owned by an insurance company. So we can offer the best value, with savings delivered straight to you.

      We combine independence, so we can negotiate the best prices, with excellent technology, to find the best value products and services for you. That’s what makes us – in our customers’ opinions – the best price comparison website.

      There are two types of home insurance:

      Contents insurance

      This covers the cost of replacing all your possessions, such as furniture, electrical items, clothing, jewellery and other belongings. You might find it helpful to work out the value of the contents of each room in turn before adding them together for your grand total. When you run a quotation, we’ll ask you about any particularly valuable items (those worth more than £1,000), along with any laptops and bicycles.

      Buildings insurance

      This covers your bricks and mortar, and would pay for repairs or rebuilding costs if, for example, your property were damaged or destroyed by a fire or storm. The amount of buildings cover you need is based on how much it would cost to rebuild your property, rather than its market value. When you run a quote, we’ll suggest a re-build amount using data about your address provided by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

      What information do I need to run a building and contents insurance quote?

      There are a few details you’ll need to provide to get your quote…

      • Your address, the type of property and roughly when it was built
      • How many rooms the property has
      • Whether there are trees taller than 10 metres within 5 metres of the property
      • What percentage of your roof is flat, if any
      • When you bought the property
      • Who lives there, and when are people typically at home
      • What sort of locks are on the doors and windows
      • How much would it cost to rebuild (we’ll suggest a figure based on your postcode)
      • How much it would cost to replace your contents

      What kind of insurance should I get?

      If you own your home, then you will need both buildings and contents insurance. If you have a mortgage, your bank or building society will require you to have buildings insurance.

      If you’re a renting your property, then buildings cover will be the responsibility of your landlord, but you will need contents cover to protect your possessions.

      How can I save on my home insurance?

      Don’t be tempted to scrimp on cover to reduce your premiums. There are other ways you can keep costs down which won’t leave you financially exposed.

      When buying cover, remember that taking out combined building and contents cover with the same insurer can be cheaper than buying separate policies.

      You could consider increasing your voluntary excess to reduce your premium. This is the part of any insurance claim you have to pay yourself.

      Try to pay for your cover in a lump sum up-front if you can. If you pay in monthly instalments instead, you’ll usually have to pay interest on these payments.

      And remember that if you can avoid making a claim, you’ll get lower premiums by building up a no claims bonus.

      Level of service

      We aim to show you home insurance quotes from as many insurance companies as possible, so that you can find the right policy for you.

      Unfortunately, we can’t promise to show quotes from every insurance provider, because not all companies want to be included on comparison websites.

      We won’t offer you advice or make a recommendation, but we will provide you with all the information you need to help you decide which is the right policy for you.

      You can find out more about how we work here .

      Contact at Moneysupermarket House, St David’s Park, Ewloe, Flintshire, CH5 3UZ. © Ltd 2013 Limited is an appointed representative of Financial Group Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA FRN 303190). Financial Group Limited, registered in England No. 3157344. Registered Office: Moneysupermarket House, St. David’s Park, Ewloe, CH5 3UZ. Telephone 01244 665700

      Here’s some important information about the services MoneySupermarket provides. Please read and retain for your own records. About our service

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      Bringing a Personal Injuries Claim #estate #claim

      personal injury claims ireland


      Important: This step-by-step guide is for informational purposes only. If you have an injury claim case for compensation submit the enquiry form or contact us at 01-6671476.

      1. Never settle before seeking legal and medical advice

      Suffering from a personal injury is one of the most difficult and traumatic experiences you can endure. Suffering can include and is not limited to physical injury and pain, reduced sexual function, and symptoms of fear, anxiety, depression, embarrassment, reduced satisfaction with life and expectations with life and psychiatric illness.

      Your pain and suffering may be ignored by insurance companies if and when they directly approach you within days after an accident to reach a quick settlement. At this time you will have no independent medical advice and report. You will not have an accurate picture of the true extent of your injuries and suffering either then or in the future. You may not be fully aware of your legal rights and entitlements. Settling at this time may not be in your best interest and you should seek legal and medical advice to ensure you have the best chance of receiving appropriate compensation for your current and future needs as a result of the injuries you have experienced.

      2. Time waits for no person

      The first step to consider is if you are within the time limit to bring a personal injuries claim? You have two years from the date of the accident or the date you are aware that there was a connection between the injuries and the matters you believe to have caused the injuries. The Injuries Board (formerly known as the Personal Injuries Assessment Board aka PIAB) and the courts are the two routes you can recover compensation for the personal injuries you have suffered.

      3. The Injuries Board Process

      The Injuries Board is the first route that you must follow when seeking compensation for your personal injuries.

      It is a statutory body which provides independent assessment of personal injury compensation for victims of workplace, motor and public liability accidents. It does not cover psychological injury or assess personal injury claims that are the result of medical negligence.

      3. Letter before going to the Injuries Board

      Within two months of the accident or as soon as practicable thereafter write a letter to the person you believe caused the injury setting out the type of accident and the cause of action and send it by registered post.

      IMPORTANT: Before you apply to the Injuries Board you should read this article on on why having a solicitor to represent you can work to your advantage.

      4. Injuries Board Application

      (a) Get a medical assessment form (Form B) completed by your doctor.

      (c) Send in all your receipts for any financial loss you may have incurred.

      (d) If you have had correspondence with the person you hold responsible for your injuries include copy correspondence.

      (e) Send in your €50 fee by cheque/postal order by registered post to the Injuries Board at: PO Box 8 Clonakility, Co Cork. This fee can also be paid by credit card or debit card.

      When they receive your application and supporting documentation they will write to you acknowledging this and confirm your application number.

      5. Injury Claim Assessment

      The Injuries Board will only assess a claim for compensation if the other party does not dispute liability and consents to be assessed by them.

      They then write to the other party (the respondent) who has 90 days to consent or decline to submit to the agency process. Failure to respond is deemed consent.

      If after 90 days the other party declines to have the claim assessed by the Injuries Board, then the agency will issue an authorisation. At this stage you can instruct Tyrrell Solicitors to commence court proceedings on your behalf.

      6. Medical Assessment

      Let’s assume the other party does not dispute liability and consents to the assessment. If the Injuries Board do not assess your claim within nine months they have the authority to extend the time to fifteen months in which to assess the claim.

      Claims are assessed using all the medical evidence. Occasionally they have been known to accept your doctor’s medical report when making their award. Where the Board obtains its own report, it relies on this when making its award. They also have regard to the level of compensation awarded for particular injuries known as the Book of Quantum .(pdf)

      7. Out of pocket expenses

      You will also receive a sum for out of pocket expenses which can consist of doctor’s fees, physiotherapy fees, medication and medical appliances, past and future loss of earnings.

      It is important to be aware that if the Board fail to inform you before nine months has passed that they intend to extend the time and you have received no notification that an extension has been sought, then you are entitled to go to court immediately.

      8. Time limit to accept or reject the award for you and the other side

      Once the award is decided by the Board it is communicated to you and the other party.

      You have 28 days to accept or reject the award and if you do not reply to the Board you are deemed to reject the award.

      The other party has 21 days to accept or reject the award and if it does not reply to the Board it is deemed to accept the award.

      9. Effect of accepting the award

      If you and the other party accept the award, the claim is settled and an order to pay is provided to the other party. This document, which is copied to you, has the same effect as a court judgment and proceedings may be issued on foot of it, in the event of non-payment.

      10. Effect of rejecting the award

      If you or the other party rejects or is deemed to reject the award, then you are entitled to go to court immediately. If you are not happy with your award you can instruct Tyrrell solicitors to commence court proceedings on your behalf.

      If you wish to speak to a solicitor regarding this issue, call (01)667 1476 or use the enquiry form here.

      Medical Billing Jobs – Search Medical Billing Job Listings #claim #for #whiplash

      medical claims and billing specialist

      Medical Billing Jobs

      Medical Billing Job Overview

      A medical biller, commonly referred to as a health information technician, plays a key role in the administration of an oftentimes complicated healthcare industry, serving as an important liaison between physicians and insurance companies to successfully process the wide variety of services rendered to patients.

      Medical billers work primarily in physician’s offices or hospitals, but they are also employed in other locations, such as:

      • Nursing homes
      • Rehabilitation facilities
      • Independently, sometimes even as consultants

      Medical billers are typically multi-talented in a variety of the necessary functions that make them an invaluable resource in the industry — projecting effective organizational and communications/customer service skills while also being very task-oriented and efficient in mathematics and computer software programs.

      They ensure the quality, accuracy, accessibility and security from both paper filing and electronic systems by using classifications to code and categorize patient information for insurance reimbursement purposes and for necessary databases and registries. They also maintain the medical histories, symptoms, examination results and treatments of patients.

      A thorough knowledge of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, plus the details of specific state regulations and/or major health insurance plans like Medicare and Medicaid, enables medical billers to excel in their chosen office environments.

      Medical Billing Job Education Requirements

      A career in medical billing is available to anyone with a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) certificate. Additional courses are available to obtain an official certification (such as Registered Health Information Technician) through accredited organizations, which are typically preferred by employers. Additionally, a career assessment and/or aptitude test may be required to see if a medical billing career is a proper fit for any interested individual.

      Medical Billing Job Market

      Health information technicians filled about 186,000 jobs in 2012. Employment of all health information technicians, such as Medical Billing Coding Specialist and Imaging Service Engineer. are projected to grow 22 percent from 2012 to 2022, which is considerably faster than the average for all occupations.

      The reason for this growth is due to the increased demand for health services, which is expected to rise as the population ages — thus increasing the demand for medical billers.

      An aging population will likely need more medical tests, treatments and procedures, meaning more claims will need to be filed for reimbursement from insurance companies. This puts medical billers at the forefront of organizing and optimizing the workflow of the entire healthcare industry.

      Medical Billing Job Salary Information

      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for health information technicians was $34,160 in May 2012 — with the lowest 10 percent earning less than $22,250 and the top 10 percent earning more than $56,200.

      Electronic Claims #define #claim #insurance

      electronic claims submission

      Frequently Asked Questions: Electronic Claims Submission

      Q. Does Magellan accept electronic claims submission?
      A. Yes, Magellan strongly encourages electronic claims submissions for services normally submitted on a Form CMS-1500 and for institutional claims normally submitted on a UB-04.

      Q. What are the benefits of electronic claims filing?
      A. Electronic claims filing allows for earlier detection of errors and drastically reduces the likelihood of claims being rejected or denied for payment and, more often than not, will result in faster processing. In addition, submitting electronically reduces postage and other paper related expenses and supports improvement to your overall efficiency.

      Q. How can I submit electronic claims to Magellan?
      A. Magellan providers have three convenient options for submitting electronic claims:

      1. Claims Courier
      2. Direct Submit
      3. Clearinghouses

      Please refer to the Electronic Claims Submission page for more information.

      Q. Will I be charged a fee to submit my claims electronically?
      A. Magellan will not charge a fee for electronic claims submitted through our Claims Courier or Direct Submit options. However, our contracted clearinghouses do charge fees based on your ability to submit a HIPAA-compliant (X12) transaction. The fees charged by these clearinghouses are in addition to fees Magellan absorbs for each EDI transaction.

      Q. Will Magellan continue to accept paper claims?
      A. While paper claims are still accepted in most regions, we recommend providers switch to electronic claims submission.

      Q. Are there HIPAA-compliant billing code requirements for electronic claims submissions?
      A. Yes. All electronic claims submissions must include HIPAA-compliant billing codes to be processed.

      Q. What if I already use a clearinghouse and it’s not the same as the clearinghouses that Magellan is using?
      A. To submit electronic claims to Magellan, your clearinghouse needs to contact one of the Magellan clearinghouses to arrange transmission of the claims.

      Q. Can a practice of any size file electronic claims?
      A. Yes.

      Q. Can claims be filed electronically for all Magellan lines of business?
      A. Most claims for which Magellan is the payor can be received electronically.

      Q. What should I do if my claim is rejected for payment?
      A. Be sure to thoroughly read any reject notices you receive. If you have questions after reading the reject notice, call Magellan for further clarification. Often the same error is submitted repeatedly resulting in repeated rejections. After reviewing the rejection notice, the claim should be corrected and re-submitted. If you use a clearinghouse, it is critical that you read the reject reports from the clearinghouse and work with the clearinghouse to resolve.

      Q. What should I do if I receive a notice that my claim was accepted, but then don’t receive payment?
      A. If you receive a notice that Magellan accepted your claim, you can check the status of your claim through the Claims Inquiry application after securely logging on to the Magellan provider website.

      Do not re-submit the claim as this will result in a claim denied as a duplicate, and you may be subject to unnecessary clearinghouse charges.

      1999-2016 Magellan Health, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

      Clearinghouse Claims Management for Insurance #cincinnati #insurance #company #claims

      medical claims clearinghouse

      Emdeon Claims Management

      Emdeon’s Claims Management services offer the expertise of an organization with nearly two decades of experience in the healthcare claims processing industry. Emdeon leads the industry in clearinghouse and eServices solutions for automated EDI workflow that decreases electronic claims receipt and pre-processing cost, reduces phone calls from providers and improves auto-adjudication rates.

      Our secure transmission mechanisms and HIPAA translations and formats offer you the best and most reliable connectivity services available so that claims are processed correctly. Our nationwide electronic network reach allows us to connect to any system for all payer-to-provider HIPAA-mandated transactions.

      Emdeon also offers a host of integrated imaging and data capture solutions that support a unified payment stream. We’re the only provider of both industry-leading software automation and business process outsourcing solutions.


      • Electronic claims clearinghouse submission with batch import or direct data entry
      • Patient roster for claim entry
      • Complete dictionary of current ICD, CPT and HCPCS codes
      • Powerful reporting and analytics


      • Integrates with any practice management system
      • Speeds data entry and reduces errors
      • Clearinghouse claims network of over 1,200 government and commercial payers
      • Helps comply with applicable state mandates

      Want to increase your claims efficiency? Let the healthcare efficiency experts review your business and apply our knowledge to your bottom line.

      Featured Products

      Emdeon Claims Connection

      Emdeon Claims Connection is a direct connectivity service for claims transactions. Claims Connection provides Emdeon network connection via the HIPAA-standard ASC X12N format, supporting claims and encounter submission (837). Claims Connection also supports alternative technology platforms and format options so you can select the best solution for your needs.

      Emdeon Vision for Claim Management

      Emdeon Vision for Claim Management is a web-based application that offers payers end-to-end, claim-level views into the claim filing process from claim submission to Emdeon through delivery to the payer organization.

      Emdeon Electronic Remittance Advice

      Emdeon Electronic Remittance Advice provides Emdeon network connection via the HIPAA-standard ASC X12N format, supporting electronic remittance advice (835). Emdeon Remittance Advice also supports alternative technology platforms and format options so you can select the best solution for your needs.

      Emdeon Workers’ Compensation Auto Medical eBills and Attachments

      Many states have already adopted legislation that requires providers and payers to transmit Workers’ Compensation bills electronically and other states are following. Emdeon’s Workers’ Compensation and Auto Medical solutions offer built-in components that are compliant with state regulatory requirements, particularly eBill mandates and EDI standards.

      Benefits of Electronic Claims Submission #no #win #no #claim

      electronic claims submission

      Benefits of Electronic Claims Submission

      Provides rapid notification of claim receipt, status, and payment
      Delta Dental and the clearninghouse send you timely reports indicating what claims were received, and accepted or rejected, giving you control over your claim submission and billing, and the opportunity to respond immediately. Electronic claims also are subject to automated error checking, which results in fewer rejected claims and the back-and-forth mailing associated with paper claims.

      Reduces clerical paperwork
      Electronic claims are processed in half the time of paper claims. Your staff doesn t have to maintain an elaborate paper claim follow up or tracking system, because with electronic claim submission you receive comprehensive, timely reports that do the work for you. Your staff is free to handle other important tasks, such as making recall appointments and conducting patient follow-ups.

      Reduces staff time spent on follow-up and tracking
      Knowing which claims are outstanding is easy! Most vendors provide reports that tell you the status of your electronic claims submission – which claims were received, accepted, rejected, and /or are past due. Your staff no longer has to spend hours handwriting paper claim forms; hold up claim submission in order to obtain patient signatures; or produce and maintain paper follow up files. Your electronic claim forms are on their way to Delta Dental almost immediately after you treat your patients, relieving your staff of the cumbersome paper claim follow up and tracking system, allowing them to be more productive.

      Eliminates cost for postage, envelopes and forms
      Compute the hard costs of paper, envelopes, stamps, and office supplies. Now add the soft costs – the salary you pay your staff and the time they spend on generating and tracking paper claims. Compare this to the cost to submit electronic claims, and you ll see why thousands of dental offices are submitting their claims electronically. Click on this interactive calculator to determine if electronic claim submission is right for you.

      Improves cash flow
      Your electronic claims reach Delta Dental within 24 hours. Paper claims must be mailed, opened, sorted, and scanned before being processed. Electronic claims are processed in half the time of paper claims.

      Lowers outstanding receivables
      Within the same period of time, Delta Dental will receive and process more of the claims you submit electronically than claims you submit on paper. This means you ll receive payment on your electronic claims sooner than your paper claims, lowering your outstanding receivables.

      As an example, you treat a patient on Wednesday. The claim is generated electronically that evening from data you already entered in your computer, and Delta Dental receives it Thursday. The claim processes electronically, and the check is issued. Your accounts receivables decrease.

      Or, you treat a patient on Wednesday. The claim is generated on paper either by hand or from your computer. You mail it Thursday. Delta Dental receives it Monday and then opens, sorts, images, and scans it before being processed. Then, a data entry operator keys in additional data to process it. Your accounts receivables grow.

      Login To Your Account

      Personal Injury Claims Ireland #car #accident #claim #calculator

      personal injury claims ireland

      Personal Injury Claims Ireland

      Personal Injury Claims in Ireland

      Since 2004, the process for all personal injury claims in Ireland (except those involving medical negligence) has been to apply for a compensation assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland previously the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. This system was introduced to reduce the backlog of personal injury claims in Ireland; a backlog which had clogged up the court system and which were taking an average of three years to resolve.

      In the following three years, the Injuries Board Ireland cleared the majority of outstanding personal injury claims in Ireland and reduced the average length of time before the victim of a personal injury received their compensation to a little over six months. The Injuries Board Ireland, through the methods introduced to assess personal injury claims in Ireland, now saves the Irish taxpayers more than 40 million Euros each year in litigation fees.

      Personal Injury Claims Culture

      Due to the huge backlog of outstanding personal injury claims that were resolved by the Injuries Board, Ireland unfairly developed a reputation for having a personal injury claims culture. Statistics from the Injuries Board Ireland web site reveal that the number of annual personal injury claims in Ireland fell from more than 30,000 (pre-2007) to 26,964 in 2010. This reduction in the number of claims and savings in litigation costs saved the insurance industry 17 per cent of its overheads in 2006 (Financial Regulator s Private Motor Insurance Statistics) sadly, a saving not fully passed on to Irish motorists.

      Statistics produced by the Road Safety Authority and the Central Statistics Office for the Health and Safety Authority show that both the number of road traffic accidents and workplace injuries that resulted in an absence of three days or longer have declined significantly over the past decade (despite there being been a 53 per cent increase in the number of registered vehicles in Ireland in the same period), and therefore claims that the country has developed a negligence culture can also be dismissed.

      Making Personal Injuries Claims

      Making personal injury claims in Ireland is a straightforward process, but at a time when you may be distracted by your injuries or emotionally traumatised by an injury to a loved one, it is in your best interests to use the services of an experienced personal injury solicitor to ensure that you receive your maximum entitlement of personal injury compensation.

      As mentioned above, nearly all claims for personal injury compensation in Ireland have to be initially submitted to the Injuries Board Ireland. Personal injury claims can be completed online or via the post, but have to be submitted with a doctor s report and receipts to justify your claim for special damages. It is a good idea to attach any other documentation you may have such as a Gardai traffic accident report to support your claim for personal injury compensation.

      Once the Injuries Board Ireland has acknowledged your personal injury claim, it will contact the person cited as the negligent party in order to obtain their consent to assess your personal injury claim. When consent is received, the Injuries Board Ireland may require you to go for a further independent medical examination to confirm the extent of your injuries and how long they may take to heal.

      Their assessment of your General Damages will be made based on the Book of Quantum a publication which lists various injuries and gives them a financial value based on their severity after which they will send you and the negligent party a Notice of Assessment. If both parties agree on the amount assessed, a Notice to Pay is issued and your personal injury claim is settled.

      Personal Injury Claims and Litigation

      Litigation is required for personal injury claims in Ireland in a number of circumstances. The first is where your personal injury has been caused by medical or professional negligence. The Injuries Board Ireland will decline to assess personal injury claims of this nature as they are determined by professional opinion rather than tangible fact. If your professional negligence personal injury claim is submitted to the Injuries Board Ireland, they will issue you with an Authorisation to pursue your claim through the court system.

      You will also be issued with an Authorisation if the negligent party denies their responsibility for your injuries, or claims that you were partially responsible for them yourself. The Injuries Board Ireland does not arbitrate in personal injury claims in which there is a dispute over liability, nor if there is a disagreement about how much personal injury compensation you have been assessed to receive. Issues such as these will have to be argued in front of a judge or negotiated between the two parties.

      You will also have to appear in court (although not for litigation) if the personal injury claim is in respect of a child. The settlement of children s personal injury claims in Ireland whether assessed by the Injuries Board Ireland or negotiated between the parties has to be approved by a judge before payment can be made. In all cases where litigation or approval is required, it is necessary to have legal representation in the form of a personal injury solicitor.

      Personal Injury Claims and Insurance Companies

      Nearly all the personal injury claims in Ireland are settled against the negligent party s insurance company whether it is car insurance, medical insurance, public liability insurance or any other type. Your personal injury solicitor will usually make contact with the insurance company in question to see if a quick and satisfactory resolution can be achieved for, even though the Injuries Board Ireland s process takes a little over six months to complete, often a personal injury compensation settlement can be achieved in less time.

      You should however be cautious of direct approaches made by the negligent party s insurance company soon after your injury has occurred. Direct offers of early settlement, especially when you are unaware of how much personal injury compensation you are entitled to, are frequently in favour of the insurance company, and once you have accepted their offer you cannot go back for more if the amount of compensation paid to you is inadequate for your needs.

      Personal Injury Claims Summary

      The majority of personal injury claims in Ireland have to initially be processed via the Injuries Board Ireland. If there is a dispute about liability or your personal injury claim concerns professional negligence, you will have to pursue your claim in court. Should only the value of a personal injury compensation claim be in question, you may be able to avoid litigation if your personal injury solicitor is able to negotiate a suitable solution with the liable party s insurance company.

      Direct approaches by insurance companies should always be referred to your solicitor. If you have discussed your claim for personal injury compensation with a solicitor immediately after you have received treatment for an injury, you will know how much personal injury compensation you should be entitled to receive. This information will also be valuable to you when the Injuries Board Ireland makes their assessment. In all cases of personal injury claims in Ireland, it is in your best interests to speak with a solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity.

      Expert Articles

      Personal Injury Line #wi #unemployment #claim

      personal injury claims ireland

      Fill out the form below and we will call you back as soon as possible.

      Personal Injury Line is an Irish owned company that specialises in dealing with personal injury claims: road traffic accidents, slips and trips or falls, and work place accidents. If you have been hurt in an accident that was not your fault in the last two years then you may be entitled to compensation.

      If you are put off by the paperwork involved, the expense taking a claim, or afraid of going to court, we are here to help. We complete the paperwork on your behalf, we pay for the medical reports up front, and we operate a no win no fee service. The majority of personal injury claims in Ireland are assessed by the Injuries Board and don’t go to court.

      Road Traffic Accidents

      If you are involved in a road traffic accident that was not your fault either as a driver, passenger, a cyclist or a pedestrian you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

      Slips, Trips and Falls

      These accidents are usually caused by something simple like a cracked pavement or a wet floor. If you were injured through no fault of your own you may be entitled to claim compensation.

      Accidents at Work

      All employers have a duty to protect their employees, contractors and visitors from accidents and injuries. If you are injured at work and the accident was not your fault you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

      Personal Injury Claims: The best way to claim for your injury #quick #claim

      personal injury claims ireland

      Personal Injury Claims

      If you have been involved in an accident and suffered a personal injury in Ireland there is a set procedure for personal injury claims when the accident was caused by somebody else’s negligence. The accident could be on the road, a work-related incident, or in a public place such as a shop or restaurant. If somebody else has shown a lack of care, you are entitled to make a personal injury claim.

      How to make a Personal Injury Claim in Ireland

      A personal injury is where you have sustained some form of injury – either physical or psychological – as a direct result of someone else’s negligence or lack of care. The most common instances of personal injury in Ireland are road traffic accidents, accidents in the workplace and claims against a Local Authority’s public liability insurance when you may have fallen in the street or an owner’s insurance when you have slipped on some spilled liquid in a shop. However, compensation can also be sought in cases of product liability where an injury has been sustained due to faulty goods and in instances of medical negligence (although not through the Injuries Board Ireland for the latter).

      The most important consideration after suffering a personal injury is to seek appropriate medical attention at the earliest possible opportunity. In the most serious cases, an ambulance should be called to the scene of your accident, and treatment administered on site before you are taken to hospital. In less severe circumstances, you should visit the Accident and Emergency Department of your local hospital, or make an urgent appointment to see your family doctor. No amount of compensation can ever make up for a long term health issue that could have been prevented with timely medical attention.

      How do you Claim for Personal Injury in Ireland?

      Ireland has a body known as the Injuries Board Ireland, specifically established to process the majority of applications for compensation. The twin purposes of this body are to cut the administration costs involved in settling compensation claims for personal injury in Ireland, and lessen the length of time a victim in an accident has to wait before receiving their compensation. It has achieved these two goals admirably – saving the Irish taxpayer tens of millions of euros each year, and reducing the timeline of a claim from 3½ years to less than seven months.

      You can ask them to send you a claim form through the post or the claim can be completed online – except in cases involving person injuries to children or fatalities. Completing the personal injury claim form is best done with the assistance of a specialist personal injury claims solicitor. As well as being able to guide you through the terminology and documentation required to complete the claim form effectively, he will be able to advise you on how to claim for out of pocket expenses and any loss of earnings due to your personal injury.

      Once completed, the form is sent to the Injuries Board for their assessment. The process will involve contacting the negligent party to ensure that they accept liability for your personal injuries, and an independent medical examination to confirm the extent of those injuries.

      Ireland has a publication known as the “Book of Quantum” which lists different types of personal injuries and allocates a range of compensation awards based on their severity and the length of time it will take for you to recover from them.

      It is from this “Book” that the Injuries Board Ireland will make their assessment of your compensation and add to it any amount of special damages that you have claimed for, with the help of your solicitor, in the application form. The assessment is sent to both parties to ensure that you as the claimant, and the negligent party (or their insurance company) as the defendant, agree on the amount of compensation: Then an “Order to Pay” is issued by the Injuries Board Ireland in order that you receive your compensation.

      Do Claims for Personal Injury in Ireland go Wrong?

      Claims for personal injury in Ireland sometimes have to overcome obstacles, rather than “go wrong”. Should the negligent party deny that he is liable for your personal injuries, or claim that you contributed to your injuries through your own lack of care, then the Injuries Board Ireland will issue you with an authorisation to go to court. The same will apply if either of the parties disagree with the Injuries Board Ireland assessment of your compensation. The courts frown on cases where just the amount of money to be awarded is in dispute and often this is resolved by negotiation between your solicitor and the insurance company’s solicitor before being going that far.

      The only real problem you may encounter is if you leave it too long before claiming compensation for your personal injuries. Ireland has a “Statute of Limitations” which states that compensation claims for personal injuries must be made within two years of the “date of knowledge” that you were injured. The date of knowledge is important because your personal injuries may not have occurred due to an accident on a specific date, but may have been acquired over a period of time – work-related injuries such as mesothelioma and permanent threshold hearing loss would come under this category.

      What about Children and Personal Injury in Ireland?

      Children have two years from when they come of age in which to make a personal injury claim for compensation. Claims for compensation can still be made while they are minors, but the child has to be represented by a parent or guardian acting as their “next friend”. With the exception of the online application to the Injuries Board Ireland, the process for claiming is just the same as when an adult sustains a personal injury. Ireland, however, insists that all awards of compensation for children go before a court to be approved before payment is made.

      Because of the procedures involved and the potential for obstacles, over 90% of people who have sustained a personal injury in Ireland choose to use the services of a specialist personal injury claims solicitor. Solicitors are useful allies to have – particularly in the most serious cases, where an incorrectly completed application form to the Injuries Board Ireland could leave you severely under compensated, or an approach is made to you by an insurance company with an inadequate offer of compensation in return for early settlement.

      If you would like to find out more about how using a specialist personal injury claims solicitor can help when you have suffered a personal injury in Ireland please do not hesitate to call our free advice service on 1-800 989 999. This service will enable you to speak directly with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor, discuss the circumstances around your personal injury and determine if you have a claim for personal injury compensation which it is worth your while to pursue. The solicitor will be able to offer you practical and helpful advice, in complete confidentiality, and with no pressure on you to proceed with a claim once you have spoken with us.

      Our helpline is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and if it is not a convenient time to speak with us right now, please leave your contact details in our call-back form below – indicating when would be a suitable time to call – and one of our helpful team will be back in touch.

      Receive expert advice
      directly from a highly
      experienced Irish

      Personal Injury Claims Solicitors, Dublin – Cork #claiming #incapacity #benefit

      personal injury claims ireland

      Personal Injury Claims *

      McCarthy and Co. is a team of specialist solicitors with extensive experience in dealing with personal injury claims *. Whether you have been injured and you wish to make a claim * immediately or you require more information on the process involved, you can get in touch with us today. Either call us on 1890 390 555, request a call back or click the Send Us a Message button to the right.

      Personal Injury Claims Specialists

      If you have suffered an injury that was someone else’s fault, it may be possible for you to bring a compensation claim *. You should seek legal advice as soon as possible for the best chance of eventually settling a claim successfully whether your injury was as a result of negligence on the part of your employer, as a result of a road traffic accident or a slip or fall in a public space.

      An injury could make it difficult or impossible for you to work, and could have long-term effects on your health. This could massively affect your quality of life and Irish law offers protection to those who suffer an injury that was someone else’s fault. Our team of personal injury solicitors can provide you with advice and guidance, having worked on a huge number of cases and successfully settling claims *.

      Download Your Free Guide Today

      Our head personal injury lawyer, John McCarthy, has written a fantastic guide to the process of making a personal injury claim to the Injuries Board. The book is called Make Your Claim: A Consumer’s Guide to the Injuries Board. You can download the book free by filling out the form below.

      We highly recommend reading this book to anyone who thinks they may be eligible to claim compensation *. It answers many frequently asked questions and provides you with all the important information that you need.

      Get A Free Copy Of Our Consumer’s Guide to the Injuries Board

      To get your free copy of the book right now for immediate download, just leave your details below

      We will never share your details. By submitting your details you consent to the use of your data in accordance with our Privacy Statement .

      About McCarthy Co

      With more than 25 years of experience in dealing with personal injury claims *, McCarthy Co. has expertise in a wide variety of fields including workplace and road traffic accidents. We are a family-run business, who pride ourselves on offering honest, impartial and helpful advice.

      Our offices are based in Dublin and Cork but we have worked with clients throughout Ireland in locations ranging from Galway to Waterford. You can count on us for legal advice, guidance and assistance on any form of personal injury *.

      Contact Us

      *In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

      Call Us Now
      1890 390 555

      Medical Billing Job Description #quit #claim #deed #alabama

      medical claims and billing specialist

      Medical Billing Job Description & Earning Potential

      What Will I Be Doing as a Medical Biller?

      Medical billers are incredibly important in every healthcare facility—these providers can’t stay in business without good billers. Traditionally, billers have been trained on the job in small medical practices. However, the shortage of medical billers and the growing demand for them (due in large part to the increased demand for healthcare services created by the Affordable Care Act) has employers looking for professionals who are ready to hit the ground running. Training with Career Step prepares you for a medical billing-specific career so you can graduate ready to earn your industry certification and start working right away.

      As a medical biller, you will take all of the data provided on a patient and use it to submit claims for reimbursement and collect payment for the services provided. Day-to-day responsibilities vary from location to location, but often include:

      • Registering the patient and verifying their insurance coverage
      • Collecting the information required to create a claim
      • Working directly with the insurance company, healthcare provider, and patient to get a claim processed and paid
      • Reviewing and appealing unpaid and denied claims
      • Handling collections on unpaid accounts
      • Managing the facility’s Accounts Receivable reports
      • Answering patients’ billing questions

      Medical billers work in almost every type of healthcare facility, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies, among others. You may also be able to find positions in insurance companies and specialized medical billing outsource companies.

      How Much Can I Make in Medical Billing?

      As in any other industry, medical billing pay rates vary by employer, geographic location, and experience. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the middle 50% of medical billers earn between $29,130 and $48,510 a year. Medical billers may also qualify for traditional employment benefits.

      With Career Step, you’ll gain the skills you need to start earning a competitive salary immediately upon graduation.

      Call 1-800-411-7073

      Medical Claim Form #utah #unemployment #claims

      claim form

      Medical Claim Form

      Individual and family medical and dental insurance plans are insured by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company (CHLIC). In Arizona, individual HMO plans are insured by Cigna HealthCare of Arizona, Inc. Group health insurance and health benefit plans are insured or administered by CHLIC, Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (CGLIC), or their affiliates (see a listing of the legal entities that insure or administer group HMO, dental HMO, and other products or services in your state). Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance plans are insured by CGLIC. Life (other than GUL), accident, critical illness, hospital indemnity, and disability plans are insured or administered by Life Insurance Company of North America, except in NY, where insured plans are offered by Cigna Life Insurance Company of New York. All insurance policies and group benefit plans contain exclusions and limitations. For availability, costs and complete details of coverage, contact a licensed agent or Cigna sales representative. This website is not intended for residents of New Mexico.

      Selecting these links will take you away from Cigna does not control the linked sites’ content or links. Details

      Cigna. All rights reserved.


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      rate this page

      Personal Injuries Assessment #file #weekly #claim

      personal injury claims ireland

      Personal Injuries Assessment

      Information, formerly known as the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB), is an independent statutory body set up under the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003. All personal injury claims in Ireland (except for cases involving medical negligence) must be submitted to

      The Board provides an independent assessment of personal injury claims for compensation following road traffic, workplace or public liability accidents. Where the person responsible (the respondent ) does not consent to assessing your claim for compensation, will allow you to pursue your claim through the courts.

      Claims are assessed on average within 7 months of the respondent consenting. Personal injury claims through litigation (that is, the courts) can take up to 36 months (3 years).

      Claims are assessed using the medical evidence you provide from your doctor and, if necessary, a report provided by an independent doctor appointed by The assessment of the damages due is made having regard to the particular injuries you sustained and your circumstances. Guideline amounts for compensation in respect of particular injuries are set out in the Book of Quantum (pdf) which was prepared for the Board in 2004. An online version known as the Estimator as well as some FAQ’s are available on the Board’s website.

      If the respondent does not agree to an assessment by or if either side rejects the Board’s award, the matter can then be referred to the courts.

      From 1 August 2014, under the Recovery of Certain Benefits and Assistance Scheme the Department of Social Protection can recover the value of certain illness-related social welfare payments from compensation awards. The benefits are recovered from the compensator and not from the injured person.


      Under the Civil Liabilities and Courts Act 2004 the time-limit for claims for compensation is two years from the date of the accident. Even so, it is very important that you notify in writing the person you hold responsible for your injury of the nature of the wrong they have committed within two months of the accident. While it may not affect your application to the Board, it may affect your case later if you have to go to court.

      When receives your application for compensation, it will issue a receipt for the fee and an application number. It will then inform the person you hold responsible for your injury (the respondent) about your claim. The respondent has 90 days to consent to the Board assessing your claim. If the respondant agrees to this, he/she must pay a fee. If the respondent does not do this, the Board will issue you with an Authorisation. This is a legal document allowing you to proceed with your claim through the courts if you so wish.

      When the Board makes its assessment, you, as the claimant, have 28 days to decide whether you accept or reject the award. If you accept it, you must acknowledge this in writing to If you don’t reply within 28 days, it is deemed that you have rejected the assessment.

      The respondent has 21 days to accept or reject the assessment. If the respondent does not reply within this time limit, it will be deemed he/she has accepted the assessment.

      If both parties accept the assessment, the Board will issue an Order to Pay to the respondent. If either you or the respondent rejects the assessment, the Board will issue you with an Authorisation allowing you to take your claim to court.

      You can read more about Making a Claim and Responding to a Claim on the Board’s website.


      Claimants are charged €45 to make an application to for compensation for a personal injury.

      For respondents, if a claim has been made against you and you agree to allow assessment by you must pay a fee of €600 (was €850 before January 2013). If your insurance company has agreed to handle the claim on your behalf, it will pay this fee.

      How to apply

      To make a personal injury claim for compensation you can:

      The following documentation is required for you to complete your application:

      • A completed Application Form (Form A) (pdf) which can be submitted online or by post.
      • A Medical Assessment Form (Form B) (pdf) completed by your treating doctor. This can be submitted by you online or by post.
      • Payment of €45. This can be paid by telephone using a credit or debit card. They can also be used online if you are submitting your application online. Alternatively, you can send a cheque or postal order, payable to, by post.

      You should also provide receipts for any financial loss that you have incurred as a result of the accident, together with any other documentation you may consider relevant to your claim.

      If making an application on behalf of child (someone under age 18) or on behalf of someone who has been fatally injured, you must make the application by post. Also, you must use a Fatal Accident Application Form (Form A) (pdf) when claiming for someone fatally injured.

      Where to apply

      The Board’s leaflet Claimant Guide (pdf) contains further information on the application and assessment process. The Board also has a leaflet entitled How to respond to a claim (pdf) for respondents. You can download copies of the Application Form and the Medical Assessment Form from the Board’s website.

      If you have any further queries in connection with making a claim to the Board or about the application process, contact it directly as follows:

      P.O. BOX 8

      Types of Personal Injury Claims #claim #your #cash

      personal injury claims ireland

      PIP Breast Implants and Irish Law

      Women who received faulty breast implants from Irish clinics should know that their preferred legal remedy lies in contract law, and not in a claim under product liability law.

    • Accidents at Work

      Serious accidents can happen in every kind of workplace, from construction sites to ordinary offices and shops. You may be entitled to compensation not only for your injury but also for ongoing pain and suffering, lost wages, and financial expense.

    • Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

      Slip, trip and fall injuries can occur almost anywhere, from private homes to supermarkets to public pavements. An icy step or a wonky curbstone can mean significant injury and days or even weeks off work.

    • Accidents on Holiday

      If you suffer an accident or injury whilst on a package holiday or with a tour operator, you may be able to claim compensation in Ireland. Find out what to do if you’re injured abroad.

    • Car Accidents and Other Road Injuries

      Car accidents are the most common cause of Personal Injury Claims. Our solicitors can assess yours, for free, if you need to make a claim.

      Types of Claims

      Personal Injury Ireland provides information about personal injury cases. Our site will address the grounds for a claim; the time limits for making claims; the costs of making a claim and whether you need the services of a solicitor. Our solicitors can deal with the facts of any individual case.

      Women who received faulty breast implants from Irish clinics should know that their preferred legal remedy lies in contract law, and not in a claim under product liability law.

      Serious accidents can happen in every kind of workplace, from construction sites to ordinary offices and shops. You may be entitled to compensation not only for your injury but also for ongoing pain and suffering, lost wages, and financial expense.

      Slip, trip and fall injuries can occur almost anywhere, from private homes to supermarkets to public pavements. An icy step or a wonky curbstone can mean significant injury and days or even weeks off work.

      If you suffer an accident or injury whilst on a package holiday or with a tour operator, you may be able to claim compensation in Ireland. Find out what to do if you re injured abroad.

      Car accidents are the most common cause of Personal Injury Claims. Our solicitors can assess yours, for free, if you need to make a claim.

      Most professionals working in the medical industry in Ireland are dedicated to providing you with the best possible care. Nevertheless, mistakes happen in this field just like any other, and they can be painful and costly to you or a member of your family.

      Online Claims Advice

      If you need help with an injury, work related accident, traffic crash or accident on public or private property, our solicitors can help.

      Get Claims Advice
      Tell us about your case

      Welcome to Personal Injury Ireland

      Wondering where you can turn for help? This site provides online resources for personal injury claims in Ireland and an online claims contact service.

      Read More

      The following disclaimer is required of all solicitors providing information in the area of personal injury law:
      *In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

      Copyright Information is a legal information service provided by:

    • Pet Insurance Claims Advice – Cheap Pet Insurance for Dog Cat Rabbit #weekly #claim #for #unemployment

      insurance claims advice

      Pet Insurance Claims Advice

      Making A Claim

      When you re a Pet Insure customer you can rely on us to be there when you need us most at claim time.

      We have kept our claim process as simple and hassle free as possible. We don t require you to get too many additional forms filled out by your vet because we realise that going backwards and forwards to deliver and pick up forms can take hours of your time. Your vet can send information directly to us on your behalf, but you must fill in all the relevant information on the claims forms, so there is no delay with processing your claim.

      When you need to make a claim, just follow these simple steps:

      After your pet s consultation, ask your vet for a copy of the clinical records relating to this visit. If we need further clinical history we will contact you, not your vet.

      • Download a claim form here .
      • Complete the form (making sure that all information is provided).
      • Attach original invoices from your veterinary clinic and the clinical records.
      • Send it in by post to: The Claims Department, PetInsure, 6th Floor, No. 5 Lapps Quay, Cork,
        or fax to +353 (0) 21 601 0730

      To avoid unnecessary delays, please ensure that the claim form is filled out in its entirety. Incomplete forms will result in delays in processing your claim.

      Important Information

      Please review in detail Our Terms and Conditions of cover so you understand fully what is covered and what is not covered under our Plans.

      Clinical History Requests

      As part of our standard procedure, we require full clinical history for your pet, from all Vets that your pet has attended when you are making your first claim. In the event that your pet has been referred to a specialist practice, please ensure to include clinical history from your vet as well as the referral practice. To help speed up the processing of your claim, please ensure that all of this information is included with your claim form.

      Why choose pet insurance from

      • lifetime cover*
      • fixed premiums
      • low excess
      • 6 weeks free cover for younger pets

      *Please see our FAQs for full info


      I have been with PetInsure since September 2008. When my King Charles got an eye injury we were able to get the best possible care for Millie as we had piece of mind that we were insured. We even travelled to Dublin to a top eye specialist. If we did not have insurance this would not h…

      Jane Killarney, Co.Kerry

      Medical Claims Clearinghouse – Medical Billing #claim #missouri

      medical claims clearinghouse

      Medical Claims Clearinghouse

      Office Ally™ Medical Claims Clearinghouse.

      We partner with Office Ally™ for all of our clearinghouse needs. We use Office Ally™ for a couple of reasons: 1) their service and support are second to none and 2) their core services are free . Our clients like Office Ally because 1) they get paid super fast and 2) we are able to keep our fees super low. Features/Benefits:

      • Pre-scrub claims
      • On line claim correction
      • Submit to over 5,000 commercial government payers
      • No contracts to sign
      • Free set up and training (training provided by Office Ally)
      • Use your existing Practice Management Software
      • 24/7 Customer Support
      • Free Online Claim Entry – No Software to Purchase
      • Online Claim History
      • Detailed Summary Reports
      • HIPAA Compliant Transmission of CMS-1500 and UB-04 formats
      • Free ICD-9, Modifier and Place of Service Code look-up Online

      Also available for certain payers/states:

      • Electronic Attachments
      • Online Patient Eligibility Checking
      • Electronic Remittance Advice ERA (EOB ) 835
      • Real-Time Eligibility 270/271
      • Real-Time Claim Status 276/277
      • Submit Medicare, Railroad Medicare, Tricare / Champus and Medicaid Claims
      • 837P – Professional Health Care Claim
      • 837I – Institutional Health Care Claim
      • 837D – Dental Health Care Claim
      • 835 – Electronic Remittance/Payment Advice
      • 270 – Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry
      • 271 – Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Information
      • 276 – Health Care Claim Status Request
      • 277 – Health Care Claim Status Notification

      What is the Function of the Clearinghouse in Medical Billing? #insurance #claims #advice

      medical claims clearinghouse

      What is the Function of the ClearinghouseinMedical Billing?

      In medical billing, companies that function as intermediaries who forward claims information from healthcare providers to insurance payers are known as clearinghouses. In what is called claims scrubbing, clearinghouses check the claim for errors and verify that it is compatible with the payer software.

      The clearinghouse also checks to make sure that the procedural and diagnosis codes being submitted are valid and that each procedure code is appropriate for the diagnosis code submitted with it. The claim scrubbing edit helps prevent time-consuming processing errors.

      Each provider chooses which clearinghouse it wants to use for submitting claims. Most clearinghouse companies charge the providers for each claim submitted, and they also charge an additional fee to send a paper claim to a certain payer.

      Clearinghouses may submit claims directly to the payers, or they may have to send a claim through other clearinghouse sites before reaching the payer(s). The claims may go through other clearinghouses for the following reasons:

      The provider billing software isn t compatible with the payer processing software, and the information needs to be reformatted prior to being sent to the payer. Because of the potential difficulties caused by incompatible software, clearinghouses require an initial enrollment period prior to sending claims for the first time.

      During the enrollment period, which can take up to four weeks, the clearinghouse tests the compatibility between the provider software and the payer software. Providers need to be mindful of this process so that their claims are not delayed. When using a new clearinghouse, verify the enrollment process before you actually need to submit live claims.

      The payer isn t enrolled in the same clearinghouse the provider uses. The provider pays the clearinghouse, and the insurance companies pay the clearinghouse. Each payer is identified by its clearinghouse electronic data interchange (EDI) number. This number serves as the payer s address, or identifier, and it tells the clearinghouse which payer to send the claim to.

      If the payer isn t enrolled in the same clearinghouse as the provider, the claim is sent to a clearinghouse that the payer is enrolled with. Take a look at a couple of examples.

      Example 1: Provider Smith uses ABC billing software. Provider Smith then enrolls with XYZ clearinghouse. ABC software sends the claims entered into it to XYZ clearinghouse. Payer Gold is enrolled with the same XYZ clearinghouse. So XYZ receives Provider Smith s claims and sends them directly to Payer Gold. This is a simple exchange, and the claim is paid fairly quickly.

      Example 2: Provider Smith uses ABC billing software and enrolls with XYZ clearinghouse. Payer Gold isn t enrolled with XYZ clearinghouse; it s enrolled with JKL clearinghouse. So XYZ clearinghouse must send the claims to JKL clearinghouse before they can be sent to Payer Gold. This exchange takes longer to get the claim from the provider to the payer and may delay payment.

      If a clearinghouse has to send a claim to other clearinghouses, the claims process takes longer. In addition, exchanges like this can perpetuate, with your claims going every which way before reaching the intended payer. Every time the claim is transferred, the chances of it being stalled or lost increases. To avoid this billing chaos, you need to know where the claims are going after they leave the provider.

      If you are enrolled with a clearinghouse that seems to always send the claims to other clearinghouses, shopping around may be wise. Enrolling with a larger entity may cost a little more, but doing so is usually worthwhile if it gets the payment in sooner.

      Address for medicare claims #medical #claim #form

      address for medicare claims

      Claims Information

      CareSource ® MyCare Ohio (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) accepts claims submitted electronically through our secure, online Provider Portal. through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) clearinghouses and on paper. We encourage health partners to submit claims electronically instead of on paper to take advantage of the following benefits:

      • Faster processing time
      • Reduced administrative costs
      • Reduced probability of errors or missing information
      • Faster feedback on claims status

      Submitting Claims Through the Provider Portal

      Traditional Health Partners, Community Partners and Delegates and Health Homes

      CareSource’s traditional health partners, community partners and delegates and health homes all may submit claims through the CareSource Provider Portal using online forms. Three types of claims may be submitted:

      • Professional medical office claims
      • Dental claims
      • Institutional claims

      For a detailed explanation of how to submit claims using online forms, please see the Network Notification titled “Submit Claims Through Provider Portal .”

      Waiver Services Providers

      MyCare waiver services providers can also submit claims through the Provider Portal, but they do not use the same process as traditional health partners, community partners and delegates and health homes. All claims for waiver services reimbursement or appeals for claim denials should be submitted electronically through our Provider Portal .

      Instructions for submitting claims and/or appeals for denial of claims can be found on the Provider Portal. You can also review the Waiver Services Claim Entry and Service Plan Training presentation.

      If you are unable to log in to the Provider Portal and access your service plan, use this form to expedite your claims payment. Click here for instructions to complete the form and for a list of valid service codes. After you complete the paper claim form, you may either mail it or fax it for processing:

      Attn: Claims Department
      P.O. Box 8730
      Dayton, OH 45401-8730
      Fax: 937-224-3388

      You will use this paper claim process until you can log in to the Provider Portal and access your service plan.

      To ensure that we have the most up-to-date service plan for our MyCare Ohio members, please fax your service plan to 937-487-0936. This number is only for service plans and NOT claim submissions.

      How to Submit Clinical Appeals

      There are three ways to submit clinical appeals, through our Provider Portal. by fax or in writing:

      Fax: 937-531-2398
      8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time

      Attn: Provider Appeals – Clinical
      P.O. Box 2008
      Dayton, OH 45401-2008

      Personal Injury Claims – How To Make A Claim #thesaurus #antonyms #related

      personal injury claims ireland

      PIP Breast Implants and Irish Law

      Women who received faulty breast implants from Irish clinics should know that their preferred legal remedy lies in contract law, and not in a claim under product liability law.

    • Accidents at Work

      Serious accidents can happen in every kind of workplace, from construction sites to ordinary offices and shops. You may be entitled to compensation not only for your injury but also for ongoing pain and suffering, lost wages, and financial expense.

    • Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

      Slip, trip and fall injuries can occur almost anywhere, from private homes to supermarkets to public pavements. An icy step or a wonky curbstone can mean significant injury and days or even weeks off work.

    • Accidents on Holiday

      If you suffer an accident or injury whilst on a package holiday or with a tour operator, you may be able to claim compensation in Ireland. Find out what to do if you’re injured abroad.

    • Car Accidents and Other Road Injuries

      Car accidents are the most common cause of Personal Injury Claims. Our solicitors can assess yours, for free, if you need to make a claim.

      People commonly worry that making a personal injury claim may somehow be the wrong thing to do. Read about why it s often the best way to protect yourself and your family.

      Often when an accident occurs, the victim is told that they do not need a solicitor or is put under pressure to accept a fast settlement offer. Even when working with the PIAB or the MIBI, it is important to make sure your interests are protected.

      Many victims of accidents and other personal injuries do not realise there is a time limit on when you can claim compensation. Learn about the time table and how to start a claim.

      Injuries Board claims mostly end in settlements- frequently because the Injuries Board s assessment is accepted by both parties. But some cases go to court.

      Online Claims Advice

      If you need help with an injury, work related accident, traffic crash or accident on public or private property, our solicitors can help.

      Get Claims Advice
      Tell us about your case

      Welcome to Personal Injury Ireland

      Wondering where you can turn for help? This site provides online resources for personal injury claims in Ireland and an online claims contact service.

      Read More

      The following disclaimer is required of all solicitors providing information in the area of personal injury law:
      *In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

      Copyright Information is a legal information service provided by:

    • CLAIM-MD Clearinghouse Review and User Ratings #unemployment #nj #claim #benefits

      medical claims clearinghouse

      CLAIM MD

      Claim MD is a Web-based medical claims clearinghouse that manages every aspect of the revenue cycle including claims management, eligibility, and electronic remittance advice (ERAs).

      This web based system is compatible with almost all billing systems, and makes older billing software 5010 compliant.

      Claim Management Tool

      We ve never seen an easier claim management system; the unique claim management tools in this clearinghouse identify claims that need corrections, allow you to fix them online in real-time, and even identify the most likely causes of payer rejections .


      Electronic Remittance Advice tools let you easily download ERA in spreadsheet form and PDF. Remits are archived for several years so you’ll always have access to them.


      Real-time eligibility is available for hundreds of payers.

      Easy Appeal tool

      From any claim you can download, a PDF appeal packet is created with everything you need for an appeal. Includes CMS-1500, UB form, complete claim history, remittance advice, and appeal request form.

      5010 Compliance

      This system can also make older systems sending 4010, NSF or even ‘print image’ claim formats 5010 compliant.


      Automatic up-conversion to ICD-10 codes is built in, and the claim correction tools prompt you when you need to choose between multiple ICD-10 codes.

      Excellent support

      Support is requested online with a single click from any claim, but phone support is also available. (This team has been in the business for over 30 years and providers love the support they receive.)

      Fastest Claim Transmits

      Many clearinghouses actually don t send your claims to the payer until that evening or the next day. But with Claim.MD we often see payers acknowledge receiving claims in just a few minutes. This is the closest to true real time claims in the industry.


      Remarkably all these services cover an entire practice for $99.95/mo. There are no per-provider fee s. There are some additional fee s to have multiple billers in the system, but they’re still easily one of the best priced clearinghouses available. works with a large number of medical claim clearinghouses and we receive feedback from medical billers, office and billing managers, and physicians on a continual basis. What medical billers say about Claim.MD is highly recommended. gives Claim.MD a rating of 4 stars. or ****Highly Recommended.

      On 2014-07-31 14:36:51.261390
      by John F. Garvish M D

      We have had a very successful medical practice in West Texas for many years. A large part of that success had been as a result of making Claim MD a part of our practice. In all that time I have never had a problem that Claim MD could not solve for us. I have yet to find a payor that

      we could not use with Claim MD.

      We have very OLD software and instead of trying to sell me new software Claim MD was able to adjust their program and accept our software and file our claims. When the HIC 1500 claim

      format was changed Claim MD did all the work and we didn t have to do anything. On a previous format change on the 1500s (prior to Claim MD) I had to pay a lot to have my program changed. I was worried to death about the ICD10 changes but Claim MD has made changes in their program and set up our HIC 1500s for the ICD10 without any work on our part or without any additional charge. The response time on Get Help is very fast and usually you can talk directly with the programmer so there is no confusion about your problems. We have used Claim MD for 10+ years and through all of that time they have been more than fair with their charges, always offered more than we were expecting, and on the ICD10 problems they really came through for us. I can t begin to calculate the amount of money they saved us on the ICD10 programming alone. With the climate in medicine today we need all the help we can

      get to deal with the insurance companies who have one goal, not to pay claims. I recommend you give Claim MD a chance. You won t be sorry.

      On 2014-07-31 12:56:01.729040
      by Forrester Eye Associates

      We love Claim MD! Our office has used two of the big clearinghouses and had issues with both. We are now getting paid twice as fast with Claim MD. In addition, the cost and service being fabulous!

      On 2014-03-27 16:52:31.009580
      by Wendy Buckels

      During my years in private practice, I have used a number of different clearing houses. None of them come close to the ease of use and prompt, friendly, personal assistance that I get from Claim.MD! So glad I found them!

      On 2014-03-06 19:28:53.461390
      by Kathy Johnson

      Our office has been using Claim MD for quite a while now. I, personally, have just started being involved with the whole process. Everyone at Claim MD has been most helpful. They have always resolved my issues and their explanations have been very helpful. Thanks so much for being a great clearinghouse and I look forward to continuing our relationship.

      On 2014-03-05 10:07:30.181650
      by Claim.MD

      Thanks for your reply and request for more information, Mary. We will contact you and answer any questions you have.

      On 2014-02-23 14:51:22.440770
      by Mary Murray

      On 2014-02-22 15:25:53.491790
      by Mary Murray

      My name is Dr. Mary Murray. I am a licensed psychologist and I work in a solo practice. I am looking for a clearinghouse to help me with my billing needs. I need a company that has experience with the Therapist Helper software through Netsmart. I don’t require that the clearinghouse works with Practice Fusion but that would be helpful as well. I submit approximately 30 claims a week. I would like to know your pricing. If you have a monthly charge, please tell me what it is. If you charge per claim, I would like to know that fee. I have many companies wanting to speak with me, however, I am busy taking care of clients. If possible, please just respond to this email with your charges. If you feel that you need to speak with someone, my office manager, Cindy Edwards, can be reached at my office at 727-319-3020 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. eastern standard time.

      On 2014-01-30 16:59:52.857530
      by Deb Howard

      I have used and changed several different providers large and small to Claim.MD since 1998. They continue to provide the best overall product available in the United States period. They have great people who provide the best customer service daily if you ever have questions cause the website is just so darn easy my grandkids could use it. They can provide eobs, reports, non remit notices, etc. These guys provide exceptional services and can answer questions regarding all revenue cycle issues even those they do not do for you. I would never use any other clearinghouse and recommend them to all my clients. If you have not tried the Demo, you must. Once you change over you will wonder why you never had before. The price for what they provide is insane, they have got it down to a science and they do not goughe you for rate increases every time the wind blows. You know I love you guys and it is time the World gets the chance to know you. Good luck as always.

      On 2014-01-29 14:28:38.433230
      by JLMyers

      My clients have been using ClaimMD for years and I can comment that without doubt, it is the best clearinghouse option on the market today. Not only has ClaimMD evolved with new and useful enhancements, they are constantly updating and meeting the challenges of healthcare reform. The most outstanding feature is that it is compatible with nearly every EMR/EHR product and clients are saving hundreds of dollars every month compared to other clearinghouse subscriptions. ClaimMD surpasses a 4 star rating when it comes to Support nearly 24/7 and located in the US with individualized attention to their clients requests. If you are looking for a healthcare partner that is as concerned about your revenues as you are, talk to ClaimMD it is a step into the future for your Practice!

      Medical Billing Clearinghouse Pros and Cons #financial #claims

      medical claims clearinghouse

      Medical Billing Clearinghouse Considerations

      A Medical Billing Clearinghouse is essentially a middlemen that takes electronic medical claims information, checks the claims for errors, edits the information into a standard format and then sends that information electronically to the insurance companies with whom they are contracted.

      It is very important that you choose a medical billing clearinghouse that is contracted with the majority of the insurance carriers that your Doctors use most often. This ensures that your claims will be handled electronically from start to finish.

      Otherwise, if you send a claim to a clearinghouse which does not deal with a particular insurance company regularly, the clearinghouse will have to drop the claim to paper and mail it for you for an additional fee (which is typically higher than you could do it yourself).

      You should be able to find a list of all insurance companies that the medical billing clearinghouse is connected with on the clearinghouse website.

      Get Free Medical Billing Software Quotes: Find Compatible Software

      Receive multiple quotes for medical billing software which is compatible with your Clearing House at no obligation. As a service to site visitors, Everything Medical Billing has arranged with nationally recognized BuyerZone to provide free price quotes from quality Medical Billing Software Companies.

      Here’s how it works:

      1. Complete the request form below.(Click “Continue” to advance to the next question and click “Submit” at the end of the form.)
      2. Receive customized price quotes via email, fax or phone.
      3. Select the best solution for your needs — save time and money and let software companies compete for your business

      Medical Billing Clearinghouse Tips

      Compatibility: Verify that your software is compatible with each medical billing clearing house you are considering. Since no single standard for medical billing software exists, not all software programs are compatible with those used by clearinghouses. One solution to this problem is to choose a web-based medical billing software which offers the convenience of fully integrated medical clearinghouse services. This way you do not have to spend your valuable time going back and forth between the clearinghouse and the software company every time there in is a significant change electronic claims filing procedures.

      Compare prices on Medical Billing Software:

      Customer Service: You should expect free and unlimited customer service by phone and email. Will a live person answer the phone or do you regularly get directed to voice mail? If the latter, how quickly do they return return all phone calls and solve your technical support issues?

      Claims Acknowledgement Report: The ability to check the status of all insurance claims submitted on line should be expected. The clearinghouse scrubs the claims, checking it for errors, then gives you the opportunity to correct any billing mistakes and refile right away.

      Eligibility Verification: This service confirms if a patient is eligible for medical insurance benefits. It also allows you to check the patient’s co-pays, deductibles, maximum number of visits per year and if authorization or referral from a primary doctor is needed. It is ideal to check eligibility before the patient comes in for their first visit.

      Electronic Remittance Advice: An Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is basically an electronic version of the Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) that the insurance company sends with a copy of the check owed to the provider. With more insurance companies utilizing Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) it is also very helpful, if not mandatory, to receive the EOB’s electronically as well.

      Patient Statements: Printing, sorting, and mailing patient statements is a very labor intensive process. Some medical billing companies insist it ends up saving them money. We have talked to other billing companies that prefer to do it themselves so they are able to add personal notes to the patient statements. Several owners have also pointed out that there is not much additional labor expense to doing the patient billing yourself as long as you have your staff stuff the claims while they are sitting on hold with the insurance companies.

      Nationwide: Many clearinghouses are regional. Strongly consider ones that operate nationally. They will typically offer a larger list of insurance companies that they can file claims to electronically. Surprisingly, they are sometimes cheaper due to the larger volume of claims and services that they handle.

      Cost: The cost of doing business with a medical billing clearinghouse varies considerably between clearinghouses and making a side by side comparison is difficult since very few companies structure their fees in a similar format. For example, some charge a flat fee per medical provider while others charge a fee for each claim filed. Some clearinghouses also have additional charges such as an initial setup charge, monthly fees, etc. Before you sign up with a medical billing clearing house, make sure you understand all of potential “junk” fees before committing to a single clearinghouse. Be sure to compare all aspects, not just the price.

      You’ve undoubtedly noticed that some clearinghouses advertise that you can file your electronic claims to them for free. One reason they are able to do this is because medical billing clearinghouses get paid by most commercial insurance carriers with whom they file the claims.

      Also, these “free” clearing houses typically offer other services such as electronic remittance advice (ANSi 835), Electronic health records (EHR), patient statements, appointment scheduling, that they can profit from. Sometimes these fees are higher then the clearing houses that charge for electronic claim submissions.

      The other thing to be wary of is that many of the free clearinghouses offer their own web based practice management system to providers and some even offer “billing services.” If you own a medical billing company, now your clearinghouse just became a potential competitor of yours.

      Every company has to make a profit to stay in business. If you’re considering a “free” clearing house, make sure you understand how they make there profit. Is it by offering “other” services for a higher fee or are they offering less customer service/support then their “paid” competitors.

      The majority of clearinghouses will also drop any claims that cannot be submitted electronically to paper and mail them for you. Some offices prefer this method because they can just batch the claims and send them to the medical billing clearinghouse with their daily electronic submission. There is no printing, stuffing envelopes and mailing. In the past we have found clearinghouses that charge a per claim fee around 65 to 90 cents.

      Many experienced medical billing companies prefer to print and mail the claims that do not go electronically themselves. While 65 or even 90 cents a claim may sound like a good deal, remember that you will often have three or four claims going to the same insurance company, which will allow you to put all of them in one envelope with a single stamp, resulting in a per claim cost of closer to 15 or 20 cents.

      You should be especially concerned if your PC based software vendor or web based software supplier only offers one clearinghouse option. If you become dissatisfied with the the service provided by the clearing house or the fees they are charging, then you will be forced to accept the unreasonable fee structure or change your billing software in order to have a better selection of medical billing clearinghouses.

      While there are definite benefits to having a seamless clearinghouse integration with your software, it is still important to be able to switch to another clearing house if you were not getting the customer service you needed.

      Although conducting a detailed analysis of all the fees and features offered may be time consuming, by performing due diligence you will be able to find the best medical billing clearinghouse for your needs, and it will be worth the time spent.

      The Best Medical Billing Clearinghouse??

      Which Medical Billing Clearinghouses are better– Free Medical Billing Clearing Houses, or a paid Medical Billing Clearing House? What do YOU think?

      What Other Visitors Have Said

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      Paid vs. Free Medical Billing Clearinghouse
      Free medical billing clearinghouses have the obvious benefit of being more cost effective for the medical provider or billing company when filing claims